Our bedrooms are the comfiest and coziest rooms we have at home, which is why we always put in some extra efforts to make them look nice. Our key concern is always the bed, which should be produced using quality materials that can genuinely help us rest.

Most beds nowadays also come with headboards that underline the elegant and contemporary design of the bedroom.

Our key concern is always the bed, which should be produced using quality materials that can genuinely help us rest. Most beds nowadays also come with headboards that underline the elegant and contemporary design of the bedroom.

Image-1 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Sharp Design

Headboards, nevertheless, don’t only make our bedrooms prettier, but they also have a practical and functional value. Thanks to the idea of turning headboards into storage units, buyers are now overwhelmed with DIY bookcase headboards, homemade headboards, and bookshelf bed ideas, depending on how they want the room to look.

The best part of the process is that DIY storage headboards are not difficult to make, and it takes just a small dose of creativity to turn them into unique masterpieces.

The most popular among them (and the easiest to make) are standard bookshelf headboards, as the only thing you need to do is to push the bed against a regular bookshelf strategically placed next to the wall. The result will be amazingly beautiful, and you’ll still get to store all of your accessories and books.

Functional shelf headboards that look well in all types of bedrooms

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Image source: Izen Architecture

Both a ready-to-use and a DIY headboard with shelves will be a good idea for your bedroom, as small/big or specific as it is. The market offers such in all colors, sizes, and fabrics, but in case you’re really challenged to find one that matches the bed, you can always make way for your imagination and create something unique.

How will a bookshelf headboard help you? As organized as we may be, we always need extra space to arrange our book collections, display our memorabilia and family photos, or simply place accessories where they’re easy to reach.

Image-6 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Bromley Caldari Architects PC

There are no rules to as how you should design your headboard – it will look perfect inspired by your wallpapers, or adjusted to your mirrors, large windows, or rustic wooden panels! Feel free to experiment as much as you want, especially if your partner’s taste is as extravagant as yours.

Image-7 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Lana Lounsbury Interiors

As we mentioned, headboards come in all sizes and types, and are built of many different materials. A little research on the web will also help those interested to design the hallmark themselves, and give the bedroom the memorable statement it deserves.

In order to help you make the right choice, we selected some of world’s best inbuilt headboards that may be exactly what your bedroom needs!

Headboards made of recycled materials

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Image source: Visbeen

The thing with headboards is that even with money and imagination running short you still get to beautify the bedroom with a cool one. Your headboard will look amazing even when made from some of these recycled materials:

  • Salvaged wood slats
  • Book walls
  • Bamboo poles
  • Flooring material leftovers
  • Old window frames and doors

If your idea was to look for something more contemporary, you can still use old wooden slats (sanded or whitewashed) as long as their rustic appeal and roughness are removed. In order to achieve an asymmetric effect, you can offset the headboard or use several pieces instead of a single one.

Cubbies and shelves

Image-4 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

How does the Murphy bed idea sound? Use custom cubbies to form a unique headboard for your bed, and mix closed and open storage to choose the items you want to display. Make sure the headboard area is painted neutrally, so that the headboard would be more effective, and the whole setting won’t be overwhelming.

Classic headboards

Image-8 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: JSH Designs

Traditional homes with classic styled dormitories will benefit from a formal headboard, which is also a good idea for kids rooms and guest bedrooms.

Whole-wall headboards

Image-9 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Laura Britt Design

Passionate readers looking to accommodate large book collections deserve more than a single shelve. Instead, they can stretch the headboard bookcase on the entire wall, or hang several cure cubbies around the bed to categorize your books.

Up-to-date headboards

Image-10 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Contemporary Bedroom

If you’ve chosen to design a contemporary home and selected the appropriate pieces of furniture, your headboard must be just as outstanding as the rest of the elements. In similar settings, headboards are used to display art and memorabilia, but as long as you pick the right accents and decal, you can use them to accommodate books.

Simple headboards

Image-11 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Contemporary Headboard

For a not-that-complicated look, mount few floating shelves over the bed, and decorate modestly with art and framed photos. These solutions are particularly recommended in small and darker rooms, as they make the place look lighter and more open.

DIY creative headboards

Image-12 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Hendel Homes

Instead of choosing the simplest option and mounting several bookshelves, you can always use the headboard concept to showcase your style and personality, and therefore combine all custom-designed units and styles you like.

Half-wall headboards

Image-13 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Damon Liss Design

Not everything about limited space is bad – owners of studios and small apartments invested some extra thinking in their comfort, and separated their bedrooms from the rest of the apartment with a half-wall to make it look more spacious.

What is even cooler is that they decided to use the half-wall as their headboard, where they placed a carafe and several books. Loft dwellers could also benefit from a look like this.

Artistic headboards

Image-14 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Gina Roberts-Wagner

Creative and talented homeowners are invited to play with fabrics and colors, combine different pieces into striking compositions, and using their headboards as genuine pieces of art instead of displaying such on them. This way, you will have a headboard that will attract attention regardless of how styles and trends are changing.

How to choose the right bookcase?

Choosing a bookcase for your bedroom can be one of the most exciting furniture choosing experiences, as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for. What you need to know in advance is the size, color, and material that would correspond to your bedroom and the hunt for the perfect piece can begin.

Luckily, the market offers a variety of solutions for you to find one that will match your personality. The process of getting it may take some time and research, but it will be totally worth it!

How to begin?

Choose the appropriate material

Image-5 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Natasha Barrault Design

Bookcases are made of all possible materials, including metal and solid wood veneers. The most commonly used material is plywood, as it looks nice, and it is also durable and cost-effective. For a sturdier bookcase, consider materials such as metals (stainless steel, iron, and so on), or hardwood pieces (walnut, maple, or oak).

Note, however, that the key factor is the style of your bedroom, and that it may require you to choose a more expensive material.
Decide on the size and the shape

The layout of the room/office must be considered when deciding on the size and the shape of the bookcase. You need to have a clear picture of where you will place it, which means you should measure the space you have, and choose the best possible location.

Combine books in an unusual manner

Image-15 Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
Image source: Jay Corder, Architect

Instead of arranging books the traditional way, mix them in horizontal and vertical arrangements, or do the same with the shelves. This way, you will have a visually attractive solution that never goes out of style.

The style factor

When picking the right bookcase for your home, consider the style just as much as you’re considering the storage function. Make sure you’ve chosen a piece that corresponds to your personality, because you’re more likely to keep it on the long run, and to save the money you’d spend on redecorating.

Put some extra efforts into finding a stylish piece for your office, as it will definitely impress your clients and partners.

Ending thoughts

Built-in shelving headboards are among the trendiest and most space-efficient pieces that balance between beautiful looks and quality storage. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, but you can also save some money by building them yourself.

To start with, you can repurpose your current bookcase, and turn it into a cool headboard. All it would take is to move it behind your bed, and keep all the books at your fingertips. In cases like this, however, avoid placing heavy objects such as art or vases, as they may fall over the bed and cause accidents.

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