In this guide, we will answer the question of what the best vinyl plank flooring brands are, and why they are the best.

Vinyl flooring is quite different from other flooring types, as it’s very affordable. That is not its only advantage! It’s also durable, easy to install, and easy to clean and maintain. Manufacturers are coming up with new techniques that can make vinyl floors look authentic and appealing.

But the question remains. How do you decide which brand is the right one for you? We created a comprehensive list of the best vinyl plank flooring brands on the market. We hope that this will make your job a little easier!

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Plank Flooring for You

Vinyl-Plank-Flooring The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

If you are looking to install new floors, explore vinyl plank flooring. It looks just like real wood and the price is significantly lower. Some vinyl plank floors are locked together. That allows you to complete the installation yourself.

LVF (Luxury Vinyl Flooring) offers other designs besides wood too. You can choose stone, graphic patters, block colors, and unusual textures like mosaic pebbles and indented steel panels.

Floating floor installation is quite common with vinyl planks. The difference between vinyl and other flooring types is that vinyl is a less permanent solution. It is the perfect choice for a home where you will not live long-term. At the same time, it is still aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Even among the different types of vinyl, there are different price points. What separates high-qualify vinyl from inexpensive vinyl are thickness, core, wear layer, quality of register embossing, and visual layer.

You’ll be able to identify the better brands. They usually have a bigger selection, better reputation and reviews, higher longevity and warranty. Keep these criteria in mind when picking the best vinyl plank flooring for your home or office.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Vinyl Flooring

LVP flooring comes with an overwhelming number of options. It might be hard to settle on one. Follow the tips below to choose the highest-quality vinyl planks.

The wear layer

Client-Modin-Vinyl-Plank-Installs-Barin-by-Flooret The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)
Image source: Flooret

The wear layer protects your floor from scratches, dents, and stains. That is especially important if you have pets or little children. Obviously, the thicker the better.

Topcoat material

Some floors are more durable than others. The topcoat plays a big part in that.


Tranquility-Rustic-Acacia-Vinyl-Wood-Plank-by-LL-Flooring The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)Image source: LL Flooring

As the popularity of vinyl planks increases, manufacturers are starting to offer vinyl tile moldings and edgings. You can now pick your perfect finish!

Thickness gauge

The thickness of your tiles or planks is very important. Especially so if you are using different flooring types in different rooms. While this detail could go unnoticed, sometimes there is a mismatch in the doorway. Try to make sure the vinyl is as thick as the other flooring materials in the house.


5mm-Glacier-Marble-Engineered-Vinyl-Plank-EVP-Flooring-by-LL-Flooring The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)Image source: LL Flooring

Your vinyl floor needs to get used to your house before you get to the installation process. Much like hardwood, vinyl can expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity in the house.

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands


Congoleum The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Congoleum’s Timeless collection offers waterproof planks. Some of the other lines include Triversa, Structure, Impact, and Endurance. They all offer unique colors and designs.

Triversa focuses on the natural wood look. If you’re looking for something realistic and authentic, this is the one for you. The wood looks include Acacia, Applewood, Elmwood, and Oak.

Structure features more exotic looks, such as Barn in Aspen White and Bear Cub. Structure flooring is quiet, dependable, and tough.

Impact offers more subtle looks, such as Highlands Kilmarnock Sage and Highlands White Wisp. You will find a wide variety of floors that look like exotic woods in a glue-down format.

Endurance is the simplest line. It offers realistic and rustic wood-looking floors. It tries to imitate traditional woods like Oak and Maple.


shaw-2 The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Shaw has a wide variety of vinyl plank floors. You can find anything from average quality vinyl at friendly prices, to the best premium LVP with long warranties.

The majority, however, is comprised of upper-end luxury vinyl planks. If you’re interested, you will find some unusual and unique pieces from Shaw. Floorigami, for example, is a long and narrow vinyl carpet plank. There are not many brands that offer that just yet.

Shaw is not suitable for low-budget home improvement. Everything the brand carries is a bit more expensive, though you can find mid-range prices too. Shaw is a household name with an outstanding reputation, so you can expect great quality!

One way to determine if the vinyl is good or not is to check the thickness. As you already know, the thicker the better. All of Shaw’s planks are at least 5mm thick. Most of them are even thicker.

Karndean Korlok

karndean The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

This UK brand was established only 40 years ago. Over the years, it has become a worldwide manufacturer. It was also one of the first luxury vinyl tile manufacturers in the world. The brand specializes in both commercial and residential flooring.

You will find an extensive range of LVT at Karndean Korlok. The brand even offers unique options like Galician Quartz pebble mosaic tiles. On top of that, you can add decorative strips, borders, or medallions to your order.

If none of the flooring options appeal to you, you can customize your flooring and make it your own. The brand offers a 20-year warranty on some products.

The Korlok line features large planks that are up to 9” wide. The brand’s LVP floors are waterproof and scratch-resistant. They also come with attached foam padding and a lifetime warranty. Whether you have messy kids or pets, you no longer need to worry about ruining your floors!

Korlok floors are very easily installed using the Karndean vertical clock locking system.


coretec The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

COREtec is not very well-known among those who are not flooring experts. Professionals love it though. You can buy COREtec flooring online or in flooring stores. All the materials are made by US Floors. The brand’s price policy is quite different from other brands. Mid-priced floors are the cheapest the brand can offer. The expensive floors are significantly more expensive than other brands.

The brand has two lines with different construction technologies. The two are called COREtec Plus and COREtec Pro and have varieties such as COREtec Plus HD and so on.

Planks and tiles come in the form of floating floors, as well as floors that can be glued down.

