A kitchen renovation comes with a lot of decisions. You’ll have to decide on what to keep and what to replace. You may want to change the layout of your kitchen, and if you do, what will be the most convenient and functional? Then there are fun choices about the colors and style of your backsplash, countertops, and kitchen cabinets.

Before making a final decision on how to reconfigure your kitchen, you need to take inventory of the items you will be storing in your new and improved kitchen. Doing this will help you determine what types of cabinets or other storage solutions to have installed during the renovation. Since we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners make the tough decisions regarding their kitchen remodels, we have compiled a list of some of the different ways to decide which kitchen cabinets would work best for you and the belongings you intend to store.

Items You Use Daily

While planning your kitchen remodel, take a couple of days and focus on what items you use on a daily basis. These are some items that you likely use every day:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Pots & pans
  • Utensils
  • Spices and cooking oils
  • Small appliances like a toaster or coffee maker

Since you use these items every day, possibly even multiple times per day, you will want them to have easy access to them. You could use a standard double door high wall cabinet with multiple shelves for things like dishes and glasses.

You should consider installing pull-out drawers on your lower cabinets for larger, heavier items like your pots and pans. Pull-out drawers will allow you to organize your pots and pans to make them easy to get to while also being easy to lift. Plus, you won’t have to dig through all of the other pots and pans.

Occasional Items

Not everything in your kitchen gets used every day. You’ll also need to consider storage for the items you only use every once in a while. This could include things like:

    • Cookie sheets and other baking equipment
    • Food Processor
    • Crockpot
    • Blender
    • Air Fryer

These are items you may use on more of a weekly basis, so you don’t need them to be super easy to access and don’t want them stored away in a hard-to-reach spot.

One idea to consider is getting a base Super Susan cabinet to store these items. These cabinets have a rotating shelf, making getting to your items easy while also holding more than the average corner cabinet unit.

Special Occasion Items 

If you like to host parties or holiday gatherings, you probably have some special occasion dishes and serving platters. These items only get to come out a couple of times each year, but you would never think about parting with them. Fun, festive serving ware can add so much to a celebration but can be a pain to store away. For items like these, you could consider storing them in your lower cabinet spaces in a more out of reach area.

If you have a set of fine china that you only use on very special occasions, you could store them in a glass-front cabinet so that they don’t have to be hidden away all year long. This way, they could double as a kitchen decoration.

Decorative Items

While cleaning out your cabinets, you may be surprised to see that you have many items you never use, yet you could never throw them away. These could be items souvenir coffee mugs or sentimental pieces like your grandma’s casserole dish. While they may hold a place in your heart, they also take up a ton of space. What should you do with them?

If these items are not really something you want to be displayed for everyone to see, you could store them in a large utility or pantry cabinet. You’ll want to add shelves to the cabinet to optimize the space.

Hopefully, these ideas have gotten your wheels turning and will help you determine which cabinets to include in your kitchen remodel. An organized kitchen where each cabinet is functional is a time and sanity saver.

You’ll be so happy you put in the extra time to sort through your belongings before deciding which cabinets to purchase.

If you need more help or ideas about which cabinets would be best for you, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

We have design consultants ready to assist you and can provide a free quote with zero obligations.

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