The ultimate goal of architects is to deliver a quality product to their clients. It does not matter if it is the construction of a complete building or if it is only a small remodeling. This is true for the professional of any place. Charlotte architects are no exception, although due to a large number of offices, it is difficult to decide for one.

But don’t worry, since having so many options is good to be able to select the ideal one for our project. Each one specializes in certain artistic movements, which makes them masters of their specialties, be it modernism or traditional art.

If you are living in Charlotte, or are planning to make a remodel near it and you don’t find good architects, we offer you a list with the most famous Charlotte architecture firms.

The best Charlotte architects

Steven Clipp

The fine art of building by hand is something that has been lost over time with the arrival of technology, but there are still people who are dedicated to this type of crafts.

Steven Clipp does the same with architecture, using traditional methods to design. He creates all his plans by hand so he can get involved in the project. Also, he has enough experience to endorse his work, which he has done personally since 1995.

Axiom Architecture

Multifamily houses require special design parameters, and a unique understanding of the space to build them. David Furman, the founder of Axiom Architecture, has more than 30 years of experience that qualify him for this type of work.

His team is among the best residential architects we can get in Charlotte, so much so that his work can be seen in other locations, such as Washington DC, Georgia or Virginia.

Houghland Architecture

The architect Gray Houghland is an adept when it comes to design. He studied architecture at the University of Virginia and subsequently earned a Master’s Degree in Design from Harvard University.

He made his first works in different architecture studios in Charlotte, but the most prominent was the prestigious Skidmore, Owing & Merrill firm. Later he managed to open his own office in 1997.

Houghland believes that construction projects should not be a frustration for customers, so it makes sure that the whole process is friendly. The firm seeks to innovate in the field of architecture by preserving the “soul” of buildings without losing their basic functionality.

ALB Architecture

When it comes to restoration work, the best in the market is the architect Allen Brooks from the ALB Architecture firm. He had its firm called AB Architecture until in 2003 he joined it with Lauer Design, who also shared the goal of preserving architectural works.

Allen Brooks, whose motto is “preserve, restore, renovate and enjoy”, has dedicated his entire life to the preservation of historical monuments. He is the architect in charge when it comes to projects in NC and SC.

Acanthus Architecture

Staying true to the fundamental principles of architecture is what makes a design successful. All that is needed is to meet customer requirements in the most innovative way possible. This is what Acanthus Architecture is based on.

The North Carolina firm has extended its work to other cities due to its experience in all types of designs, from industrial and commercial, to residential.

RuardVeltman Architecture

A residence that combines modernism with traditional elements will always stand out from the rest. This intrepid mix is ​​the specialty of architect RuardVeltman, who learned everything from his mentor Bobby McAlpine.

After gaining experience in McAlpine’s office, he decided to open his architectural firm in Charlotte. Now, this group of Charlotte architects has earned the reputation of being the ideal designers when it comes to emulating some historical artistic movement, be it the Renaissance, the Gothic style, among others.

Peter Anthony Brooks

This Charlotte architect enjoys working on projects where the client shares his creative vision. In this way, each of the residences that it builds are loaded with passion. It is almost certain that in the past he has already designed something similar to our wishes, as we can see in his portfolio.

An important part of the fame of the architect Anthony is because he does not depart from the opinion of his clients. He is one of those that considers that it is necessary to talk in person about the different aspects of each project.

Bruce Clodfelter, Landscape Architect

Architectural work also includes improving buildings’ exteriors. This landscaping and gardening work requires the expert vision of an architect who knows what plants to use, and where to place them.

Not all architects can win the Golden Trowel Award from the Garden Design Magazine, but Bruce Clodfelter has one of these for his landscaping work. In fact, in his 30-year career designing exteriors, he has managed to appear in multiple publications thanks to the way he understands vegetation and decoration.

CL Helt Architect

Although their office is not so large, this does not prevent them from carrying out projects in different states. These Charlotte architects prefer a small office to be able to discuss projects in depth.

The specialty of CL Helt Architect is to adjust to all kinds of budget and the strictest possible delivery dates, all of this maintaining excellent quality when delivering the product.

Elite Design Group

The amount of projects that are capable of carrying out in the firm owned by JJ Barja, is practically unlimited. They are not simply limited to interior plans, but also have a great experience when it comes to landscape design.

As for the styles, they have architects that adapt to almost any pattern: modern, classic, national or foreign.

KDH Residential Designs

Your dream home doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. The expert designers and architects of the KDH firm will listen to each of your requests until they come true.

Residences must comply with being cozy and useful so that their inhabitants wish to spend hours in it to relax or perform other activities. That is why KDH residential architects are so necessary for the market.

Frank Smith Residential Design

Not all designers are architects. Engineers also have their perspective on projects, as Frank Smith demonstrates. Although he studied civil engineering at Auburn University, he has managed to stand out for his vision when building residences.

Thanks to his mastery in different international styles, his knowledge has transcended the work of an ordinary engineer, so he has appeared in different home design publications.

Don Duffy Architecture

30 years in the home design business have allowed Don Duffy to build multiple award-winning residential projects.

Don Duffy Architecture also accepts small housing remodeling and expansion projects, so we can make minor changes to create a more comfortable home.

Alison Hall

Residential architects do not require large offices to create high-quality works. Alison Hall proves it with her multiple renovation projects.

