Among different types of floating staircases. wood floating staircase is one of the most popular ones.

But you might be wondering whether it’s a good choice or not. To understand it clearly you’ll have to learn what is a wood floating staircase and other things in detail.

This article is all about what you wanted to know. So, keep reading.

What Is Wood Floating Staircase?

From the name you can guess, a floating staircase made from timber is wooden floating staircases. Wood is the most used and sturdiest option for any kind of staircase. They’re perfect for regular use and look super good in any interior or exterior. According to stability, finishing or quality, multiple types of wood can be used in wooden floating staircases. The details will be described in the next segments.

Is Wood Floating Staircases Good?

Certainly, they are the best! The wood floating staircase looks super cool, elegant and gives a contemporary vibe. When homeowners want to create a very heartwarming and cozy vibe in their decorations, they can choose timber as staircase treads.

There’re versatile types of woods and they can be easily cut and shaped into different thicknesses. Therefore, for sure wood is a fantastic material for floating stairs. Besides that, wood floating staircases are extremely durable and hard-wearing. So, no worries about replacing it.

Even if the wood gets worn out by the heavy traffic, later it can be sanded and refinished. Then, you’ll get your new stairs again. Wooden tread thickness must be 3 1/2 inches for safety issues. If your wooden treads feel slippery, then use carpets or anti-skid pads.

What Types of Wood Are Used In Floating Staircases?

For different floating staircase designs, builders use different types of wood. Here comes the types of wood used in floating staircases-

  1. Maple
  2. Red Oak
  3. Ash
  4. White Oak
  5. Walnut
  6. Hictory

These are the most common and robust wood used for floating staircases plus others. Overall with aesthetic value, build quality, sturdiness, and finishing quality all of those 6 are very suitable options. For a lifetime guaranteed stairway, you may choose these options!

And to construct any of the wooden staircases contact Global Compare. They provide the best services at a reasonable price.

Is a Floating Staircase Safe Safe?

Many people ask this question as they think what if their pet or children got stuck in between the gap of treads? To answer your concern, the floating staircase is a completely safe option just like a traditional staircase. There are several code requirements you need to maintain with your local building regulations. That’s how it’ll certainly be safe for anyone.

If you have children and you’re concerned, then don’t worry. There Are several ways to make floating staircases that are children-friendly and secure. The regulation states that the gap between the treads or the balustrade gap won’t be bigger than 100mm(3.9 inches). Therefore, the gap is quite small for the kids to get stuck.

Other safety issues are, tread strength, slip factor or potential fall. If you hire the best and most expert agency, they’ll for sure build your floating staircase with the best quality materials and adhere to all the building codes.

Anyways, as a floating staircase tread can hold up to 2500lbs weight, so don’t worry for the heavy users too. On the international side, each step must hold at least 300 lbs of solid weight.


I hope now you know everything about what is the wood floating staircase.

Aside from the main topic, I’ve also explained whether it’s a good choice or not. Plus, now you know the types of wood used in a wood staircase.

That’s all for now. Wish you all the best in building your next staircase.

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