Having a flat TV, be it LCD, LED, or any other screen technology, is extremely common in modern homes. These have allowed to save large amounts of space while improving the image quality they offer us. Moreover, since these are now relatively accessible, we can practically acquire one for each room. However, to enjoy the maximum comfort of lying in our bed while watching a movie, we need to know how high to mount the TV in our bedroom.

The intention of acquiring one of these televisions is that they increase our comfort, not that we develop neck aches by having to see in complicated directions. That is why, at the same time that flat-panel television technologies emerged, new types of brackets for them also appeared on the market.

If we want to have a TV in our bedroom that we can fully enjoy, then we must determine the best location for its installation. It is not so difficult to find the best angle, although we must consider some aspects that we will discuss in this article.

Some benefits of television in the bedroom

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  • For many, it is more comfortable to watch TV from the bed than sitting on a sofa. If you think you do not spend enough time in your hall, you can choose to install the television in your bedroom.
  • With the appropriate bedroom TV mount, you will get a very interesting technological appearance in your environment.
  • TVs can serve as a social meeting point. If you have a partner, this can help you interact with them.
  • During the morning, a bedroom TV will allow you to wake up knowing the most important news, as well as the weather or traffic data.

Ideal TV size for the bedroom

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Usually, when we buy a TV for the bedroom, this tends to exceed 32″. It is normal if we consider that, when lying in our bed, our head will be farther from the screen, which in smaller dimensions will cause us to lose details.

The small letters of the news, or the best quality movies, need a larger screen to be displayed as they deserve.

Remember that, when talking about the inches of a TV, we are talking about the diagonal distance that the TV has without counting the edges outside the monitor.

If we finally decide to use a more compact television, we can get an adjustable bracket that allows us to change its location to move it when we need it.

The location is fundamental

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First, a bedroom TV should be installed near an outlet. Lie on your bed and see in what positions you can place your head without it hurting. If any angle is not comfortable or causes us pain, we will immediately rule out installing the TV in that direction.

Compare the TV to a work of art

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For many, a television is already a work of art, but this is not what we mean. When selecting the installation location, think about where a large painting would hang. Consider that height is not a limiting factor when it comes to a TV since we can get a rotating bracket to slightly tilt the screen.

How high to mount the TV in your bedroom?

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Depending on the physical characteristics of each room and how we will see it, this response may vary. For example, in a living room, you will watch television sitting on a sofa or chair, so it should not be too high to be able to watch it perfectly.

However, if we are lying in our bed, the TV should be a little higher so that we do not have to bow our heads so much.

The eyes’ height is not so important in the bedroom

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Usually, the center of a TV will always be at the same height as our eyes, which guarantees a perpendicular display of the screen. However, this can be a problem in a bedroom, since it would be very low on the wall, which, among other things, would bother to locate the furniture.

Ideal viewing distance

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To take full advantage of the size of our TV (and not suffer from sight damage), there must be some distance between us and the monitor. This will depend on the size in inches of the screen.

There is a formula to calculate the approximate distance to which we must separate (in inches) to watch TV. We simply divide the horizontal of the television in 0.55 and we will get a reference distance. For example, for a 42” monitor, the separation distance should be 76 inches.

Adequate lighting

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Not just how high you mount your TV in the bedroom is important, you should also consider the lighting the room will have. The vast majority of people prefer to enjoy TV in the dark, but it is certainly not as practical as it seems.

Watching television in the dark causes great visual fatigue, as well as harming your sleeping habit by keeping you alert. That is why, when watching television, you need to maintain dim lighting. This can be solved with a couple of lamps: one near the television, and another near you to release tension.

Perfect viewing angle

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Nowadays, TV screens come with wide viewing angles, allowing us to observe it from virtually any corner without losing colors. However, this is not optimal.

According to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the maximum angle should be 30 degrees.

Get the best sound

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Since most of the time we will be lying down, the sound of the televisions installed in the bedrooms must travel further. As a result, you will end up setting a high volume that will be annoying.

The situation is worse if, also, you share the room, forcing your partner to have to listen to the television. There are two ways to solve these problems:

  • With a surround sound system: By having external speakers, we can place them closer to us, which prevents us from having to set a high volume. Additionally, you can get better stereo audio by placing the speakers on both sides.
  • With wireless headphones: If you do not want to disturb, then connect wireless headphones to the TV. This way you can enjoy all the sound without disturbing others.