These Charlotte architects will be able to design any type of house located in the North Carolina area, in addition to that, they can give us advice regarding the remodeling of rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Greg Perry Design

To design a house at the age of 7 that can be built in real life is a feat for most people, but not for Greg Perry. The designer has an expert eye to create true works of art in the form of homes and landscapes.

Greg uses classical works of art to be inspired, and later uses the most striking elements of it, adapting them to modern life.

Ashley J. Design

Beyond the structure, a home is represented by the moments we live in it with the people we love. At least that’s how architect Ashley sees it, who believes that every space in the house should be dedicated to social interactions.

Using designs of open and cozy spaces, the professional creates areas that we can use for hours to interact with our family.

Pippin Home Designs

Ecological architecture is the new worldwide trend. Charlotte architects have not been left behind by adopting this style, which seeks to make the environment suffer as little as possible with the constructions.

Pippin Home Designs is one of the few firms that offer the construction of ecological residences. Of course, they also offer standard design services, but opting for a house that takes full advantage of its surroundings is the best way to stand out from the rest of the homes and take care of the environment.

studio01 architects

Another of the small-sized Charlotte architect firms is studio01 architects. However, they indicate that this is a way of implying that for them it is more important to understand the client well than to choose a large project.

Through different conversations, the designers of studio01 architects will try to understand the personality of each client to build a unique home on each occasion.

McClure Nicholson Montgomery Architects

Do not be fooled by the humble appearance of these architects. Their more than 80 years of collective experience in the field of architecture has proven worthy of the most demanding clients.

Thanks to the union of the three architects, they can ingeniously solve constructive problems. The housing solutions they offer cover both landscaping and internal decoration.

Mermans Architecture & Design

Each client has a different need when it comes to designs, which is why Mermans Architecture & Design has gathered a team of experts who not only specialize in architecture, but also can create creative solutions for furniture, gardens, and almost any item that requires a designer.

The MArchD firm seeks that each project focused on architecture can last over time, always staying at the forefront.

Jennifer Benson Architecture

People believe that a residential project is easy, but the truth is that many factors must be taken into account to carry them out. After all, a home should be cozy and attractive to its inhabitants.

Jennifer Benson Architecture is a firm of Charlotte architects who prefer to understand the needs of small homes rather than embark on large projects since they can free up all their creativity.

Office services also include counseling, remodeling, and home additions, and greenhouses, all focused on the individuality of people.

RobinRenato Architecture

Mr. and Ms. Tonelli manage this small studio specialized in contemporary architecture. Each project is loaded with conceptual elements that seem impossible to carry out.

The inventiveness of the couple is challenged in trying to create works that satisfy the tastes of the clientele while remaining attached to the principles of functionality.

Hall Architects

Hall Architects is pleased to show a portfolio loaded with buildings of all kinds. Residences, cultural buildings, factories, institutions, shops, and virtually any work we can think of.

More than 20 design awards and 30 years of experience confirm the fame of the firm founded by the architect Dennis J. Hall.

Artistic Contractors

Firms such as Artistic Contractors specialize in high-end designs to meet the most expensive wishes of the clientele.

Both renovations and projects created from scratch seek to innovate in what they offer to the market so that they always have an increasing value in it.

The firm’s portfolio of successful projects is so extensive that we can develop our idea by seeing the different works of these experts.

Liquid Design

Treating all your clients equally is a fundamental part of running a business. When you are in charge of designing the residence of a star like Michael Jordan, it is difficult not to mention it in your portfolio, but these Charlotte architects managed to keep it low profile. In this way, all customers who come to Liquid Design feel as important as one of the biggest NBA stars.

However, modesty is not the only quality of the firm. Part of its success is due to the philosophy of mixing science with art, getting designs that are more human.

Meyer GreesonPaullin Benson

Sam Greeson’s travels around Europe served to stimulate the knowledge of architect Mark Paullin, who also specializes in the restoration of historical works. The union of the experience of both has been the cause of the success of the firm located in Charlotte.


Another couple of architects in Charlotte NC is that of John Fryday and Michael Doyne. The firm has been able to get multiple awards in the city for its innovative designs.

John Fryday has proven to be an eminence of architecture. He has multiple titles that accredit him as an interior and exterior designer, and he made more than 100 projects for the Wolf Associates Architects firm before creating his firm, demonstrating his passion for the art of construction.

Cluck Design Collaborative

There must also be options in the market that can fit the smaller budgets. Cluck Design Collaborative promises to make each project accessible to its owners.

This is achieved thanks to the multiple collaboration agreements they have with architects, builders, designers, artisans, among others. Their portfolio shows that, despite offering economic alternatives, these overflow great quality.

House of Bartlett

Another firm specializing in home design is that of House of Bartlett. The architects of this studio will take into account each of the aspects that define the client, creating a project that is molded to their tastes and resources.

When they make new constructions, they consider the impact they will have with the neighbors, creating a work that does not disturb the well-being of the community. In the case of remodeling, they consider the pre-existing to create a piece that does not dislodge from the rest.

Pursley Dixon Architecture

Although it seems like a superficial vision, the truth is that the appearance of buildings is very important to determine how users perceive it. That is why the Pursley Dixon Architecture firm tries to deliver each project with as many aesthetic details as possible.

Whether it is a project that focuses on classic styles or something that seeks to stand out with a modern look, the group of experts working in this studio will be able to project a design that harmonizes both inside and outside. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of architects and interior designers.

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