The use of windows as an architectural element allows us to create an intimate connection between the outside world and what happens inside the construction. Be it floor to ceiling windows or totally horizontal ones, these permeable components are the basis of an effective decoration.

A wall of windows reduces the use of lamps to create exquisite lighting, and due to the behavior of the sun, we can control the entrance of this natural light with just a little planning.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and seeing our living room and kitchen totally bathed in sunlight. Soft, not too hot or annoying, it’s perfect to have a vigorous day. We also have the reddish colors of the sunsets, which create a melancholic atmosphere, not possible with artificial decorations.

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Beyond the lighting provided by a window (and the entrance of fresh air), we must also consider the possible view it offers us. If we have, to give an example, the sea near our home, it is normal to want to appreciate it.

It will depend on us if we use floor to ceiling windows, ceiling windows, walls of windows or a mixture of all, but we must have some moderation and planning for their installation. These are some tips for their construction.

But first, let’s briefly analyze some of the pros and cons of using these massive windows.


  • The light that we obtain from this type of elements is the most important thing of them since they are fulfilling a function of wall and window.
  • The view is much greater than with traditional models, and we should consider it when decorating.
  • Such a large window creates the feeling of a larger room than it really is.


  • Privacy can be a major problem with such a large window. Although there are simple solutions such as the use of curtains or blinds.
  • A floor to ceiling window could represent a security problem since it is easier to use them as entrances.
  • If tempering is not adequate, the temperature will be a serious problem.

How to get the most out of any type of window in a room

Do not obstruct the window if possible

Image source: RKD Architects, Inc

This not only applies to floor to ceiling windows, in general, as long as we have a window, it is best to avoid obstructing it with unnecessary furniture.

If it is on a wall where you do not circulate, always try not to cover it with shelves or chairs. If you still will locate furniture in front of it, do it with a separation.

In case it is a window in a corridor, the best thing is not to cover it with anything. Let the natural light come in completely. Especially if it creates an area for walking as shown in the image below.

Consider how it looks from the outside

Image source: Gary Hutton Design

It is very important to keep in mind that if we place furniture in front of a floor to ceiling window, this will be seen from the outside. It may not seem like much, but the aesthetics will be greatly affected if, for example, we locate a desktop with many untidy cables.

Cary Tamarkin, founder and president of the architecture and real estate development Tamarkin Co., indicates that conceptually it could be a great idea, but in general, people do not use the appropriate furniture, which ends up impoverishing the facade.

The simple solution is not to place furniture facing the windows. However, if you cannot avoid it, then you must use one that allows you to hide those elements that do not contribute anything visually. An example could be a desk with compartments that allows hiding the cables of the electronic equipment that we use.

Make the most of the space between windows

Image source: Architectural Workshop. Photograph by Ed LaCasse

When installing floor to ceiling windows, it is normal that we have spaces between windows wider than with horizontal windows. Our furniture should be located in these spaces.

Additionally, there are other tricks that allow us to take more advantage of these large glass windows. For example, if we want to decorate and create the feeling of wider spaces, the ideal would be to use transparent furniture (glass) that creates great effects when the light passes through them.

In the case of rooms, never place a bed with the backrest attached to the window. In the first place, this is an insecure practice. Second, we would waste all the visual it offers to us. If you are bothered by the light they generate at certain times of the day, then consider the use of blinds (the vertical ones are the best for a luxury environment), but never place the bed with the “headboard” on them.

The lighting cannot be obstructed by each other

Image source: Restructure Studio

It may seem complicated, but if we have a house with big windows, you will notice that we have lost space on the walls that we could use to install wall lights. When our permeable elements are mostly floor to ceiling windows, we will opt for the use of lamps in the ceiling or with supports to the ground.

Use different colors to those given by the sun for artificial lighting. Test with different types of lamps. They can be large chandeliers or some smaller lamps along with the ceiling. Once we determine this, supplement them with the use of floor or table lamps.

