Custom-made wooden doors are an important detail of a modern office space. If the buyer prefers an unusual, peculiar design of the working or home premises, he should definitely look at several suitable options and choose the best unique wooden door among them.

The model should match the main interior, contribute to the creation of comfort and good mood of all who are present in the room. In this article, we will talk about the most common and popular wood door types, as well as how to choose high-quality and attractive wooden variants from a reliable, trusted custom door manufacturer.

What to review before ordering custom doors?

There is a wide range of bespoke models on the market today. Therefore, anyone can find an accessory that best meets the design standards of the doorway.

Ordering options for a commercial project is a responsible task. It requires knowledge, taste and a sense of style. Before selecting a suitable custom door design for the office, the business owner should take into account :

  • the appropriate size of the products;
  • adaptability of the entrance for people with disabilities;
  • features of the exterior and interior;
  • the materials used in the manufacture of wooden variants and their technical characteristics;
  • the presence of glass in the constructions.


The first thing to do before buying is to decide on its size. For the right size selection, you need to know exactly the technical features of your room. Creating an acceptable environment for people with disabilities is a priority for private business owners. Therefore, before the purchase of wooden models, you should consider the compliance of the construction with the accepted norms and requirements for the smooth movement of people with low mobility.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the different style doors, pay attention to their material of manufacture. Models are made of different types of wood, so their individual properties will vary. Taking these factors into account, you can easily buy a variant that will not disappoint you in its appearance and technical characteristics and will meet your expectations.

Type of doors that could be custom

Today, you will find many variations and models among the offers from manufacturers of door designs. But the most popular types of door designs are:

  • hanging variants;
  • large models;
  • variants that have glass in their construction;
  • models made of veneer and other exotic materials;
  • products with unique decorations or panels of special configuration.

Let’s look at each given wooden door style in more detail.

Hanging type doors

This is one of the most popular types of interior doors with a unique construction. Its idea is that the main product is not placed on the hinges, but is suspended from a guide rail on top. Thanks to the absence of any obstacles from below, they have free movement and easily perform their mechanical functions.


This modification is a great option for compact spaces or places where it would be difficult to install a conventional structure. There is a wide range of similar entry models by United Porte, which are suitable for all types of premises – from office and residential to warehouse.

Large doors

Because of their impressive size, these front doors can have a decisive effect on the surrounding interior. Openings of unusual size can nowadays be found in many older houses, making the installation of the appropriate model necessary.

United Porte offers an extensive range of custom options that can adapt to custom sized commercial structures (up to 144″ high and 82″ long). The available types of door styles will be suitable for even the most significant size openings. Combined with attractive fittings, these models can decorate an office or industrial facility.

Doors with glass      

Glass in the design of any variant will make your room bright and beautiful. The peculiarity and flamboyance of the glass addition will contribute to the formation of a unique style of the room. When choosing different styles of doors for your home or office, you should consider the type of glass, its shine, and its transparency.

d2-1 Tips for buying a unique wooden door

Do not forget to determine the functional features of the glass in the entry doors you are looking at. Should it let in sunlight or is it better to protect your room from the view of others?

Products made of rare, exclusive materials

The style of a wooden model depends on the material from which it is made. Custom variants are traditionally made from the most common types of wood – oak, maple, cherry or birch. But the following types are also considered to be attractive and have many useful properties:

  • eucalyptus;
  • ebony;
  • rosewood;
  • Douglas fir.

Wood veneer is no less attractive material. A door made of it has low weight, aesthetic front part and reliable ecological properties.

Doors with unique decor

The special decorative design of such canvases will help to give individuality to any room. Additional elements that influence the interior design include unusual handles, locks and individually designed hinges. Decorative blinds or posts will also affect the appearance of your room.

How can custom doors improve your home design?

When choosing a custom door sizes interior, you need to consider not only its technical features, but also the appearance. Only in this case, the product will look favorably among other parts of your interior, as well as harmoniously fit into the environment.

There is no single rule about how to successfully choose a door for the apartment. Therefore, you should always take into account not only the general principles, but also your own taste. In this way, the wooden variant that you have purchased will certainly delight you with its appearance and quality.

Final words

Choosing wooden models for your home or office is not an easy task. To solve it, you need to consider the appearance, construction, as well as door design. United Porte variants are of perfect quality. They are compatible with different types of design, so you can always choose the most suitable option for your commercial or residential space.

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