There’s a lot to consider when you’re moving into a new home. Settling in after a cross-country move involves more than unpacking. It’s also associated with knowing your new house, closing an old chapter, and meeting neighbors. With so much on your plate, it’s best to plan ahead.

How to Get Your New Home Ready After a Cross-Country Move

It’s harder to formulate a plan when you’re halfway across the US, but it isn’t impossible. As long as you can see your new home once before the move, you can settle in without a lot of stress.

1. Do a Complete Walkthrough and Figure Out What Goes Where

There’s no better time to do a complete walkthrough of your new house than when it’s empty. If you’re able to see the house at this stage, make sure all requested repairs are finished, that everything is in working order, your furniture can fit, and the house is free of debris or mold.

If you can’t be present to perform this task, ask your realtor to tour your home for you via video chat. Use this list of questions to ensure everything is ready to go before move-in day. New parents should do some initial childproofing (or pet-proofing) so their baby or child stays safe.

2. Hire a Fast and Reliable Moving Company Booked for the Move

While you may be able to handle a cross-country move by yourself, we wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you have children or small pets. If you want peace of mind and fast, efficient service, consider hiring one of the top nationwide moving companies in the United States.

Depending on who you choose, your movers could handle the entire moving process for you, from packing to unpacking. Not only does this save you time, but you can also save money via movers insurance should your items break or get lost. Plus, you don’t have to strain your back.

3. Set Up Your Utilities, Change a Few Things, and Prioritize Repairs

Before the move, arrange for your utilities to be transferred or set up on the day of your arrival. If you’ll be in the neighborhood before the official move-in day, do it a few days before. Make sure you change your address, door locks, and security device passwords as soon as possible.

Next, locate your fuse box and water value so you aren’t desperately looking for them when you need them. If your home was previously lived-in, prioritize repairs. While you don’t need to work on aesthetic repairs right away, you should still make a list to get the ball rolling.

4. Do a Deep Clean of Your New Home, Starting With the Kitchen

Deep clean your house by starting with the kitchen. Begin at the top of the room and work your way down so all the dust is picked up off the floor in the end. Then, clean the bathrooms and tackle the rest of the house. Your last step is to wash, vacuum, wax, or vacuum the floors.

On the other hand, you could hire a cleaning service. If you have carpets, consider hiring a carpet cleaning company unless you know your way around a carpet cleaning machine. You may also need a landscaper or gardener if your lawn is unkempt or you want to plant flowers.

5. Meet Your Neighbors and Consider Hosting a Welcome Party

If you intend on making your house a home, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors right after you move in. Simply knock on their door and introduce yourself. Or, you could get involved with the community, spend time outside, or throw your own welcome party.

Why host a welcome party? Not only will it help you get acquainted with your neighbors on a more personal level, but it’ll encourage you to unpack faster. Nothing sparks the cleaning spirit more than company! To take the pressure off, host a casual event with appetizers and drinks.

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