As homeowners, we will all inevitably reach that point when an afternoon spent rearranging the furniture, a few additional potted plants, and a good old spring clean are no longer enough to make the place feel ‘refreshed’.

That gnawing sense that your home is desperately in need of a refurb is just part and parcel of spending so many happy, busy years there. Still, heart-warming memories aside, nobody wants their home to look unkempt, or in need of some TLC.

One of the best ways for anyone to make their home feel new again is to change up the floors. Over the years, any wear and tear can eventually make itself known, and starting anew can do wonders for the entire room. What’s more, the right colour and design can make the space feel different – longer or wider, depending on the style and placement you choose.

And, of all the styles there are to choose from, luxury vinyl flooring is arguably one of the best choices. Read more about why this is, below.

It’s Stylish – Whatever Your Style is

The popularity of luxury vinyl, also known as LVT flooring, has blown up in recent years. The many benefits it offers (which we will look at in more detail below) has earned it a high status among interior designers and amateur decorators alike, which means that manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure as wide a range as possible.

Now, you can find colours and styles to suit every palate and style, rather than feeling confined to just a few choices. From a more classical parquet style to a modern, monochrome oak effect, the choice is yours.

It’s Durable

Every room in the house sees its fair share of traffic, from the back-and-forth pacing of the home cook to the splashes and steam released during every shower or bath, we can’t afford for any of our floors to be weak or vulnerable to damage.

Fortunately, LVT flooring is highly durable, and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to stay that way. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also resistant to the stains, scuffs and scratches that can befall flooring in almost any room of the house.

It’s Pleasant Underfoot

While they are certainly going out of style, carpets remain a firm favourite among many people prone to chilly feet. A thick, soft pile is bound to be more comfortable than wood, tile, or laminate, right?

In actual fact, luxury vinyl can feel very comfortable underfoot. With a proper LVT underlay, this flooring choice can feel warm and pleasantly cushioned, creating a sumptuous feel in any room, without all the disadvantages carpet carries with it.

You Can Install it Yourself

Anyone with any DIY experience can have a go at installing LVT themselves – and, as a result, saving themselves yet another expense as they work to bring their home up to scratch.

While it is not a task any of us should rush into – measuring, acclimatising, and sorting the underlay, for instance, all require plenty of time to get right – this type of flooring is famed for its ease of installation, and shouldn’t prove to be too daunting a task for the savvy homeowner.

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