The curtains are visually better than the blinds

Image source: Baxter Design Group

The amount of treatments we can use to cover floor to ceiling windows is very wide. The most common is the use of blinds, both horizontal and vertical. However, these are not the best solution.

The use of long curtains helps to harmonize the heaviness created by the large glass panels. Just think about it. We already have a large rigid element, and additionally, we install a blind that, beyond its shape, also consists of solid elements.

The curtains, on the contrary, is made of cloth, suppose a softer and more flexible element, which contrast very well with the windows. Additionally, it creates the sensation of depth thanks to the number of folds it has.

Ximena Rodriguez indicates, “even if the client does not seek additional privacy, sometimes we add curtains to the windows to create warmer spaces”. Rodriguez also recommends the use of curtains with transparent fabrics, since, in addition to giving privacy, they give an extra texture to the glass, as if it were a protective screen.

This protective screen not only generates an amazing visual effect but also protects our decoration from the sun, like furniture or the same floor, preventing them from burning.

A well-placed curtain also helps us to control the building temperature to some extent.

Dining room furniture should highlight the window, not overshadow it

Image source: Colette van den Thillart

In the case of having floor to ceiling windows in rooms like the dining room (or another place that we use explicitly to eat), the furniture should help users see all the glass.

The round tables allow us to locate more chairs in a direction that the visual is towards the windows. If we use a square table, we can always try to rotate it. The idea is that as many people have access to the sight.

We should avoid placing seats in the direction of the glass walls. If we do not have another option, use benches.

Furniture must respect the windows

Image source: Zone 4 Architects, LLC

With the view so imposing that create a house with lots of windows, is a sign that our decoration does not take advantage of it. People tend to stick the back of the furniture always to the walls, and this includes covering the windows.

When it comes to normal windows that go to the middle of the wall, there is no problem in placing something under them, but when we talk about floor to ceiling windows, we cannot afford this luxury.

Rodriguez indicates that in a home where the windows are so large, these should be the focal point, and all furniture must respond to them.

Place the furniture on the wall parallel to the windows, or, if we have a lot of space, in the center of the room, but always with a view towards them.

The function of the furniture in houses with many windows is to soften the coldness generated by the glass, but it must be done in moderation, not taking away the prominence of the visual.

A chair and a window to meditate in peace

Image source: Ariel Muller Designs

Not all buildings have the goodness of having a visual that astounds you. Generally, in the big cities, we will only see more buildings, and unless we are on an elevated floor, the view will be quite monotonous.

If in our case we have a landscape worthy of a painting, we must admire it. Locate a chair in the direction of the window and enjoy the visual that it offers to you. Do not use a cheap seat; get a comfortable one and let you experience the panorama to the fullest.

A personal recommendation is the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair, which will create a more fun and entertaining environment while adding personality to the moment.

We can always use artworks

Image source: KUBE architecture

Rodriguez tells us that the use of artworks is important in any space, whether or not it has large windows. The only thing that will change will be the distribution, but we will also have to place some that improve the environment.

If we do not have enough space to hang pictures, we can always opt for sculptures. Placing one of these slightly in front of the window will give a special highlight, especially when the sunlight illuminates it. Just be careful that it does not get ruined by receiving too much sun.

Do not cover the visual with the use of benches

Image source: Amber

We mentioned it before in the section of the dining room, but it is very important that we highlight the use of benches. Unlike the traditional seat, these do not obstruct the visual to our window, so we can place them without problems.

The use of a padded bench is recommended so that we enjoy maximum comfort when sitting. We could also use seats with lower drawers so that we store those things that we need more often.

A spectacular decoration should accompany our visual

Image source: FINNE Architects

Have floor to ceiling windows is already a wonderful decoration on its own. Visually they are impressive, but we must take care that the furniture that accompanies them gives them the importance they deserve. It does not matter what our final choice is, as it is almost certain that the result will be warm and luxurious.

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