You’re probably familiar with the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” It’s true when it comes to real estate agents, too.

The more money you spend on your agent, the more service you’ll get in return. However, there are some ways that a less expensive real estate company can be worth its price tag.

So, before you decide on an agent, consider these pros and cons of hiring a full-service agency rather than working directly with someone else who does just one thing (like staging) or only advertises online — here are seven reasons why hiring a real estate company makes sense:


You can get access to the MLS.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a real estate company is that you can get access to the MLS, or Multiple Listing Services. The MLS is a database that contains all the houses for sale in your area.

When you work with a real estate agency, they can add your house for sale to this list so that potential buyers can see it and get in touch with you about purchasing it.

This can be extremely helpful because many people look at houses online before going out to see them in person.

They’ll help you prep and stage your home.

They’ll help you declutter your home and make sure it’s the best it can be to bring you the most money.

They’ll share with you how to clean and organize it so that potential buyers can walk into an appealing house. They may even suggest you paint your walls or help you stage the furniture in a particular way if desired.

You’ll get a comparative market analysis and know exactly how much your house is worth.

A professional real estate company will do an extensive comparative market analysis (CMA). They’ll look at other homes in the area that are like yours and give you a better idea of what yours is worth. You can use this information for when it’s time to sell or ask for repairs on your home.

  • You’ll know what to ask for your house, as well as what other houses in the area are selling for.

No one will know the market better than your local real estate agent (certified). Click here to find more info on real estate agents in your area.

They have the expertise to help you in negotiations.

An experienced real estate agent will have the skills and tools necessary to help you negotiate the best price possible for your home.

Negotiation is a skill that takes years to perfect, and it’s not something that every person can do well. As a seller, you want someone who has experience handling negotiations with buyers and sellers like yourself to represent you in your sale. If a buyer wants to pay less than what your house is worth, an expert auctioneer will be able to convince them otherwise.

They’ll handle tons of paperwork for you.

One thing that can make a big difference in how smoothly your house sale goes is if you hire a real estate company. They’ll handle tons of paperwork for you, including the following:

  • Documentation
  • Inspections
  • Appraisals
  • contracts

They can easily market your home to their network of other real estate agents and clients.

A good real estate company will have a network of real estate agents and clients who can easily view your home. This means that they have access to a database of potential buyers, and they can market the house to those people in different ways like social media or through their personal networks.

Not only that, but they also have information on companies and individuals to help with maintenance and repairs to get your house ready to sell.

Your agent will do a lot of things for you (like making phone calls and scheduling) that you may not know how to do or want to do.

If you’re like most people, you have a full-time job and a lot on your plate. You might not have time to do all the marketing yourself or even know where to start. Your agent will do a lot of things for you (like making phone calls and scheduling) that you may not know how to do or want to do.


Commission fees are high (typically around 6%) — but they’re negotiable.

But before you decide to hire one, there are a few things to consider. While many agents offer services that are included in their commission fee (like staging your home), some extras will cost extra money. And while the average commission fee is around 6%, it’s possible to negotiate this lower if you’re willing to do your research beforehand and ask for a discount.

Commission fees typically come out of any profit that the seller makes when they sell their house—so if you sell your home for $500k, expect to pay around 6% of that amount—$30k! If this seems like an exorbitant amount for something as simple as a real estate transaction, remember: It’s not just about getting rid of things; it’s about finding someone who wants them enough that they’re willing to pay what they’re worth!

Divided Attention

There are a lot of moving parts to selling a home—from finding a buyer to executing the deal, and then closing it.

A popular real estate agent may be quite busy with another client, and you may feel you’re not getting the attention your home requires.


If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s a good idea to get a real estate agent. They can help you get the most out of your sale and take some of the stress off your shoulders.

However, there are other options that might be more cost-effective for you — especially if all you need is someone who can list and market your house for sale on their own.

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