The front door is the first thing that your guests notice while entering your house. Not only your guests but your neighbors and family member as well. therefore, it is quite essential to get a type of external door that not only sets the tone for the house but it also decorates it. it is also important to purchase an external door that can satisfy your needs and can function properly. There are many different kinds of external doors available in the market. So, you may feel a bit confused and overwhelmed when buying a front door. Nevertheless, here is a list of different external doors for better decoration:

  1. Glass door

One of the most common kind of external door is the glass door. In order to make a bold statement, a glass external door is the best option as it also allows all the natural light to enter in your house. You can enjoy the natural light without having to worry about insects. Furthermore, glass doors come in many styles, colors and sizes. However, before buying a glass door, you need to consider the level of privacy you want. You can always place curtains over the door, if you want full privacy. It is advisable to install a double paned glass door as it will provide more insulation, durability and security compared to single paned glass door.

  1. Doors with glass panels

Similar to the previous door mentioned, this kind of exterior doors also have glass attached to it. This type of door is best for you if you want glass doors but also want privacy. By purchasing doors with glass panels, you will still enjoy the natural light coming inside your house while having the privacy you want. However, it is quite difficult to clean these exterior doors but the pros of this kind of door makes it worth it.

  1. Speakeasy door

This type of exterior door will go best with goth themed houses. According to a survey, many people find speakeasy doors very intriguing since this door has a small opening window which is closed with a latch. Furthermore, the window is at eye level, making it perfect for greeting strangers while being secured.

  1. Double door

Double doors are quite elegant and grabs everyone’s attention whether they like it or not. It makes a huge impact on the house’s overall appeal and aesthetic. Furthermore, it offers a lot of space to the person who ever opens it, for moving out or in the house. moreover, double doors are available in many different kinds of materials in the market including but not limited to steel, fiberglass, glass and wood. These doors are also available in a combination of said materials.

  1. Solid wood door

Solid wood door is the best option if you are looking for a secure and sturdy door. This kind of door is unmatched by any other kind of door. Solid wood doors may attract you but remember that they are more expensive compared to others and a lot of maintenance is needed. However, wood doors are the best insulators so it may help to cover you some of the cost.

  1. Fiberglass door

Last but not the least, fiberglass doors are also one of the best options you can opt for. In order to achieve better decoration in your house, you can try fiberglass door as well. these doors are quite trendy nowadays and has copied the look of solid wood doors. So, if you want that kind of look without having to pay extra money for maintenance, this door is for you.

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