Your property may be in dire need of a new roof. For businesses and other commercial properties, you may not know which type of roof you should pick

When working with a company that offers commercial roofing services in Melbourne, FL, you’ll have an abundance of options. An experienced roofing company can help you choose from these top 5 most common commercial roofing types.

1. Asphalt Shingles

You’ll see many roofs of both homes and businesses with asphalt shingles. It looks good with most architectural styles, plus it’s affordable too. Unfortunately, this type of commercial roofing may need more attention during hurricane season. Asphalt shingles are more prone to blowing loose, warping, curling, and degrading with these weather conditions.

2. Tile

Tile made of clay is a safe and durable type of roofing for your commercial property. They keep water out and resist high winds. Color doesn’t fade either, even under Florida’s hot sun. Clay tile roofs are more expensive though, and they can be cracked by tree limbs or walking on the tiles.

3. Concrete Tile

If you like the durability of clay tile, concrete tile may be a better option. It lasts for a long time and creates a modern look that can last for up to 50 years. The downside is that it is one of the more expensive options. It also requires coating in enamel or plastic that can wear out in time, meaning you’ll need to be prepared for maintaining it.

4. Metal Roofing

Perhaps one of the best roofing types to get for your Florida commercial property is metal roofing. It looks attractive, is reliable, and lasts for a long time. Even better, it can withstand the strongest hurricane winds. Metal roofing reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it, allowing you to keep the interior of your business cool no matter how hot it gets out there.

5. Wood Shingle and Shake

Many homes and businesses in Florida use wood shingle and shake roofs. It’s an eco-friendly option made from natural materials. It also creates a nice look for your business. Customization is easy to get the look you want, plus it’s far less expensive to install. While you’ll save money by choosing this roof initially, you will want to consider the long term factors.

Wood shingles generally require more maintenance than other types of roofing materials. You must take care of them so they will last. They’re not the best for strong winds either. If a tropical storm or hurricane comes through, you will most likely need to make repairs.

There are options for tile roofing that look like wood which may be an effective way of getting that beautiful look while providing more protection for your business. Ultimately, you will need to think about the type of roof that will suit your company. You should set up an appointment with one of the top commercial roofing companies in your area to discuss all your roofing options for your commercial property.

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