Outdoor furniture made out of teak wood is one of the most desirable and highly sought-after furniture types. You’ll find that most people are willing to pay the higher price for teak furniture despite the cheaper options available, because they know that you get what you pay for when it comes to teak.

There’s a reason why teak furniture is considered the more superior furniture type on the market. Not only is it strong and durable enough to withstand the outdoor extremities, but teak is also considered the “king of hardwood.” From tables and chairs, to teak garden benches and more, teak has always been a popular choice for outdoor furniture, and once you own it, you’ll quickly understand why.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting teak furniture for your outdoor space, here are five other interesting facts you might like to know about teak furniture and the reasons behind its popularity:

  • It comes in different grades – Not all types of teak wood are created equal. Teak wood comes in different grades that range from the highest quality to the lowest. You’ll want to take note of this because the difference in quality is dramatic. You might say it’s almost like a day and night difference. The highest-quality grade of teak is called the Grade A teak. The lowest quality is called Grade C, and it’s nowhere near as strong or durable the way Grade A teak is. If you opt for the Grade C teak outdoor furniture and teak benches, it won’t last as long as the Grade A variety. You’ll be disappointed to find how easily damaged the Grade C options are, and what a short lifespan they have despite the protective coatings and layers.
  • This wood mainly comes from Asia – The true name of the teak tree is the Tectona Grandis, and it originates from the southeast and southern parts of Asia. Asia still remains one of the main suppliers of this hardwood, although it’s cultivated in several other locations in the world, too. There’s a massive demand for this type of wood worldwide, which is why Asian countries have begun to adopt strict commercial harvesting. It’s a heavily regulated industry to ensure the protection of this priceless wood material.
  • It’s naturally resistant – Very few wood material options out there can attest to being durable and naturally resistant to almost any weather element. Not only is it able to protect itself from the weather, but it also protects itself against insects that might nibble and gnaw away at the wood, thanks to the natural oils it produces. Since outdoor furniture has to be superior to any other type of furniture piece you own at home, it makes teak furniture the ideal choice since it won’t decay or rot away from prolonged exposure to the elements in just a few years. The natural, rubber-like substance that teak produces is called resin, and resin is the one that acts as a natural insect repellent.
  • It’s exceptionally strong – No other wood quality can even come close to the teak’s strength. In fact, did you know that teak is one of the strongest types of wood in the world? The reason for its strength lies in the close-grained nature of the wood that also happens to be very dense, turning it into one of the most durable types of wood out there, and one of the few wood types that are naturally resistant to everyday wear and tear that tends to happen with a lot of furniture. If you want your furniture to last, then the superior teak wood is the way to go.
  • It sits on the more expensive side – Since teak furniture, like your teak garden benches, for example, is going to be crafted from this exceptional piece of wood, the price is going to sit on the more expensive side, too. While the price tag won’t necessarily make you gasp, the one thing you can be certain of is that you’ll get what you pay for. Compared to the other furniture price tags you’ll come across, it might seem like you’re paying a rather steep price, but at least, you know the quality is good enough to last you for decades if you look after your furniture well. Is it worth the price tag? The answer is most definitely yes.
  • It naturally changes color – Teak has a weathering effect that will cause it to naturally change from a golden brown into an almost silvery grey color with time. This change of color is completely normal and is a part of the wood’s natural aging process. If you’d prefer your wood to stay with its natural color, a quality sealant does the trick easily enough. You’ll want to avoid using teak oils since it will make your furniture more susceptible to mildew, and teak already produces its own natural oils, to begin with.
  • It requires very little care – Since teak is incredibly strong and durable, you don’t have to put as much time and energy into caring for your outdoor teak furniture as much as you would with other types of furniture. To preserve the condition and natural color of your teak furniture, all it requires is the occasional clean and a protective sealant.
  • It can be handmade, too – Teak furniture doesn’t have to be entirely machine-made alone. Some teak furniture pieces can be handmade, although the strongest and more durable ones are those that machines have crafted. Some people prefer to buy handmade furniture because of the unique quality, originality, and prestige associated with it. You get the rare distinction of saying your furniture has been handmade by skilled and talented carpenters. The only caveat with purchasing handmade teak furniture is that there’s no quality control, although you’ll be able to source some fascinating one-of-a-kind pieces. The lack of quality control means that your handmade teak furniture benches, for example, might not be as strong as the ones that were crafted from machines, thus making them less durable.

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