Wall hung toilet is a refreshing feature for every bathroom. It has been popular in Europe for many years and U.S seem to adapt this idea as well.

Apart from looking very modern, there are several advantages of wall hung toilets. They are very practical and make the bathroom more spacious.

The number one feature of the floating toilet is the water tank, placed behind the wall. We still have an access to it through the flush plate.

However, it is not visible. The wall holds the bowl and plumbing connects to the water tank placed inside the wall.

Things to consider:

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A wall-mounted toilet is a great option in case you need to think about the space. You will not only get some extra legroom but a fully functional toilet that not everybody has. In fact, many people will surely want to copy this idea from you.

Shopping for your home can get very long and even exhausting, considering all the things you need to get. Even more, if you are not really certain about the things you are looking for.

For that reason, we made a list of the bestselling products that you might want to have in your bathroom. By reading it, you will have a clearer idea of what you need and what you do not need.

Wall-mount toilets

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The main difference between these toilets to the classic ones is the attachment to the wall. Since the tank is placed inside the wall, there is more space on the floor.

This is especially useful for tight quarters. It is common in public restrooms and besides other benefits, it is easy to clean under the bowl.

That’s how the toilet is more hygienic and doesn’t save the damaging materials as it normally would. The additional structural material is required for retrofits in order to attach the toilet to the wall.

As a side note, if you’re looking for high-profile toilets, you should check out this list from ToiletRated.

What Is It?

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Wall-mounted toilets do not need a pedestal base. Instead, the water tanks and bowls are placed to the wall and they stay firm and stable because of the strong construction.


    • You can adjust the height of the toilet and install it according to your physical needs. There are specific limits as to how high or how low they can be placed, depending on the model and the structure of the bathroom.
    • You can choose the installation place where you find it the most convenient. The only requirement is water that should be close to it. That being said, you can see exactly which place is the best for your toilet and make the bathroom more stylish and airy.

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    • Without a pedestal base, the users with wheelchairs will have easier access to the toilet hence the footrests can pass underneath the bowl. It also allows these users to turn around and move more easily inside the bathroom.
    • It’s way easier to clean than the toilet with a pedestal base. Not only underneath the bowl but the whole design is more simple and easy to maintain.

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  • The concealed water tank makes the bathroom easier to adapt to the rest of the house. Simple designs have been popular for so many years now and this toilet is very stylish and fits very well in modern and traditional houses.
  • You can reduce your water bill as this toilet uses less water for flushing. You will also be more environmentally friendly.
  • Wall-mounted toilets are an innovative invention so they come with features of high technology, such as automated lids, illuminated bowls, integrated dryers and similar. These features add more comfort to your bathroom and make it even more attractive.


  • In case you have been using a floor-mounted toilet until now and just decided to switch to the wall-hung model, you may have a few complications. To start with, you will need to remove the drywall in order to replace the standard toilet.
  • If you plan to place the toilet in a small nook, you will have to opportunity to build around the tank. Nevertheless, your bathroom will need a lot of modifications so the best time to switch to the wall-mounted toilet is during the entire renovation.
  • These toilets need thicker walls that will support the tank and carrier system. It could easily occur that you do not have the condition to install one in your bathroom. Now, if you really like it, you can find a creative way to make the necessary changes.
  • The installation is more expensive in comparison to the floor-mounted toilet.
  • It needs to be installed by an expert. In case you fail to install it properly, you will have problems all along. This toilet needs more care than a standard one as well so you might face a lot of rehanging and adjustment.

Average Cost to Install Floor and Wall Mounted Toilets

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The installation of floor-mounted toilets ranges from $200 to $500. It includes the purchase of the elements and installation itself, whereas the same procedure for wall-hung toilets ranges from $1,500 to $2,000.

The price is higher because you need to purchase more parts and the installation is more complicated as well hence it more time is needed to install the support frame or reinforce the existing walls if needed.

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In case you really like the idea of a wall-hung toilet but your budget doesn’t allow you to get one for your bathroom or perhaps you simply don’t have the required conditions, the floor-mounted toilet with a tank inside the wall is a good alternative.

The installation is less expensive since you don’t need to build any support and you can still save a lot of space.

If you decide to install the toilet on your own, without professional assistance, these prices will be lower. However, that is not the smartest choice because you can do it incorrectly and still have to spend that money on repairs.

Wall Mount Toilet, Classic or Modern?

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Now, which one of these is the best toilet for you? Do you prefer classic or modern designs? It is important to point out that between these top-rated toilets, wall-mounted may be the best because you can choose from a very wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes.

Of course, other models can offer different designs as well but none of them is as stylish.

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You should think of the whole house when you’re choosing a toilet. Applying different styles to different rooms is not recommended. However, the charm of this type of toilet is exactly the ability to adapt to both – modern and classic styles.

No matter which one you choose, a clean, spacious, and compact bathroom will fit in. If your house is small and you struggle with a constant lack of space, this is a perfect choice!

A quality wall-mounted toilet will even inspire you to bring some changes and get more spaces in other rooms as well. You will see that once you can move easily in a modern, comfortable environment, you will not want to go back to squeezed, tight rooms again.

One thing you should also keep in mind is the water tank of this toilet. Since it wastes less water and determines the water pressure effectively, you will have fewer problems with leaks, stagnant water, and similar.


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If you are renovating your home or more precisely, your bathroom, you should first think what to look for when buying a toilet.

It is an important factor and part of your bathroom so you have to pay a lot of attention. You probably will not be changing it anytime soon so consider all the things related to it.

A wall-mounted toilet is a great choice for any bathroom hence its tank concealed inside the wall gives more space and makes it look chicer.

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It can adapt to any style, whether modern or classic. It also saves water hence the flushing system is better constructed in comparison to a standard toilet.

To install a wall-hung toilet, you will need more money. Not only the installation is quite expensive but you need to buy many parts for it.

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The support walls that your bathroom may need also add up to this price. However, once you are done and you have this toilet in your bathroom, you will love it!

You will be able to clean under the bowl and keep everything more hygienic than it was before. Space and design will give a completely new feeling to your bathroom and you will proudly show it off!

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