Don’t we all dream of that spacious corner office to work in? The one with floor to ceiling windows and a great view? Sadly, not all of us have reached that stage in our careers – yet!

But who’s to say you can’t brighten up your current office space (or cubicle!) to make it look and feel more vibrant?

We say go for it! Get those feel-good vibes flowing at work. Why not decorate your desk to reflect your personality and style? After all, the average Australian spends a whopping 38 to 42 hours at work!

And, if you’re a business owner, why not add some seriously green vibes to the office design to inspire your team?

A splash of green will do wonders for productivity. Workplace studies have shown that being around plants helps people concentrate better and feel happier. In fact, tasks performed surrounded by calming greenery were completed with higher accuracy, yielding higher quality results.

Looking at the data, we gather a leafy office seems like a happier office – and we’re all for it!

If you want to beautify an office space lacking sunlight, don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you: High-quality artificial plants and faux flowers! They are the easiest way to add colour and brightness to any office space – totally hassle-free.

We’ve done our homework on artificial plants and interiors and can share the top kinds and types of faux plants for your workplace design project with you.

Artificial Vertical Garden

zhang-kaiyv-0yogY3UQ0I-unsplash-683x1024 Top Tips on How to Decorate Your Office With Artificial Plants

Lift company spirits with this crowd-pleaser!

Vertical gardens are fast becoming the popular design choice for corporate spaces. They instantly beautify the aesthetics of any room and do not require a tricky installation or maintenance. Artificial vertical gardens are a practical and good-looking solution in places where live plantings are impossible. Where space is limited, ‘growing upwards’ is the best option to maximise the lush green look without crowding a room.

Still unsure if it’s worth the investment? Here are some ideas on how to use green walls in a fit-out.

Artificial Potted Plants

Plants to the rescue!

The sight of a plant alone can help reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. While, looking at flowers can instantly make you feel happier and put you in a good mood.

Placing a flowering plant on your desk at home or in the office will help you see things more positively and add a touch of colour to your hours of hard work. That makes a plant an excellent companion to have at work – especially on one of those stressful days where everything is last minute.

Many busy professionals simply don’t have the time or energy to take care of a pot plant, though, leaving it to wilt and wither. Let’s not even wonder what happens to plants during the long Christmas holidays.

Now, here’s where a fake potted plant comes in handy! As there’s no risk of allergies with no pollen, everyone in the office will get to enjoy the view of pretty flowers and greenery to brighten up their day.

Wondering which ones to get for your desk? Here’s a list of everyone’s favourite faux plants:

  1. Succulents

They’re petite, cute and colourful

  1. Pothos

Attractive trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves

  1. Peace Lily

Stylish and elegant to keep things blooming all year round

  1. Snake Plant

pl Top Tips on How to Decorate Your Office With Artificial Plants

Commonly referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue; we can see why!

  1. Bamboo

Evergreen and woody

  1. Terrariums

An indoor miniature garden confined within a glass container

Artificial Hanging Plants

Stunning statement pieces that catch the eye!

There is something quite magical about walking into a room decorated with a stunning indoor hanging plant with green foliage cascading down. Simply mesmerising!

You can place artificial hanging plants anywhere in the office; you’ll never have to worry about watering the plant or the wet soil seeping through the pot and creating a mess on the office carpet. A regular wipe down now and then will suffice to keep it looking green and vibrant.

Our top tip is Philodendrons. They make for a striking display, with vines that drape over the side and spill out of their pot.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, then hanging plants are the ones for you. They are the perfect choice for those looking to create the wow factor at the office.

Artificial Trees

Liven up those nooks and corners!

Do you have an empty corner in the office where nothing seems to fit and yet looks a tad bare? Why not place an artificial tree to give even the darkest corners a facelift?

Choose one of these tall, big leafy trees to bring an empty office space to life:

  1. Fiddle leaf fig tree

Everyone’s favourite go-to tree to fill the void

2022-05-31-09_37_37-Window Top Tips on How to Decorate Your Office With Artificial Plants

  1. Palm tree

Beach vibes – you can never go wrong with a palm tree!

  1. Money tree

Believed to usher in wealth and prosperity, this is a good one for good luck!

  1. Olive tree

Add some Tuscan sun and Mediterranean charm to the office

Plants for mental health and well-being

Plants are not just a pretty face! In the workplace, they can help us think and feel better – and can help boost the bottom line.

A study has found that having plants in the workplace improves job satisfaction and lowers stress. And that, in turn, reduces the amount of time taken off as sick leave and boosts productivity.

Taking breaks amongst greenery can also fend off mental fatigue and boost psychological engagement with work.

Artificial plants and blooms come with the added benefit of absolutely no work required to keep them looking fresh and lush. Perfect for a busy work life!

Just adding an artificial plant or two can make all the difference. Start and finish your day better and happier today!


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