Homeowners in Los Angeles are often unaware when the household is affected by water damage. The signs are not always obvious, but the hazards are still that and can be huge.

Whether the structure is a historical older house or new construction is irrelevant. Any home is subject to exposure to moisture at any time resulting in a host of problems, some of which can be extensive.

A simple drip from the faucet or a more significant leak can cause considerable damage to the structure if these go ignored. In most cases, a substantial loss is avoidable if homeowners pay attention to the slight warning signs.

Once there is evidence of dampness, a call to a water damage restoration company for proper maintenance and repair can save further deterioration of the structure itself. Why can’t the homeowner DIY the problem?

In some cases, household maintenance can take care of simple things like a minor drip or a leak. Apparent signs of moisture can indicate a problem existing well within the walls of the home and can present issues to the integrity of the house. That means a professional should come to inspect where the leaks are and how bad the problem is.

The structure’s integrity is the least of the issues that need considering. The health of the family is a priority. Mold will quickly begin to develop where there is water creating the potential for health problems. Delaying remediation can be not only expensive but a risk to overall well-being.

Warning Signs of Water Damage

Signs that you have a problem with water in your Los Angeles home are not always obvious. In many instances, the leak is subtle and hidden, creating its destruction in a slow, gradual manner.

When you own a home, you must learn the space, pay attention to what’s “normal” so that when there is an unusual occurrence (no matter how slight), you’re keenly aware and can prepare. Catching issues early saves from high repair costs, retains the structure’s integrity, and prevents risks to your family from potential health hazards.

A big problem with some people is they see the warnings and ignore them. It is much more budget-friendly when it is a small issue than when it becomes devastating.

If you neglect your home, especially with moisture involvement, it will lead to immediate deterioration, contamination, and an inability for you to live there safely. It is essential to pay attention to what the house is indicating with these warnings:

** Wet or Dark Areas on The Walls or Ceiling

Whether on the ceiling or a wall on the exterior or interior of the home, a moisture spot is an indication of dampness within the walls or from a leaking roof. When the problem gets to the point where you can see these spots, the issue is already significant.

In this situation, it is vital to contact an expert to assess the issue, determine the amount of damage, and help with damage restoration before it progresses. Check out ways to save hardwood floors if the restoration team cannot get to you right away.

2 Water Damage Signs & The Need for Los Angeles Restoration Businesses

** Paint or Drywall Cracks or Flakes

If your paint is flaking or the drywall begins to bubble or crack, you need to consider water coming from somewhere. Even if the home is older, it is wise to contact a restoration specialist to check for potential leakage creating these areas. It is always better to be safe than to be the subject of extensive repair costs at some point down the road for ignoring the warnings.

** Water Puddling

If you seem to be cleaning up the same puddle of water more than a couple of times, that is a red flag that you have a leak that needs addressing. Steady drips or leaks are far from a simple issue; these can accumulate into significant destruction if left for any length of time. That includes the overall weakening of the structure.

A water pool, dripping from the faucet, water around the toilet base all need taking care of right away. There is generally a much bigger problem than what you are seeing, and if not, there will be.

** Hearing Water Running

A warning will not always be visible. Sometimes there will be a sound unusual from what you expect in the house. That is why it’s crucial to learn your space so that you can determine when there’s noise out of the ordinary. There might be a drip that is not supposed to be there or a creak when you walk that is atypical, or you could hear the sound of water running.

In an older home, you might have creaky floors, and the sounds you are hearing might be indicative of a system functioning as it should. But it is never wise to ignore something that you believe to be different from the norm. If it proves to be okay, you have peace of mind, but if you caught something early, you have saved a great deal of distress.

** Utility Bills Unexpectedly Rise in Costs

If you pay a specific amount on your water bill each month and it stays the same with no variation, you should find it disturbing when it soars to an absurdly high rate with no change in household activities. In most cases, it is a sign there is a hidden leak somewhere.

If you do not see signs of moisture, it is most likely just beginning allowing time to get professional service to correct the issue before it gets out of hand.

** Smell of Must

Your senses are in tune with your surroundings when you live in a house for any length of time. Whether you see a problem, hear an issue, or even smell something that is not as it should be. If there is trouble relating to wet or dampness, there will be a smell of must or mold attached.

These odors are distinct, tough to miss once they arrive on the scene. It means the problem has been around for a bit and developed into a mold issue and there is water damage somewhere. A restoration company can locate and remedy the situation. Still, if there is mold, you may want to take the family to a different location while the service takes care of the problem.

When mold goes undetected and grows freely within the household, there is the potential for health risks for those living in the home, including respiratory concerns, especially for those already compromised, and the potential for skin conditions.

** Structural Integrity

The wetness that goes undetected can grow worse, ultimately challenging the integrity of the structure. For anyone who does not pay attention or who “turns a blind eye” to what is right in front of them, there might already be structural involvement.

You will know this to be the case if cracks begin to show in the drywall or worse in the foundation. These indicators come with an extensive structural repair and great expense that will come from out-of-pocket due to homeowner neglect and because it is related to water damage which is a genuine gray area for homeowner’s insurance.

Flood is almost always a separate plan from a standard policy, not covered on a typical plan. But, again, if neglect is found even with a flood policy, you will likely do battle with an adjuster.

3 Water Damage Signs & The Need for Los Angeles Restoration Businesses

Looking at Water Damage from A Homeowner’s Perspective

You will not always be able to tell the reason for moisture in your home by seeing, smelling, or hearing the indications – unless you have experience in this area.

There are many triggers for the reaction you are getting, all of which need fixing at the root to rectify completely. These can include a defect in the roof, a leaking pipe, a plumbing issue, things that will grow worse the more time passes.

Unfortunately, homeowners often neglect water problems, not fully comprehending that the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage and the greater the out-of-pocket expense. And with moisture, the trouble spreads rapidly.

Your house is a significant investment, as are all the systems therein. Ignoring problems can lead to quick deterioration and decreased value. An immediate repair could prove fast and straightforward with the right remediation team keeping the integrity intact and, most importantly, maintaining the family’s safety and wellness. Get ideas for drying a wet basement once at for all at

Final Thought

As a homeowner in the Los Angeles area, it is helpful in the long run for you to learn your space. That is not only beneficial in the way of moisture but for any maintenance that comes along. You can sense when something is just not right from a mere sound, a visual sign, or a smell, not typical for your home.

When you spot a vulnerability, calling for an inspection right away is wise to prevent the issue’s progressive worsening. A water damage restoration professional in Los Angeles can help you put things back together after rectifying the root cause of the dampness issue.

You want to react immediately regardless of how small you feel the moisture problem is because where there is a little water exposure on the surface could be a mountainous problem behind the scenes.

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