Many people, because of its peaceful and scenic attraction, love the ocean.

This is why this beach theme is incorporated into many interiors, for example setting up bedrooms with beach décor, or coastal décor.

If you are interested in creating the same effect, here are some beach bedroom ideas.

Defining beach design

When it comes to designing a beach theme bedroom, one should keep in mind that it should have a peaceful and relaxing vibe, should contain coastal colors with timeworn furniture, and other beach-related things, like waves, beach sports, sea decoration etc.

Beach feel

Image source: Geoff Chick & Associates

When designing a beach themed bedroom, the only thing to keep in mind should be that the room should have a relaxing, peaceful and casual feel, with cool and calming colors to add more to the beach design.

The type of wood to use

Image source: Smith Firestone Associates

When picking the perfect type of wood for a coastal bedroom, distressed and worn out wood would be the best, with mismatching furniture. There is no need for a beach theme bedroom to have shiny wood furniture.

Natural element

Beach bedroom ideas could also revolve around creating a more nature-friendly environment so some DIY beach décor can be used, along with putting various plants, and other natural elements to give it a more natural feel.

Wall color

Image source: SAGA Construction & Development

Mainly, a beach themed bedroom contains light colors, to give a more relaxing feel, but if you want to deviate from the mainstream, you can pick darker tones as well.

Color schemes

Usually, when selecting the perfect color scheme for an ocean themed bedroom, people opt for a watery effect, with green-blue sea foam as well, and using tan sandy colors to emphasize the beach and using a lot of white.

Beach bedrooms for teenagers

Image source: Insidesign

A beach themed bedroom could also be perfect for teenagers as the beach décor could also revolve around the surfer vibe, which will give the room a more boyish feel, perfect for teenagers.


As the focus is to create beachy bedrooms, many people also make use of special sea decorations to make the concept feel more real, for example, the use of shells and seagrass is highly common in beach bedroom ideas

Making a gallery wall

Image source: Smith Firestone Associates

If you want to give your room an even beachier feel, you can dedicate a wall to ocean life and put up all sorts of beach décor and seaside decoration.

Making your own beachy dresser

If you wish to create a beachy themed dresser but cannot afford to buy one, you can make one yourself by purchasing a secondhand dresser, and decorating it with beach décor, like shells etc. This will not only look good but will also add to the beachy vibe, as the secondhand dresser will already be worn out.

Decorating style

Image source: Blue Ocean Design

When it comes to finding the perfect decorating style, shabby chic would be the perfect match as it depends upon casual designs and worn out furniture.

Beach nursery

Many parents also like to create a beach themed nursery for their children as it is relaxing and calming and may be good for a baby’s room. It can also add to the sophistication element to the baby’s room.

Neutral colors

Image source: SAGA Construction & Development

When selecting the perfect color for your beach themed bedroom, many people opt for blue, however, it the beachy vibe can also be emphasized through cream whites, sandy tan colors as well as light greys to lighten up the room.

Hanging up netting

If you wish to give your room an even more beachy feel, you can hang up a net and attach some shells to it in order to make it look like a fishing net. You can either purchase one or dye some rope and make it yourself.

Using dark furniture in a beach themed bedroom

Image source: Pinemar, Inc

If you wish to add dark furniture into your beach themed bedroom, instead of lightly worn out furniture, that is also acceptable as the dark color of the furniture will contrast against the light painted walls and give a very sophisticated vibe.

Sand bottle decoration

If you travel a lot and want to give your room a more creative addition as well as keep track of your travels, you can use this DIY beach décor idea, simply when you travel, collect some sand from the beaches you visit and collect them. You can decorate them and add ribbons to remember the location.

Making use of grey

Image source: Seamar Construction Group

Just like on the beach, not every day is sunny; there are dark, cloudy, grey days, you can add the same effect to your room by adding grey artwork or by painting your walls a shade of grey.

Wooden paneling

When it comes to wood paneling, any color would be acceptable. You can choose from a wide variety of blues, whites, greys and even light sandy browns. If you think it is a little too much, however, you can choose only one accent wall at the head of the bed.

Cottage bedroom

Image source: Cottage company

A lot of people combine a cottage décor design with beach décor and it works splendidly, if you are a countryside admirer, look no further to add the effect to your bedroom to create rustic beachy décor.

Adding a romantic touch

You can even add a romantic touch to your bedroom by adding lighting accordingly, or by draping a canopy against your bed.

Making a seashell shadow box

Image source: Spinnaker Development

Another addition to beach bedroom ideas could be a shadowbox, you can add many different things that you would want to display on the wall of your bedroom, you can show different shells, and decorate it according to your room.

Bedrooms and preteens

When thinking of a theme for a preteen boy, a beach themed bedroom is an amazing idea as it would be very neutral as well as would require less effort, and result in a happy preteen and a sophisticated looking beach bedroom.


Image source: The Good Home – Interiors & Design

If you wish to add a more beachy atmosphere to your room, look no further than beach theme artwork, this can include anything, ranging from paintings to wall hangings like fishing nets etc.

Thinking outside of the box

In order to create a bedroom that is eclectic, anything can be added to your coastal décor theme, this can range from a driftwood piece or fishing weight or even beach glass.

Being subtle

Image source: Wayne Windham Architect

Although most beach themed bedrooms are based around the concept of using blues, greys and tan shades, it is not compulsory, you can add to the beachy effect in many other ways apart from beach theme colors.

Beach bedroom for girls

If you have a surfer daughter, a beach themed bedroom would be perfect for her to express her passion for surfing and add to her growth as a person.

Porch ideas

Image source: Colonial Reproductions

In order to add to the coastal home décor of your house, you can add beach décor to your porch. By using wicker baskets and warm cozy rugs, you can give it a more homey feel as well as plan your house according to the rustic beach décor idea.

Creating a shipshape bathroom

You can also add a beachy theme to your bathrooms, by inserting a soaking tub for example, with beach décor in the bathroom.

Picking the right materials

Image source: Decker Ross Interiors

In order to pick the right materials for your beach house interior, choose materials that will be able to withstand water and humidity in the summer.

Perfecting the guest bedroom

In order to create a nice beach themed guest room, you can install the curtains high and make the room seem breezy. You can also put the lighting accordingly and make the room seem brighter and more open.

Using souvenirs

Image source: Rooms & Gardens

Be sure to collect many different items from the beach the next time you visit in order to give your home a more real and authentic beach theme. You can collect various pieces of glass, pebbles, shells, etc. You can even add pieces of coral.


One of the main features of a beach theme is the lighting. There is soft lighting in order to give a calmer and more relaxing feel. You should also look into having more windows to allow natural light to flow in give the room a more airy and natural aura.

Picking colors

Image source: A.D.S. Designs

When picking colors for a beach theme, you should take into account shades such as blues, greys, whites and sandy tans. You can start by adding neutral colors to your palette, and then add darker colors to make your room pop. For example, using neutral shades on your walls and placing darker furniture can give your room a sophisticated look.

Adding rawness

In order to give your home a more beach theme, you can visit a nearby beach and collect pebbles, glass, shells, etc. You can also purchase lifebuoys and add to a more authentic beach feel. When it comes to furniture, you can use old wooden furniture and decorate it with beach décor to give it more depth.

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