Have you ever wondered who actually came up with the toilet idea? I mean, at some point there must have been a breakthrough that transitioned us into indoor bathroom use, but is the situation that cut and dry? Find out the history of toilets, as well as the next steps in our line of bathroom evolutions with a summarized history of toilet systems.

The first Toilet Seat In history

To the surprise of many, the first recorded toilet dates back about 2,800 years, according to Thoughtco. At this time, the idea was revolutionary, and was intended for use by kings, king Minos of Crete to be exact. He had the only recorded example of a flushing toilet until another was found in the Western Han Dynasty of China, where the system was also used by a king (between 206 BC and 24 AD).

After this example, it wasn’t until Queen elizabeth 1 had a flushing toilet designed by Sir John Harrington that another one was seen. After the creation of her flushing toilet in 1596 AD, the first patent for a flushing toilet was secured. Later on in the early to mis 1000s, THomas Crapper pupularized the concept and made improvements that are still used today, giving us the concept for a modern toilet.

Before this, individuals and families widely used outhouses, chamber pots, or even less to complete their mission, so you can imagine the excitement that a flushing toilet generated. As they became more accessible, flushing toilets were accepted and normalized, much like toilet paper sheets.

Was Toilet Paper That Big of a Deal?

Believe it or not, people had a really hard time with toilet paper. Before it’s creation, people used whatever they had laying around, or materials that they had collected, so adapting to toilet paper was a major climate shock. After paper came around, it was considered too expensive and people were uncomfortable with purchasing bathroom products. Later on, Scott pupularized sheets of toilet paper, which offered less splinters and more affordability than previous productions. This really helped start the movement towards using rolls of TP in homes, at least in America.

What’s Next For Bathroom Innovations

If it took thousands of years to widely manufacture the flushing toilet and hundreds to get toilet paper in everyone’s home, whats next for bathrooms, and when will it come? Actually, the next advancement for restroom technology is already here. If you haven’t heard, bidets are the biggest enhancement that you can make to your bathroom in 2021, and getting started is much more affordable than you may think.

Bidets have been around for centuries as well, but the bidet toilet seat has taken over as the best way to cleanse. Not only are bidet systems more hygienic than toilet paper, but the comfort level and bonus features are out of this world. With bidets, you:

Enhance Your Clean

If you are looking for a thorough clean, bidets are the way to go. These systems ensure that all matter, germs, andd bacteria are rinsed away with a pleasant stream, while toilet paper is  prone to leaving things behind.

Amplify Your Comfort

How are you supposed to stay comfortable when every wipe is abrasive and you have to sit on a cold seat? Bidets include many features like a seat warmer, adjustable water temperature, and presets that help give you the most comfortable go.

Save Hundreds

Sure, the initial investment of a bidet toilet seat is more than a pack of toilet paper, but how many packs will that system save you? Depending on how many people you supply with TP, you could save hundreds of dollars every year. It’s the clear choice for long-term savings when you consider that these systems last for years.

Help The Environment With Every Go

If you are set on thinking the short-term when it comes to the money you save, consider the environmental impact that you have every year, just by using toilet paper. Every roll costs a piece of our environment, whereas bidets only need a stream of water to cleanse your rear.


The tides of bathroom composure have always shifted, and there has always been a lag in people’s comfort level and the affordability of products. What’s nice about bidets is that you can actually see a return on your investment, and sooner than you think. Take the time to learn more about bidets and their features before you step into the next bathroom trend.

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