Having a luxury bedroom doesn’t have to come at a luxury price. There are a lot of great luxe furniture brands that offer a wide variety of bedroom furniture at reasonable prices. Even if budget isn’t a factor, why pay more than you have to when redecorating your bedroom? Here are the top luxury furniture brands that are as affordable as they are luxurious. These brands are the answer to, “where to find luxury bedroom furniture for my home.”

Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture is a common household name in luxury furniture. Although much of their offerings are heavily carved wooden heirloom pieces in the traditional style, they also offer furnishings for modern, contemporary, and transitional spaces. When it comes to bedroom furniture, Hooker takes all the work out of designing your luxury bedroom by providing traditional polished wood-matched bedroom sets that are every bit as beautiful as their restored antique counterparts.

Hooker Furniture also offers a wide selection of furniture for the entire home, allowing you to incorporate additional elements into your bedrooms like lush velvet accent chairs, end tables, or benches.


Modway is another well-known luxury furniture brand, but as the name suggests they sell mostly furniture in a more modern style. You can go with luxury furniture sets that are focused more on comfort than making a statement. The clean lines and minimalist approach to these bed sets are great for making the room seem even more spacious and luxurious.

Modway also offers a variety of luxe furnishings that can make you feel as though you are living in the bedroom of a successful Hollywood starlet. They have both flashy glam and sophisticated luxe styles available.

Safavieh luxe bedroom sets

Safavieh is not a luxury brand that is very well known, but they do offer some great selections for those on a budget as well. They offer mostly modern bedroom sets, but they are on a luxury level when it comes to comfort and style. They offer a fairly wide selection, making it easy to find just the right furniture for you.

This furniture may not be as flashy or sophisticated as the others, but it is extremely comfortable, affordable, and easy to work with in terms of matching décor. Safavieh furniture is also designed to take up less space, making it easy to give the appearance of a large room in a small apartment. When you are renting rather than buying, that versatility is important as you move from place to place.

Coaster luxury furniture

Coaster is a leader in luxury furniture, but their bedroom sets are sold exclusively through 1StopBedrooms. They offer a variety of glam and sophisticated luxury bedroom furniture as well, but at much more affordable prices. Because of this, Coaster is a favorite for young adults to furnish their bedrooms in their first apartment.

Being able to have a glamourous bedroom, even though you’re on a tight budget, is the dream of many young people. There is no reason to settle for cheap or used furniture when you can get these luxury items at such low prices.

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