Different from the norms of building design, innovative new buildings with sharp angles are more like works of art.

Deviating away from the traditional geometric components, these designs embrace bolder angles, moving architecture forward into new realms that those in the field will find most worthy of praise. Unusual and captivating, these kinds of sleek, ultra-modern buildings include variations that are crisply cutting-edge and brightly free-formed, demonstrate by their magnificence that the more daring and risk-taking the use of geometry, the more visually appealing it will be.

Moving as far from the mundane, practical, and pragmatic, these edifices composed of acute angles create a reaction in anyone who sees them.

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center

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New York architect Daniel Libeskind has completed a media centre for the City University of Hong Kong.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre houses laboratories, theatres, and classrooms for the school’s departments of computer engineering and media technology.

The Hague Municipal Office by Rudy Uytenhaak

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As a resultof the urban development plan for The Hague South West, the Escampdistrict of the city will experience a wave of renewal in the coming years. The main aim is to give the area a more varied and dynamic atmosphere.

Allandale House by William O’Brien Jr

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Allandale House is an A-frame(s) house for an idiosyncratic connoisseur and her family. Along with its occupants, the Allandale House also provides space for an eccentric collection of artifacts that resist straightforward classification. Wines, rare books, stuffed birds and an elk mount are among the relics on display in this small vacation house.

Nth Fitzroy House by AM Architecture

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Denver Art Museum by Studio Daniel Libeskind

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The Extension to the Denver Art Museum, The Frederic C. Hamilton Building, is an expansion and addition to the existing museum, designed by the Italian Architect Gio Ponti.

Inspired by the vitality and growth of Denver, the addition currently houses the Modern and Contemporary art collections as well as the collection of Oceanic and African Art.

Jansen Campus by Davide Macullo Architects

69682703423 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

The new Jansen Campus lies in the village of Oberriet, in the Rhine valley, one of the most industrialised areas of Switzerland.

Karuizawa Museum by Yasui Hideo Atelier

69682712435 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

tudio Libeskind’s extension to the Denver Art Museum is the Studio’s first building to reach completion in the USA.

Silhouetted against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Libeskind’s design consists of a series of geometric volumes inspired by the peaks and valleys of the mountain range.

A sharply angled cantilevered section juts across the street, pointing towards the existing Museum by Milanese architect Gio Ponti, which first opened in 1971.

MP09 Building by GS Architects

69682719811 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

Austrian firm GS Architects have completed this black cantilevered office building in Graz, Austria.

Called MP09 Black Panther, the building was designed as the headquarters for a company specialising in jewellery and spectacles, and includes a hotel, rentable office space, a shop and restaurant.

Oficina Vidre Negre by Damilano Studio Architects

69682737058 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

Striking architecture by GS Architects. The building was designed to be the new headquarters for Uniopt Pachleitner Group, an eyewear and jewellery company, based in Graz, Austria.

Connecting Riads Residential Complex by AQSO Arquitectos

69682678416 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

Defined by a continuous volume snaking around two semipublic courtyards, the Connecting Riads residential complex by AQSO Arquitectos adapts to the different conditions of the plot to combine a domestic and urban appearance.

Splice by Cadence Architects

69682750274 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

The Klein Bottle House by McBride Charles Ryan

69682765168 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

The Klein bottle is a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians. Klein bottle, mobius strips, boy surfaces, unique surfaces that while they may be distorted remain topologically the same. I.e. a donut will remain topologically a donut if you twist and distort it, it will only change topologically if it is cut.

The Perth Arena

69682775061 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

The Perth Arena is perhaps like the ancient Greek myth of the Trojan Horse – an object of desire, dragged into great triumph and allowed to bring its rampage of entertainment with it.

The Sovereign Pop Venue by de Architekten Cie

69682782714 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

The Sovereign pop venue is an icon for musical expression, situated at a prominent location in Hilversum. It lies within walking distance from the railway station, at a major crossroads in the inner-city road network, and is clearly visible from the train.

House Folded by ALPHAville Architects

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This is a 100m2 residence for a couple and their cats located in Osaka, Japan. The typical method for designing a house would assign rectangular rooms with specific functions and lay out them.

Such a design produces a series of rooms of similar size and causes monotonous spatial experiences. Our approach was to avoid the conventional design practice and to create a structurally rational but spatially heterogeneous house.

The Vanke Triple V Gallery

69682789470 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

Designed as a permanent show gallery and tourist information center for China’s largest developer Vanke, MOD’s dramatic design for the TRIPLE V GALLERY has become an icon along the Dong Jiang Bay coastline.

Titanic Belfast by Todd Architects

69682804376 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

The world’s largest ever Titanic-themed visitor attraction and Northern Ireland’s largest tourism project, Titanic Belfast is the result of a successful collaboration between the Concept Design Architects CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne & Associates and the Lead Consultant/Architect Todd Architects.

The Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture

69682797372 Architecture Showcase: Buildings With Sharp Angles

A home in Rhodes of environmentally sustainable design in which contemporary architecture dialogues with the landscape. The materials and forms used in the project are inspired by the surrounding landscape and the history of the place.

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