COREtec Plus is the original line with a WPC core. The flooring is reinforced with limestone for added stability and strength.

COREtec Plus HD, Design, and Premium lines feature the best luxury vinyl planks. The price exceeds $6 per square foot for the best styles.

COREtec Pro comes with a compressed polymer and vinyl core. The flooring is highly waterproof. So much so, that it will even survive a short flood.


NuCore The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

NuCore offers some of the classiest flooring variants. The products are in the affordable luxury range. Other brands that offer the same quality tend to charge more. What helps keep the prices to the minimum is the limited availability of the products. Getting your hands on some NuCore vinyl won’t be easy!

The brand offers good value for money. The flooring is very family-friendly. The majority of the options look like wood, with some tiles looking like stone. Most planks are embossed, which gives them their textured and authentic look. The floors are extra quiet because of the pre-attached cork underlayment.

NuCore’s quality cannot be compared to COREtec or Mohawk. However, the brand has a good assortment of 100 styles and colors. You can get NuCore flooring from the Floor & Decor brick and mortar store, or order it online from the brand’s official website.

Forbo Allura

forbe-allura The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Forbo Allura is best known for its commercial flooring. The commercial LVT range is very good. The Allura range consists of classic and alternative designs, with some unique and different styles.

The brand has a great range of residential LVT too! Most of them are classic looks with outstanding quality and an amazing feel to them.

You can find some basic wood styles imitating Oak, Pine, Cherry, and Beech. Mixing dark and light-colored planks can create an interesting look.

The brand is originally based in the UK, but it is also available in the US.

Armstrong Luxe Planks

Armstrong-Luxe-Planks The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Armstrong offers some of the best vinyl wood plank flooring on the market. Armstrong’s vinyl floor looks just like real hardwood. It is gorgeous and will last you much longer than real hardwood with proper maintenance and regular cleaning.

The brand offers 108 species of luxury vinyl planks. It’s very easy to choose the right category for you with the brand’s Good, Better, and Best lines of products. All you have to do is decide on a budget.

Maple, Oak, Walnut, and Jatoba are frequently imitated in Armstrong’s flooring. The Luxe category features trendy wood treatments, such as weathered barn. You will also find exotic wood-looking floors, like Amendoim (commonly referred to as Brazilian Oak).

Mohawk SolidTech

mohawk-3 The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Mohawk is an industry giant and a major flooring company. Naturally, it has a huge selection of vinyl plank flooring too.

You will find over 200 styles in traditional wood looks, as well as stone and tile looks. There is something for everyone. Even if you have the highest demands and unique preferences, Mohawk will have your perfect flooring.

There are many glue-down and floating flooring lines the brand carries. Prices and quality range from low to high, so there’s something for everyone’s wallet.

The floating floor lines are called UniClic. This refers to the special interlocking technology that doesn’t require glue.

Cali Vinyl Pro and Plus

Cali-Vinyl-Pro-and-Plus The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Cali Bamboo is not a famous brand, but it’s worth your time. The brand offers high-quality products at friendly prices. Cali Bamboo has been around for over 15 years, but it just started manufacturing LVP flooring very recently.

The brand offers a great mix of quality and value. Cali Bamboo was founded in 2004, and it’s really grown since. The company started with bamboo flooring, as the name suggests, and expanded to LVP in 2016.

Lumber Liquidators Tranquility

lumber The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Lumber Liquidators is a discount flooring distributor. The brand has mixed reviews, and some customers have reported being rather disappointed with the quality. However, some of the luxury vinyl offered there is very impressive. Some floors have 20mm wear layers that are 5mm thick.

In short, you can find good deals there! Do your research first, because not all vinyl planks are high-quality.

If you’re very careful when it comes to VOC, then we suggest you avoid this brand. Lumber Liquidators’ flooring often has formaldehyde and phthalates.

Pergo Extreme

Pergo-Extreme The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Pergo is famous for its laminate flooring. That’s not all though, because it also offers hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

Pergo’s rigid core vinyl is called Pergo Extreme. There are 4 collections overall. Pergo’s LVP is 100% waterproof, kid and pet friendly, and dent resistant. As you can see the brand offers very durable flooring.


FlooretModin The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Flooret is not a popular brand like some others on this list, but it has a big satisfied customer base. The brand features 5 styles and 49 colours of planks.

Its vinyl plank boards are waterproof and scratch-resistant. The wear layers range from 30 to 40mm. The planks are made with a UV and ceramic-bead top coat. If you order flooring from Flooret, it will be installed as a floating floor.

Pro tip: check the website for discounts and special offers.

Mannington Adura Rigid Plank

Mannington-Adura-Rigid-Plank The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands You Need to Know About (Answered)

Mannington is a household brand when it comes to LVP flooring. Its Adura luxury vinyl plank is the most popular flooring type. It is specifically designed to look rough, like real wood. It will give your home a vintage look.

Mannington is a traditional brand that has shown its dedication to quality over time.

The dimensions of the planks in question are 4” by 36”, and they are at least 4mm thick. Choose one of the replicas of the basic wood species, such as oak, teak, and maple. This is a great option for a moderately priced renovation.

Ending thoughts on the best vinyl flooring brands

Now that you know a little bit more about vinyl flooring, you should be able to decide whether you want to go through with it. If you choose to get some vinyl floors, you now have a better overview of the best brands and their products.

Manufacturers are doing their best to give you an amazing flooring experience. You no longer need to spend lots of money to get the hardwood look. Vinyl looks just as authentic!

Quality is a key player when it comes to vinyl flooring, so do your research! Don’t buy without seeing and touching the floor yourself.

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