Refreshing your kitchen with new appliances, modern quartz countertops, and sleek cabinetry is a huge step towards making your space feel more like home. It’s also a big expense and a complicated project that can seem daunting to tackle on your own.

This is why you need a professional kitchen remodeler like Schoenwalder to ensure everything goes on well with minimal room for waste and mistakes.

Schoenwalder kitchen remodeling experts will review all aspects of your kitchen remodel and leave nothing to chance. One of their guiding principles is to maximize space and make use of space-saving appliances.

Before starting the project, they try to figure out which problems you encounter in your current kitchen and what improvements you want to be made as follows:

Common Kitchen Problems You’re Probably Dealing With

Before preparing your remodeling plan, you must first understand all the major problems you are likely experiencing with the current setup. The following offer a good place to start:

Inadequate storage

This applies to food and utensils storage. How many times have you opened a kitchen cabinet and six items flew out at you? That is proof you’re grappling with issues of inadequate storage.

Lack of a dining area

Chances are you can’t entertain in the kitchen because it’s congested and/or lacks a dining area.

Food preparation

Your sink may be too small when washing dishes and vegetables, or the food preparation countertop may be too narrow.


If your kitchen light casts shadows everywhere, it’s time to replace it with brighter lighting that will help you work efficiently.

Waste disposal

A lack of room under the sink to install a waste disposal unit that grinds waste food and reduces your kitchen’s waste output.

Once you’re clear of these problems and inform Schoenwalder remodeling experts during your first meeting with them, planning for the project becomes a lot easier.

Why You Need Schoenwalder’s Specialists

Kitchen renovation includes a lot of areas and not just the usual changing of cabinets and painting of the walls. Even if a kitchen is tiny, it is critical to understand what goes into remodeling it.

Schoenwalder’s experts have worked with hundreds of kitchen plans in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Their experts will work on your project to ensure all the qualities you don’t like are replaced with what you like.

The company is fully licensed to work in Waukesha County. When you work with them, you can rest assured that your project will flow smoothly to completion.

What Areas of Your Kitchen Can Be Remodeled?

After figuring out your pain points in the kitchen, you can choose to have a full-kitchen remodel or just the main areas that inconvenience you. This will be determined mainly by your budget or space limitations.

Aside from remodeling due to problems you encounter in the kitchen, you can also do it to make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing, especially if it’s old-fashioned and doesn’t suit your current lifestyle.

Here are areas where you can have changes made in your kitchen:


Countertops made of stainless steel or zinc may prove difficult to maintain and can therefore only be used on some countertop portions. This is why a lot of homeowners now opt for quartz, granite, ceramic tiles and traditional laminate.


Cabinets are one of the most visible elements in your kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen, consider the amount of storage space you need for food, utensils, and equipment. Then make sure the color and design complement the rest of the kitchen.


The type of floor you choose should be able to withstand spills and regular cleaning, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. You can select from a range of hardwood, bamboo, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum and other materials.

Lighting and fixtures

Tired of shadows in the kitchen while working? You can have the lights in your kitchen replaced with brighter lights and finished off with fixtures like chandeliers and pendants to make a bold statement.


If you want to replace your kitchen windows, casement, bay, or double-hung windows are good options. Any window treatment used should be water-resistant and allow in enough natural light.


From using natural wood to leaving exposed beams on your ceiling, the options are many. You can also install a skylight for more natural light if your kitchen does not have enough natural light.

Why Choose Schoenwalder for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

For starters, Schoenwalder kitchen remodeling experts are an amazing resource when you can’t seem to make a choice. If you’re finding it difficult to select the ideal remodeling items, they will help you pick those that will blend well with your home.

Besides, to ensure nothing is left to chance, they use every available inch of space by installing ergonomic and space-saving cabinets. They also use task-specific lighting to illuminate specific areas in your kitchen.

Finally, you won’t find a company as experienced and boasting a wealth of knowledge as Schoenwalder, having served since 1945.

The result of all these factors combined is a fully-functional kitchen that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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