Just like with everything else, when it comes to colors, there are certain trends that every designer should follow if they want to be “in”. It’s all about being in or out. And it seems that one of the colors that has been very popular lately is – Aqua Color.

But what color is aqua? People seem to be a bit confused when it comes to the definition of this particular shade of blue. Some call it cyan, some define it as aquamarine color, and some call it teal turquoise.

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However, all of the colors named above are actually different shades of blue/green. However, today we are going to focus on color aqua and on how to best use it to get the most out of its calming beauty.

Although Emerald green has been named the color of the year by Pantone, many people still prefer aqua blue color and teal for decorating their personal spaces. Why is that so – one might ask, and there are actually many reasons for this color’s growing popularity.

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The color aqua is often associated with everything peaceful and calming, for example, the ocean, the clear skies, and our relaxing mother nature in general. It is only logical that people want to surround themselves with the color that makes them feel at peace and reduce the stress of our fast everyday lives.

When it comes to decorating our homes, there are many things that can be done to change the atmosphere surrounding us but even something as simple as painting our walls can do a lot for turning a house into a place that we call home.

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Aqua paint is one of the most popular colors at the moment among the interior designers and their clients and it is often used for the walls, painted furniture, accents, and even fabrics. From light aqua to dark teal, one can almost never go wrong with those pleasant shades of blue when decorating a home.

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One of the biggest pluses for these colors is the fact that they can be used all year long, as opposed to some of the colors that work well with certain seasons only. Depending on the colors you choose to combine your aqua colors with, you can create a beautifully balanced environment and enjoy your surroundings.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular color combinations for blue aqua and when we should use them.

Aqua Color & Red – A Timeless Combination

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People have been combining cyan color and red for ages now and it has become sort of a timeless combination.

Whether you prefer a bit more vintage look to your surroundings or you are a modern design fan, these two colors will work well together in both cases. Not only is the combination immediately eye-catching, but it is also very pleasant to look at.

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The reason for that is the way those two colors complement each other; they are very different but together, they create kind of a yin and yang effect and instead of clashing with each other, this combination brings out the best in both colors.

Aquatic Blue & Brown

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The combination of color cyan and brown represents water and earth, or even more specifically, sea and sand.

Choosing this color combination for a bedroom is always a good idea because it has a calming effect and radiates refreshing energy. So whether you choose this color combo for your bedroom walls or for the fabrics in it, you can’t go wrong with it.

The Right Palette

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Choosing the right color palette is the beginning of designing a pleasant and harmonious space where you will enjoy spending your time.

Choose different hues for different elements in your space, such as the windows, the walls, the furniture etc. and once you do, stay consistent to your choice, but also allow yourself being a bit playful and creative.

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Selecting, for example, the combination of aqua green color and brown doesn’t mean that everything in the room should be in those two colors only. Add various shades of those colors and add depth by incorporating black or white elements into the mix for a modern and edgy look.

If, on the other hand, you prefer casual and bright kind of mood in the room, consider combining intense aquas with creamy ivories and adding soft touches of lemon yellow, lime green, or bright orange.

Window Treatments

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If you decide to go for the blue-green paint colors combined with brown for your bedroom, you should also think about the best way to decorate your windows and give the whole room a bit of that additional wow-effect.

Adding nice and long, shiny drapes with aqua, brown, and white patterns or stripes will make your ceiling seem higher and help the room seem bigger as well as classy. Nice-looking bamboo shades could also be a fine touch to the room’s design if you install them underneath your draperies.

If you want a bit more tropical look and added privacy, installing wood blinds with 2-inch slats is the way to go, but choose white or ivory-colored wood rather than darker woods for that.

Furniture and Fittings

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When choosing your furniture, there are two things to keep in mind. First, always pick functional furniture that not only looks nice but also makes sense in the room and second, think about the colors that enhance your overall color scheme.

For aqua decoration, you don’t have to stick to shades of aqua only. Instead, choose white furniture with soft edges for a cottage-style bedroom, or coffee-colored pieces with sharp angles if you are looking for a more modern and edgy style.

Accessories and Lightning

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The accessories and lightning can completely change the atmosphere in a room – for better or for worse, depending on what you choose. However, when done right, these elements can really enhance the overall look of every room and add just the right touch to it.

A nice, sparkling chandelier will brighten up the room as well as the colors in it, especially if you incorporate aqua teal, turquoise teal, cyan, and brown patterns into the mix, for example, on fabrics such as draperies, duvets, carpets, and similar.

Consider adding little accessories such as candlesticks, pottery, and vases for a modern and classy look.

