There are many reasons why you should start a cactus garden. One popular one is that they are straightforward to care about. You don’t have to give them much attention, and they grow quite fast. The internet is full of cactus garden ideas that you can choose from.

Choosing a beautiful cactus is secure, and they can shape your garden. They can also grow in different climates and are easy to grow and care for. Most of them can be even ignored during long periods.

So as they are so easy to have, let’s see some cactus garden ideas that you might want to try.

Cactus garden ideas to try

Image source: imagine design & construction pty ltd

When you plan to create landscapes with cactus, you should do your research first. Learn all the details that you can find about growing requirements and match the needs of your view. Here are some tips you should consider:

  • Cactus plants do not do well when they always have a lot of water. Remember, we are talking about desert plans, so for sure excess water needs to be avoided. A good thing to do is to buy pots for them that are well-draining. Use a soil that doesn’t keep water.
  • Even for a mini cactus garden, they will need a lot of light. They are so used to the desert that a minimum of half-day of the sun is required. When growing cactus outdoors, go for the sunny spot whenever possible. Plant your cactus garden ideas on a slope, so you get better drainage. This is very important for this type of plant.
  • Cacti garden doesn’t need significant amounts of fertilizer, but they do need a low-strength feeding during their growing season that runs spring in the summer.
  • If you need a formula for cactus soil, a good one to go for is one-third horticultural sand, one-third cactus compost, and one-third grit in the form of pumice. Mix them, and you get the best soil for your cactus garden ideas.
  • Use containers that have drainage holes. There are many specially made for cactus so choose the designs that you like and add them in the garden

Cool Cactus Garden Ideas

If you have your interest in creating a cactus garden, check the following ideas that you can go for.

Stones and Cacti

Image source: Rocket Garden Landscape Design

When you want to create your Zen cactus garden mixing the plants with stones is going to look great. Big flat rocks will make an excellent base for cacti pots, and spreading smaller stones in between containers creates a lovely ambiance for a Japanese-like garden.

If you want to become particularly creative, you can play around with various colors for pots and rocks. Just try to mix and match them to create different types of atmospheres.

Stones, for sure, are an excellent choice, and they will look good with your cactus garden ideas.

Succulent Cactus Garden

Image source: Gardens by Gabriel, Inc.

One of the first things that you can see in this beautiful little rock garden is the pink of the cactus plants. In front of the garden, we can see different beautiful cactus that make the garden look more prominent.

Desert Ice Wonderland

Image source: Ultra Gardening

Cactus garden ideas like this one are appreciated due to their ingeniosity. This design centers on the floral presentation that highlights and offers various shades of blue that help accent a fresh, inspiring arrangement.

Indeed not only does it look great, but it doesn’t take too much time to create similar ones. Consider it as a real option for you.

Green and Blue

Image source: Shohei Katsuki

Echeverias are some of the most known succulents. What is careful about them is that they are full of flowers and the colors look beautiful. They might be precisely what you need for your cactus garden ideas.

Create a Stage

Image source: Corona Landscape

Desert landscapes include not only smaller plants but also the visual stopping power of a large shade tree. Give them a place in your backyard and see how they are going to look. You can always add extra details that make the landscape more complete.

Combine texture

Image source: Plantura

This example is excellent if you need simple cactus garden ideas that can fit your space. Take advantage of the colors they have, and see how you can play around with them.

Glass Balls Reflecting Cacti

Image source: Mary Ellen Margolis

Glass balls have been popular for quite some time and can still be an excellent idea for a cactus garden. The variety of glass balls available on the market gives you a lot of room to experiment with. So you will be able to create different combinations of color and easily decorate your cactus garden.

A patch of cactus plants

Image source: Annie Thornton

In this idea, we can see both tall and small cactuses. The idea is that you can also use different dimensions when building your cactus garden ideas. Just make sure they fit the space where you intend to keep them.

Highway to heaven

Image source: Exteriors By Chad Robert

If you have your tree trunk in the yard, then you can use it as a showcase for your cactuses. You can choose what species you want and adapt them to your needs. Another thing that you do is create mini cactus gardens that can spread in different areas of your space.

Contrasting colors

Image source: Deavita

You can build your colorful succulent mosaic by using different species. Stones and rocks can also help you out when you want a more dramatic scenery.

Add some garden art

Image source: Exteriors By Chad Robert

Elements like a rusty wheel of some wood can make you feel like in a desert landscape. They bring personality to your land. The important thing here is to keep them authentic to the desert and use them sparingly. A lot of pieces can make cactus garden ideas look amazing.

Cactus in Bloom

Image source: ZOHR AMAZIGHYA

Cactus don’t need to be in their old green color. Many of them have flowers that stay alive for a lot of weeks. This is because they have particular conditions when they can bloom. No matter if we talk about individual species, they all do have flowers.

So think about this aspect when you are setting up your cactus garden ideas. When they bloom, they will be for sure in the center of attention.

Rock Garden of Symmetry

Image source: Kenworth Lakewood

If you need a minimalist cactus garden, then you can recreate this rock garden. It circularly displays the plants. Use two contrasting stone colorations to keep the pattern as perfect as you can see it in this image.

Cinder Block Garden

Image source: Ultra Gardening

Many homeowners have concrete blocks in their backyard. If they aren’t customized, they might look bad. This is why, with some imagination, the plants that you add can create something beautiful.

Add some soil and put the cactus on each cinder block. They are going to look beautiful, and anybody that visits you is going to be impressed by what they see.

Ending thoughts on these cactus garden ideas

In conclusion, you have many cactus garden ideas to choose from. We just showed you some that we consider helpful. Go for the ones that adapt the best with your space and remember how easy it is to take care of these plants. If you want a quick change for your area and don’t know what a garden might be the place to start.

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