In a compact kitchen, every square foot counts, and every nook and cranny is vital to its functionality. Having a well-organized work environment and following ergonomic guidelines are vital. Everything should be at a convenient location.

Typical kitchen appliances such as microwaves are large and take up a significant amount of space in a kitchen. One of the major questions is: where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen with limited counter space, it may be tough to choose the optimal location for your microwave.

Kitchen cabinets are often modular in nature and are already constructed to accommodate this device; all we have to do is find the appropriate spot and set it in there. The only negative is that you lose storage capacity. On the kitchen counter, the microwave, especially if your kitchen is quite small, is to set the microwave on top of the counter.

Where-to-Put-a-Microwave-in-a-Tiny-Kitchen Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen

If our kitchen cupboards are small and a microwave may take up an excessive amount of room, placing it on the counter is a fantastic option. You may install it as-is or with a rack that enables for storage beneath.

If you already have equipment in your kitchen, such as a refrigerator or a stove, you might be wondering where you should put the microwave. If you have a tiny kitchen, you might want to think about putting your microwave in a cabinet or drawer to save space.

There are over-the-range microwaves available that may save you a lot of room, and a small microwave you can install on the counter or incorporate into your kitchen island to save even more space.

In this article about where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen, we’ll talk about the best location for a microwave in a tiny kitchen.

13 Places You Can Put a Microwave in a Small Kitchen

You should consider positioning your microwave in one of the suggested locations in this article, or maybe you should follow the guidelines we listed below. You will be able to make the most of your kitchen space while at the same time lowering annoyance.

If at all possible to work out, you should maybe avoid bending or reaching down to get to your microwave unless you are forced to do so due to space constraints.

Over The Range

Over-The-Range2 Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen

When considering where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen, finding the proper placement of your microwave over the range may be the most practical alternative if you have a small tiny kitchen.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this microwave position in space-limited kitchens is that it provides an amazing illusion of a single appliance by combining the stove and microwave functions into one unit. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but it also saves on floor space.

Avoid placing your microwave way too close to the sink. Instead, ascertain that it is 4-9 feet distant. You do not want to accidentally short it out or electrocute and in danger or hurt yourself with splashes. For the same safety reason, household outlets are often located around 4 feet away from the sink.

Tiny-House-by-All-in-the-Details Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: All in the Details

What is the minimum clearance necessary for microwaves? Microwaves mounted above the range require a minimum installation height of 66 inches from the floor to the top of the device.

The 66-inch distance from the floor allows roughly 13-inch between the cooktop surface below and the microwave’s bottom, front.

If your microwave is an OTR (Over the Stove) type, you may be able to position it over the range. OTR microwaves are specially designed microwaves that may be used to microwave food while simultaneously functioning as a hood vent in the kitchen.

Within Surrounding Cabinets

Kitchen-by-SweisKloss Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: SweisKloss

The construction of a small microwave alcove flanked by other kitchen cabinets and a trim kit is another popular choice of many in their small spaced kitchens.

An important thing to point out is this would require your microwave to have internal power. But, it is undoubtedly an excellent option for concealing the microwave and keeping it out of the way, especially if you don’t use it that much and that often and have the necessary space.

Another thing to know is to avoid having to go too far to get to the cupboards. Therefore, position a nearby table between the microwave location and the kitchen counter to serve as a plate-setting surface. This will make working around the kitchen way easier and more practical.

In A Spare Cabinet

KITCHEN-WITH-HUGE-ISLAND-by-KIM-PIERUCCINI Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny KitchenImage source: KIM PIERUCCINI

Here is another idea to consider! You may also conceal your microwave by putting it in a spare kitchen cabinet. Of course, it is important it is matching the proportions of your cabinets and microwave. They should be compatible with the microwave’s dimensions so it would fit well.

And there you have it, as simple as that – it is possible to conceal it simply by closing the kitchen cabinet door. This way, no one can know and your space already seems less cluttered.

It is possible that an electrician may have to install an electrical outlet within the cabinet that will house your microwave. When selecting a microwave for your upper cabinet, be certain that it does not protrude excessively.

Suspended Shelves

Volpe-by-The-Cousins Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny KitchenImage source: The Cousins

For tall kitchen cabinets, with plenty of room between them and the counter, another custom shelving option is to install an additional shelf directly beneath them.

Shelving is another option that may indeed be more cost. But, it is very effective, more than cabinets in some circumstances. This is because they considerably increase vertical storage space in small kitchens. Considering this, the shelves are a must, perfect solution. You surely have an empty wall to fill with items. It may turn out both practical and decorative.

The combination of decoration and utility is another way to go. It’s possible to use custom shelves as an accent feature in your kitchen if you pick something that will be visible to guests. For example, such as open shelving for the display of exquisite dishes or spices.

You might also use shelves that are affixed to the wall. In case that your kitchen is restricted in space in general due to the existence of a kitchen island or maybe a dining bar, they are excellent solutions.

Below the Counter

Kitchen-Organization-by-Neat-Method-San-Diego Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: Neat Method San Diego

Another way to deal with hiding the microwave issue is by placing it below the kitchen counters. It is not so uncommon for the kitchen cabinets right beneath your countertop to have some phantom drawers. Or there might be some decorative elements that might be put to use as a microwave shelf if necessary.

This will enable you to keep your microwave close by, but without taking up the valuable kitchen counter or kitchen cabinet space. However, if you have little children in your care, you should avoid thinking like this since it might put them in danger. We all know how curious they can be which may cause them to get hurt if we don’t think well about this not so important details at first.