The Difference between Aqua, Teal, Turquoise, and Cyan

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Turquoise is one of those colors that everybody knows about yet many people have a problem defining exactly what color it is. What color is cyan? Is cyan the same color as aqua? Is aqua actually turquoise? Does anybody really know?

Let’s explain this once and for all.

So for starters, what is cyan? It is a group of blue-green tones – and aqua is one of them. Now, let’s talk teal vs cyan because those two names also seem to confuse people from time to time. Just like aqua, teal is a shade of cyan, although significantly darker than aquamarine.

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Talking about aquamarine, here is another common question: Is aqua color the same color as aquamarine? Yes, it is. Aquamarine is an aqua synonym and if you wonder what colors make aqua, just like with all colors in the cyan range, aqua is a mix of blue and green.

The last color name that seems to have us confused from time to time is turquoise. So what colors make turquoise? Is it the same thing as cyan?

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Well, in a way, it is. Just like aquamarine and teal, turquoise is one of the tones on the cyan palette. There are many others too, such as aero blue, Keppel, celeste, Crayola etc. It is all the same color family and they all have tones of blue and green in common.

FAQs about the aqua color in interior design

1. What is aqua color and what are its characteristics?

Aqua is a color that resembles the ocean or tropical waters. It is greenish-blue in hue. It is frequently characterized as relaxing, peaceful, and energizing. Aqua may be found in a variety of colors and tones to match any interior design plan, ranging from delicate and understated to vivid and aggressive.

2. What color schemes work well with aqua in interior design?

A variety of colors, such as white, cream, beige, gray, navy blue, coral, and yellow go well with aqua. Different moods and styles—from calm and minimalist to lively and eclectic—can be created by these pairings. In order to keep the aqua from overpowering the room, it is important to balance it with other colors and neutrals.

3. How can aqua be incorporated into a room’s decor without overwhelming the space?

Aqua may be used in a variety of ways to decorate a space, including accent walls, throw cushions, curtains, artwork, and area rugs. While using aqua in lesser doses can provide a bit of color and intrigue without overpowering the space, using aqua as a main point can produce a colorful and eye-catching design.

4. What types of furniture and accessories pair well with aqua in interior design?

Aqua may be used in a variety of ways to decorate a space, including accent walls, throw cushions, curtains, artwork, and area rugs. While using aqua in lesser doses can provide a bit of color and intrigue without overpowering the space, using aqua as a main point can produce a colorful and eye-catching design.

5. How does the lighting in a room affect the appearance of aqua?

Aqua can seem differently in different rooms depending on the lighting, which is a crucial component of interior design. Aqua can be made more vibrant by natural light, while a softer, more subdued look can be produced by warm artificial light. When picking aqua for interior design, it’s crucial to take the orientation of the room, the windows, and the lighting fixtures into account.

6. Can aqua be used in small spaces or should it be reserved for larger rooms?

Aqua may be utilized in both small and large spaces, but it must be balanced with other neutral hues to avoid overpowering the room. When used sparingly in smaller spaces, aqua may add coziness and warmth without making the space feel claustrophobic. Examples of this include accent pillows and wall art.

7. What are some popular accent colors to pair with aqua in interior design?

Coral, yellow, navy blue, gray, and white are common accent colors that go well with aqua. These hues can harmonize with aqua’s natural tones to provide a pleasing, well-balanced color palette. Designing a room with these colors in various patterns, textures, and materials may give it depth and appeal.

8. How can aqua be used to create a coastal or beachy feel in a room?

Aqua can be utilized to give a space a coastal or tropical atmosphere because it is frequently connected to the ocean and beachy settings. This look can be improved by mixing aqua with organic materials like rattan, driftwood, and seagrass, as well as beach-inspired decor like seashells, starfish, and other marine patterns.

9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when using aqua in interior design?

Overusing aqua in interior design is a common error to avoid as it can have an abrupt or overwhelming effect. To produce a unified and well-balanced color scheme, aqua should be paired with neutral hues and other accent colors. When picking aqua for interior design, it’s also crucial to take the room’s lighting, size, and direction into account.

10. Is aqua a versatile color that can work in various design styles, or is it limited to certain aesthetics?

The color aqua is adaptable and may be used well in a variety of design aesthetics, including traditional, modern, and bohemian. While its bright and strong versions can produce a more vibrant and lively environment, its soft and peaceful nature can add a sense of tranquility and relaxation to a space. When introducing aqua into interior design, it is crucial to take into account the other design components and the overall atmosphere of the space.

Ending thoughts on using the aqua color

Aqua blue paint seems to be the new “my favorite color”. People have been using it in interior design and decoration for ages and its popularity has never been bigger than today.

If you want to create a nice environment using aqua color, you should get familiar with colors that go with aqua, such as red and brown, and then let your creativity take care of the rest.

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