The overall look of your bathroom will depend on the bathroom color scheme that you choose. You will need to consider the kind of look that want to achieve not just the color of your tub or cabinets.

Do you want light colors or dark colors? The choice is yours but do take into consideration the bathroom paint colors on your walls and the color of your décor.

Take everything in baby steps. Figure out the mood that you want to set in your bathroom relaxing, trendy, or bold and colorful. Once you have this figured out then you can move to the next step.

One of the hardest-working rooms in a house is the bathroom. Choose the best bathroom colors to set the mood for you, your family and guest.

Setting the mood in the bathroom can be very important regardless of the type of bathroom that it is. So, choose colors that will put you in a great mood.


Image source: OLSON LEWIS + Architects

Before choosing your small bathroom paint colors, take into consideration the amount of natural light that will be coming into the space. If there is little to no light coming in then you will want to choose light colors to paint the walls. This will help to open up the space. Dark colors make a space feel small and cramped.

Half bath

Image source: SDH Studio – Architecture and Design

Since your guests are typically the ones to use your half baths or powder rooms, you will want your design to be well put together but not overwhelming. Depending on your style you could go with a more traditional feel in this room.

Black and white in here will feel open, sleek and well put together. You can always add a pop of color to break it up and have it look amazing. You could go with several different color palettes to keep everything looking stylish.

Some combination of colors are brown and turquoise or lavender or you could go with rich colors and touches of tan. This is also a great place to give neutral bathroom colors. The world of color is open for the picking in this room.

Family used bathroom/ kid’s bathrooms

Image source: Dick Clark + Associates

Some popular bathroom colors for this room are yellow, red, or sky blue. You will want to use bright colors in this bathroom. The kids will love it and so will your overnight guest. It will be a fun energetic room to get ready in the mornings.

If your taste does not lie with bright colors maybe, consider something in light to mid pastel or just paint one wall in a bright color. Also, remember to keep the ceiling and trim white to keep from overwhelming the space. This will also keep this room fun and airy.

Master bathroom

Image source: Krista + Home Design

You will want to create a spa-like retreat in this bathroom so, you will have a relaxing space to come to at the end of a long day. Choose your bathroom wall colors in a soothing and relaxing color.

Some good bathroom colors to create this effect are a hazy green or blues like the ocean or a silver color. These colors will give you that tranquil feeling that you are looking for in your master retreat.

Bathroom door

Image source: Prime 1 Builders

According to Feng Shui, the bathroom should not be seen when you first enter a house. If it is this way it will cause diseases and the family to have bad luck. You can place a screen between the front door and bathroom if your house is set up this way.

It shouldn’t face the kitchen either. It is believed in Feng Shui that if your bathroom door faces the kitchen then the germs and foul smell will go into the kitchen and cause stomach issues for the people in the house. A solution for this is to hang a curtain or place green plants between the two areas.

If the bathroom door faces the dining room, it will mess with the harmony of the family and their health.

The bathroom door can not face the bedroom or the head of the bed.  If, it does it will cause illness to whoever’s bedroom it is, especially women.

Where it is located

Image source: Clay Construction Inc.

The location of the bathroom should not be in the center of the house because the foul smell will spread throughout the house. This will lead to illnesses, such as cardiovascular and abdominal disease.

Some solutions for this is to hang a curtain on the bathroom door and hang a string of five-emperor, six-emperor or ten-emperor coins against the evil spirit.  You can, also, put an uncovered cup of coarse salt or air purification items in the bathroom.

The bathroom should not be close to the entrance door. This will cause you to suffer unexpected personal financial issues. It can, also, make your family members argue a lot.

If the bathroom is at the immediate left or right of the entrance. It will cause the God of Wealth to leave when he smells the odor. If your house is set up this way, you can hang a curtain or put green plants between the two.

If there is not a window in the bathroom, it should not be located at the end of the interior hallway. This will cause the bad smell and moisture to be harmful to your health. If the bathroom does not have a window, it should be located on one side of the hall.

The bedroom should not have a bathroom. If it does, the bathroom should be well ventilated.

The wall between the bathroom and other rooms should not be made of glass. This may lead to problems in the marriage.

The bathroom changed into a bedroom or dining room.

Inside your house, the bathroom should not face the altar or Buddha’s picture or statue.

The inside of the bathroom

Image source: Affinity Construction Group

In the bathroom, the toilet, bathtub, and sink should be in a closed off location.

The bathroom door should not face the toilet or the mirror.

The toilet and the mirror should not look at each other. A toilet is a place is where you purge bodily waste, you don’t need to look in the mirror when using it. A great layout is that you can not see the toilet from the mirror or the mirror from the toilet.

There should be a window in the bathroom which you will open to ventilate and so that it isn’t dark in there.  This way the foul odor and moisture can go outside and keep the bathroom dry and smelling fresh. If there is no window in the bathroom, put a green plant or incense in there.

The bathroom should not have moisture in it. The room should be clean and dry. You should keep water off the floor and clean the toilet on a regular basis.Since there will be no moisture in the bathroom, this will bring the family good luck and sweep away the evil spirit.

