You can never have enough space. Given that the available floor area can only accommodate a small kitchen, the best you can do is maximize space by focusing on two elements – design and storage. The goal is not to waste even a square inch with everything super organized. More importantly, you should be able to move around freely and have a great time preparing and cooking meals.

Small Kitchen Ideas to Maximize Space

As you browse photo galleries for small kitchen design ideas, think about practicality and functionality – always. Some designs, for example, are eye-pleasing but make cleaning and maintenance of kitchen appliances a living hell. Sooner or later, the lack of space becomes an issue.

Fortunately, maximizing your small kitchen space is not an impossible task.

1. Stick to the Essentials

Sometimes, it is hard to resist buying more stuff – consumables, utensils, appliances – only to store and never use more than a few times. By sticking to the essentials, you can already free up the existing storage space.

Another thing to consider is the size of kitchen appliances. For example, consider how many hobs you need in a range cooker. If it is not necessary, why buy four hobs if you will use 1 or 2 most of the time? Consider also that kitchen equipment can fail. For practical reasons, you want the appliance repair Toronto service crew to have enough space when troubleshooting or making repairs.

2. Extend the Cabinets to the Ceiling

In many kitchens, it is common to have a gap between the cabinet and the ceiling. On the one hand, you can perhaps use that space to store some stuff. However, that spot can also accumulate dust and not what you want in your small kitchen.

You can eliminate the gap by extending cabinets to the ceiling. Not only do you get a bigger storage space, but it is also cleaner. Also, a taller cabinet elongates the small kitchen, making it appear larger than it is.

3. Maximize Awkward Corner Cabinets

If you have bottom cabinets in a corner, then you know how much of a hassle it is to reach in to store or retrieve an item. It is why most people do not use that blind corner efficiently.

Eliminating that dead space and turning it into a perfectly usable space is simple. All you need to do is to add lazy susan-type shelves. That way, you can have more storage space, and everything on the shelves is within easy reach.

4. Remove the Small Kitchen Partition Wall

Usually, the kitchen connects to the dining or living room. If there is a wall partition, one thing you can do is tear it down. The open space makes the living spaces appear large.

One downside to removing a wall is that you may have to sacrifice the storage area if a cabinet is next to it. A peninsula cabinet solves this dilemma as you can have bottom storage space with a countertop on top.

5. Use an Extractor Induction Hob Combo

Range hoods take space. You could consider using an induction cooker with an integrated extractor. These modern cookers draw smoke sideways, preventing them from rising and spreading throughout a small kitchen.

Since there is no longer a range hood, you can keep that spot free for more open space. Alternatively, you can install a cupboard where you can store miscellaneous cooking items.

6. Use Built-in Kitchen Appliances

In a small kitchen, having room on the countertop to work with is a premium. Instead of placing an oven or microwave there, you can choose to redesign bottom cabinets to hold built-in appliances. In the same manner, you could also recess your refrigerator into the wall. That way, you can have a more spacious countertop.

7. Repaint the Cupboards

Painting the cupboards to match the colour of the ceiling creates the illusion of having a larger space. For best results, use gray or white colour – both these colours works well with most small kitchen designs.

8. Be Smart in Containers

Plastic and glass containers take space. Instead of using containers that are too big and never get filled, you are better off using smaller containers. A bunch of small but filled-up containers will likely leave you with more storage space for other items.

9. Relocate the Washing Machine

If you have a washer located in the small kitchen, consider moving it to the bathroom – if there is enough space. Washing machines are bulky, and freeing up that much space can do wonders to your kitchen – make it spacious or have more storage areas.

10. Remove Clutters

As it is, a small kitchen is what it is – small. You can add to space by removing clutters. If possible, keep the surfaces free by storing unused items in cabinets. Once free of clutter, that small kitchen would appear to be more spacious.

Be Creative in Maximizing Small Kitchen Space

There are tons of other ways to maximize space in the small kitchen. All you need to do is to look around for kitchen accessories that help in that regard. If you are ready to spend, then consider remodelling the kitchen.

A more spacious small kitchen makes food preparation and cooking much more fun. Meanwhile, having enough storage space means you can store most items that otherwise would be on the countertop. Follow the tips provided, and you might be surprised at how much extra space you have, even in a tiny kitchen.

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