How to install a TV in our room

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The first thing is to have all the necessary tools and elements to ensure good mounting. It will require an adequate mounting for the size of your television (although these come mostly with a standard for multiple sizes), bolts, screws, screwdriver, a wrench socket, and a stud finder preferably.

With everything ready, in three simple steps, you can install your new TV.

  • Step 1: With the Stud finder, find some studs on the wall on which you can fix the TV stand. In the case of large or heavy televisions, consider that you will need to install up to two bolts. Put the bracket as a reference and mark with a pencil where the bolts will be. Also, remember that you must install the cables on the TV, so you must leave a considerable space between it and the wall, and it must be close to an outlet.

step1 How high to mount the TV in your bedroom? (Answered)

  • Step 2: Once you have determined the ideal height for your TV, fix the bracket with the bolts or screws. Depending on the type of wall, you may need a drill, a screwdriver, or a socket wrench. To ensure that the TV will not be tilted, have a level at hand. When installing the bracket, keep in mind that, while lying in your bed, you should be able to see the bottom of the TV without problems. If not, the bracket should be higher.

step-2 How high to mount the TV in your bedroom? (Answered)

  • Step 3: Once you have installed the wall bracket, proceed to install the remaining half on the back of the TV with bolts. Once both frames are ready, simply fit them together. Do not leave the TV on the bracket if you think it may fall.

FAQs about how high to mount the TV in a bedroom

1. What is the ideal height for mounting a TV in a bedroom?

When seated on the bed, eye level is the perfect height for placing a TV in a bedroom. Your viewing experience will be improved as a result, and any discomfort in your neck or eyes will be lessened. It is advised that the TV’s center be placed about 42 inches off the ground.

2. How far should the TV be from the bed when mounted on the wall?

Another crucial factor is the distance in a bedroom between the TV and the bed. The distance should be roughly 2 to 2.5 times the TV screen’s diagonal length as a general rule of thumb. For instance, if the diagonal measurement of your TV is 50 inches, then the distance from the bed should be between 100 and 125 inches.

3. What are the factors to consider when determining the height to mount a TV in a bedroom?

The size of the room, the height of the bed, and the viewing angle should all be taken into account when choosing the height at which to place a TV in a bedroom. The TV should be high enough to be viewable from many parts of the room while still being at a comfortable height for you to watch without straining your neck.

4. Can you mount a TV too high in a bedroom, and what are the consequences?

When a TV is mounted too high in a bedroom, long-term viewing can be uncomfortable and taxing on the eyes. Additionally, it could make it challenging to watch TV from some positions in the room. The TV can fall and inflict damage or injury if it is not mounted securely, which can also be a safety hazard.

5. Is it safe to mount a TV on a wall in a bedroom without professional help?

Without a professional’s assistance, it is possible to mount a TV on the wall in a bedroom, but you must have the right equipment and skills. To ensure that the TV is placed securely, it is advised that you have a helper available and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. What tools do I need to mount a TV in a bedroom, and where can I get them?

You will need a stud finder, a drill, screws, a screwdriver, a level, and a mounting bracket that is appropriate for your TV to place a TV in a bedroom. The majority of hardware stores as well as internet retailers carry these tools.

7. How do I hide cables and wires when mounting a TV in a bedroom?

When placing a TV in a bedroom, you can neatly organize and conceal connections and wires using cable ties, cable covers, or raceways. To completely do away with cords, you might also think about routing them through the wall or using a wireless HDMI kit.

8. What is the recommended angle for a bedroom TV mount to reduce glare?

The location of the TV and the lighting in the room will determine the ideal angle for a bedroom TV mount to prevent glare. In general, an upward angle can help to reduce glare from windows or other light sources, while a downward angle of about 15 degrees can help to reduce glare from ceiling lights.

9. What is the maximum weight that a bedroom wall can support for mounting a TV?

The type of wall and the location of the studs determine the maximum weight that a bedroom wall can support for putting a TV. The majority of drywall walls can withstand up to 100 pounds of weight, whereas heavier metal stud-studded walls can withstand up to 200 pounds. If you are uncertain about the weight capability of your wall, it is advised that you speak with a specialist.

10. How can I ensure that my TV is securely mounted to prevent it from falling?

Use the proper hardware and tools, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure your TV is fastened securely to prevent it from falling. Use the proper screws and anchors to hold the TV’s weight and mount the TV to a stud in the wall for maximum stability. Alternatively, you can use a mounting bracket that locks the TV into place. Just make sure you routinely check the mount to make sure the wall anchor is still intact.

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