Bathroom colors ideas

Image source: Phi Builders + Architects

The bathroom is full of Yin and lacking Yang, for this reason, avoid using dark colors in here.  Bathroom tile colors should be red, orange or yellow, stay away from the grey, black, and blue tiles.

Make your small bathroom appear larger

Image source: Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes

Small bathrooms can be a problem for all of us. We are limited by the amount of space we have, there is no room for expansion.

Small bathroom colors are a  great, simple, and cheap way to make your bathroom seem larger. The best way to spruce up your small bathroom is with paint. You want to use light colors because dark colors make a room feel small.

If you want to give your small bathroom, a master’s feel, check out our painting tips.

 Light Colors

Image source: Nicolás Fotografía

For the appearance of a larger bathroom use light colors. Some would argue that all white would be the best choice but that argument could go on forever.

The optical illusion is what this whole article is about. To make a space feel open and airy use light and bright colors. Light and bright colors will increase the effect of natural light. Here are some paint colors to consider:

  • White
  • Pearl Gray
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Aqua

 Same Tone

Image source: Glenda Roff

You do not have to have the bathroom be all the same color to make it appear larger. However, to feel like the master bathroom, you deserve,  keep the colors in the same tone.

Do not paint your walls in a light color and then install dark tiles on the floor and in the shower. If you do this, it will show how small your bathroom really is. Staying with the same tones will make your bathroom feel open and airy.

Tile Color & Wall Color

Image source: Blueline Custom Builders

If you don’t want the same tone on the walls and tile, just blend the shower tile and the wall color. This will make your room feel like one big space.

For instance, painting the wall a dark color and using white tile in the shower will make your bathroom feel like two different spaces. If you have ceramic tile installed in your bathroom, there is no need to replace it. You can just paint over it.

Ceiling and wall colors

Image source: DesignHaus

Just like the other tips that are given, you want to paint the ceiling and walls in the same bright color.

Small bathrooms usually have short ceilings and this can create a problem. Dark colors on the ceiling will make it appear lower than it is. Do not paint your ceiling white if the walls aren’t white.  By using the same color on the ceiling and walls will help the flow of the room, giving the appearance of a larger bathroom.

Bathroom colors: Vertical Stripes

Image source: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

If your bathroom is wide but short this can make it feel cramped. If the bathroom is tall but not wide, it will feel cluttered.Paint vertical stripes on the wall to make your short bathroom appear taller.

Paint colors help guide the eye throughout the room. Vertical stripes will make you look up and around and makes the room feel larger. Stick to the same color palette as the rest of the room, too much contrast is not a good decorating style.

Bathroom colors: Horizontal Stripes

Image source: Anthemion Architecture LLC

If your space is tall put very spacious, try painting horizontal stripes. You guessed it, this will make the room seem wider and more spacious. With horizontal stripes, you are directing your eyes around the room.

 Doors, Windows, and Molding

Image source: Jim Deen/Kitchen Kraft

Light colors should also be used on doors, windows, and molding. Paint these areas a lighter color than the color on your bathroom wall. Light colors on these bathroom fixtures will make the wall seem farther back, which will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

 Unexpected Accents

Image source: Michael Tauber Architecture

The same colors may seem boring, so let’s spruce things up by adding a pop of color. You can add pops of color with your accessories like bathmats, shower curtains, and towels.

Accent Wall

Image source: Anderson Design Studio

Use modern bathroom colors to paint an accent wall. This will really make the room stand out. Although, you don’t want to go as far as black but choose something bold. Make sure it is a color that speaks to you. Just make sure it blends well with the rest of the colors in the bathroom.

Bathroom cabinets

Image source: RLH Studio

Bathroom cabinet colors will need to complement the color scheme that you have chosen. If you don’t want to purchase all new cabinets but they don’t match your colors, simple sand an repaint them to match. This will save you money.

You won’t have to buy all new cabinets just to get them to match. Also, try adding new hardware to the drawers and doors, this will help spruce things up. Go a shade or two lighter or darker on your cabinets. Don’t forget about the countertops, these need to match as well.

More Tricks

Image source: 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

Here are a few more tricks to help trick the eye.

  • Paint the short walls a shade lighter than the tall walls.
  • Extend the color of the ceiling down the wall about 14 inches.
  • Use an arch design to make the ceilings appear taller.
  • Make your accent wall a mural.
  • Use paint cards to help choose your paint colors.
  • Choose the color of paint in the same room you will be painting.

Don’t let space or money keep you away from making your bathroom appear larger. Use these tips to make any bathroom into that relaxing,spa-like bathroom of your dreams.

Ending thoughts on using certain bathroom colors

A fresh coat of paint in the colors of your choice is a great way to finish any renovation job. Color enhances the tone of the room. Using color is a great way to express your style in any room. Always remember to clean, sand and prime before painting anything.

Doing these things will give you the best results, a smooth and clean finish. Also, remember paint isn’t the only way to add color to your bathroom.

You can use accessories bathmats, toothbrush holder, and shower curtains to add that pop of color that you are wanting. No matter what you do make sure the colors match and are well blended. In the world of color, the world is yours for the choosing.

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