It is no secret that many people like cooking and like it, even more, when they have all the right appliances and gadgets to make cooking easy and fun. Here are several kitchen appliances and gadgets that will make your foodie life a bit easier and better.


First off, a good blender is a must for any kitchen. No matter how much chopping and prepping you do beforehand, sometimes there are just vegetables or other parts of your recipe that need to be blended. Plus, it’s so versatile! You can make smoothies, puree soup, chop nuts…the possibilities are endless. It’s best to get a blender that has several speeds and at least two types of blades. The first blade should be the standard blades you see in most blenders, and it’s best if there are at least two of these.

You want a backup blade just in case one becomes dull over time or gets lost. The second blade is most important, as this is what makes your blender so versatile. This one is most often called a twister or a “pin” blade, as it is shaped like a pinhead. It goes at the bottom of your blender and spins to puree things rather than just chopping them as the first blade does.

Chopping, slicing, and grating should be done before you add your food to the blender, due to safety measures.

Air Fryer And Oven

Frying is an older technology that has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to new cooking appliances like air fryers and ovens. The best Ninja Foodi air fryers and ovens are a must-have for just about anyone. These devices are best at cooking foods with batter, breading, or other things that need to be crisped up without frying. They’re also great for people who want crispy “fried” chicken but who don’t want to deal with the mess of frying in a pot of oil. Air fryers and ovens both use a technology similar to convection cooking, but they do it in a different way. An air fryer blows hot air over your food while it is rotating, crisping up the outsides even more than if you were to put it in a regular oven. Good air fryers create a crunchy texture on the outside of your food while staying tender and juicy inside.

Slow Cooker Or Crock Pot

Some of the best recipes are ones that require little supervision, which is why a slow cooker is an essential kitchen appliance for every foodie. It’s also great for individuals on the go who enjoy traveling or camping and don’t want to sacrifice healthy eating while doing so. Perhaps you’re already familiar with this multi-purpose product (also known as a crockpot ) that allows you to cook food over several hours using little to no heat. You can make a variety of stews, meat, soups, and even desserts with a slow cooker. If you’re wondering what kind to buy, try one with multiple settings that allow you to adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Microwave Oven

Also known as a microwave, this is the ultimate convenience appliance to make your life easier. They can be used to cook, reheat and defrost food without significantly altering taste or texture, making them perfect for reheating and cooking small amounts of food. The best part about a microwave is if you only need to heat up a small portion of leftovers and there is no stove nearby, simply pop it in the microwave. Microwaves usually come with either a rotating glass plate or turntable inside, making it easy to rotate your food if one side is cooking faster than the other.

Waffle Iron Or Pancake Maker

The Waffle Iron or Pancake Maker is the ultimate pancake-making machine. The device allows you to cook different kinds of pancakes, depending on how much batter you place in each waffle compartment. The pancake maker is very popular for its crisp style, usually used in breakfast.

You can use a waffle maker as a sandwich maker as well. It is pretty flexible and very easy to clean as well. You just have to wipe all the batter after making some sandwiches or up to 10 pancakes if you want.

The Waffle Iron or Pancake Maker usually comes with an adjustable temperature setting, allowing you to control how brown it turns your pancakes. If you invest some time into finding the best deal for this product, then you will be able to find one for about $20-$30 on most online stores.

k2 6 Kitchen Appliances And Gadgets Every Foodie Should Have

Food Processor

A Food Processor is a necessary kitchen appliance for anyone who loves to experiment with food and herbs. The device doesn’t only help you add new recipes into your cooking, but it also saves time and energy by chopping ingredients really quickly. Most modern-day processors come up with different attachments such as slicing discs, julienne disks, dough blades, and different cutting blades. Moreover, food processors can also be used for crushing ice, making your own dressings and sauces. Most Food Processors usually cost around $150-$200 depending on their brand and attachments that they come with.

The best kitchen appliances and gadgets to invest in are ones that help you do more with less time, energy, and money. Although the cost of these devices may be a little high for some people, they are definitely worth the price when you think about how much money it saves you over time. If you take your cooking seriously, then any one of these appliances will help you improve your cooking skills for years to come.

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