In a Drawer

Templeton-Ave-Kitchen-Remodel-by-ReVision-Design-Remodeling Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny KitchenImage source: ReVision Design/Remodeling

Without any single doubt, one of the most imaginative uses of a microwave is to conceal it in an unassuming cabinet drawer. You cannot, on the other hand, just install any microwave in any drawer. To use a drawer microwave, you must purchase a special piece of furniture made and adapted for this use, and have it installed beneath your counter.

Nevertheless, although drawer microwaves are the more expensive solution, they do well in saving space in the kitchen and giving the entire room a rather modern aspect and impression.

Please remember that there are microwave-oven combinations available to purchase (which are frequently convection-style microwaves), or you may install a wall oven with a separate microwave using the trim kit described above.

Baker’s Rack

Kitchen-Renovation-with-Baking-Cabinet-and-Snack-Bar-Alcove-by-Dimensions-in-Wood-Inc Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: Dimensions in Wood Inc

When you have a tiny, space-limited kitchen with limited length or height along an open wall, a baker’s rack is the right solution to consider.

These special units, which are often smaller than a hutch pantry, include 2 to 4 shelves for storing your heavy appliances such as a microwave, crockpot, or coffee maker away from the main counter.

You may tuck away some smaller formatted items, such as spice jars, pans, and jars of culinary supplies, in your kitchen cabinets to free up more space in your kitchen.

In The Corner of Your Counter

Kitchen-corner-by-Andre-Rothblatt-Architecture Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: Andre Rothblatt Architecture

It is good you understand how the two sides of your countertop come together to form an angle. This is a corner space that is commonly underutilized. Why?

Well, it is often too far back to reach anything in there, so unless you are significantly taller than an average person, there is a very strong probability you will not keep a significant quantity of often used items in that specific corner.

If your kitchen is compact but has a kitchen island, utilizing that area for the microwave might save you both a lot of time and work. Kitchen islands are advantageous for a variety of reasons.

By utilizing yours to house your microwave, you may save up room in your cabinets for other necessary kitchen items. You may also conceal the microwave in one of the drawers on the island, but it may be too low for convenient access.

What is the significance of all of this? This implies that it’s the ideal location for your microwave! However, you may easily reach it by pointing your microwave in the direction of the desolation.

Hutch Pantry

Historic-Chelsea-Home-by-Mary-Elizabeth-Topping Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: Mary Elizabeth Topping

A conventional hutch pantry, rather than a walk-in butler’s pantry, will do if you’re seeking for more storage space in your kitchen as well as a place to put your microwave.

Because of the presence of huge cabinets above and below a built-in counter, these pantries are frequently larger than a backer’s rack in terms of storage space.

Of course, you must ensure that your pantry is equipped with electrical outlets as well as a sturdy, solid shelf that is capable of supporting the microwave without tipping it over.

On a Windowsill

Citrus-Residence-by-Spring-Construction-and-Design-Inc. Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: Spring Construction and Design, Inc.

Even if you have a large, vacant windowsill in your kitchen, a microwave may be placed there, but only if you do not live in a very cold climate. Otherwise, the temperature differential between the inside and outside of the microwave window may cause the glass unit of the microwave window to shatter.

To further protect flowerpots from radiation exposure, it is recommended that they be removed from the windowsill.

Dedicated Microwave Oven Rack

Dedicated-Microwave-Oven-Rack Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen

When it comes to keeping your microwave on the counter while also giving additional storage space, a microwave oven rack is one answer.

Similar to shelf risers, these racks create vertical space while also serving as a storage solution for spices, ingredient jars, and other items that would otherwise take up valuable counter space on a kitchen countertop.

When there is no other way to accommodate a microwave in a tiny kitchen, a microwave rack is a brilliant solution to the problem.

On the Island

Neighborhood-Charm-by-Anchor-Builders Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen
Image source: Anchor Builders

Even if your kitchen is modest, if it includes an island, utilizing that area for the microwave may save you a significant amount of time and energy.

For a variety of reasons, kitchen islands are advantageous. Because you’re utilizing yours to store your microwave, you might be able to free up some room in your cabinets for other essential kitchen goods.

You may also conceal the microwave in one of the island’s drawers, however, it may be too low to be accessed easily from the counter.

Microwave Hanging On the Wall

Microwave-Hanging-On-the-Wall Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen

One last option is to mount the microwave on the wall; there are various techniques for accomplishing this, and you simply need to choose the one that works best for you and your situation.

Overall, you want to hang it at an appropriate distance so that it may be used, but not too far away that it causes an unwelcome shock to passersby.

The drawback of this concept is that, depending on where you put it, it may be inconvenient.

Final Thoughts 

Where-to-Put-a-Microwave-in-a-Tiny-Kitchen2 Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen

Counter space is quite valuable in the vast majority of kitchens. To accommodate additional tasks such as egg preparation, meat mincing, and vegetable cutting, you should investigate alternatives to placing your microwave on your countertop rather than on your countertop.

The space required for beating and whisking the egg as well as for putting the dishes while they cook will be within limit.

If you have a small kitchen, you should consider hiding or jamming your microwave somewhere out of sight. Throughout this article, you will learn about all of the potential areas to consider in order to maximize your kitchen space and provide breathing room while you are preparing meals.

Whatever place you choose, keep in mind that it must be easily accessible to all of your guests. In general, the style and size of your kitchen will determine the optimum location for your refrigerator.

Conclusions on where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen

There are many creative and practical ways to save space and organize generally limited space in one’s kitchen. Microwaves, coffee machines, and many other appliances, many people won’t buy just because they think they don’t have enough space.

We hope this article on where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen helped you realize you can find that extra space even in small kitchens.

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