Miami is a city that is strongly inspired by its environmental environment for the design of its buildings. Life on the coast has made them a tourist capital for those who wish to enjoy the beach. Being a revolution of the 80s, Miami nowadays continues to grow with the arrival of art deco and contemporary trends. If we want to be part of this context, we need to find a Miami interior designers who understands the history of the city.

As we previously mentioned, the city continues to undergo an accelerated development in terms of artistic trends, which has made it a meeting point for multiple decorators and designers. Its style is unique throughout the country, being the most desired by customers in general.

However, not all interior designers perfectly dominate what characterizes Miami. That is why today we offer you a list with some of the most popular and experienced Miami designers that you can hire for your remodeling projects.

The Best Miami interior designers

Pepe Calderin Design

The experience of the Pepe Calderin Design firm makes it a safe choice when it comes to modern and luxurious designs. The designer even has an additional branch in New York, which has allowed him to expand into new areas while learning different styles.

To represent everything that characterizes Miami, Calderin uses bold combinations of geometric furnishings with neutral and natural colors. As a result, he manages to create cozy and radiant spaces.

A. Keith Powell Interior

Keith Powell founded in 1988 one of the most important designer firms on Miami coasts. Their success is due to the joint work of multiple construction experts, which allows them to offer a complete remodeling service that goes from the foundations of a home to the final details.

In this way, the Miami interior designer has worked for celebrities such as Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, among others, demonstrating in each project their avant-garde style.


Participants of multiple publications, designers Jay Britto and David Charette allied to create a firm specializing in decorating homes and small businesses.

Focusing on this type of work has allowed them to develop their style inspired by the art and surroundings of Miami. A mixture between the contemporary and the coastal that results in relaxing and striking ideas, which complement with neat and simple finishes, leaving the spaces wide and sparkling.

B+G Design

With more than 40 years of collective experience, Brett and Giselle Sugerman carry out innovative interior decoration projects that take into consideration the architectural environment in which they are projected.

Thanks to the understanding of the space of these Miami interior designers, they can distribute the furniture while retaining the necessary measures to be able to use them without problems.

Their comprehension of the size of the objects is partly because the couple sells accessories and decorations, so they are constantly in contact with manufacturers. This gives them the additional advantage that they can request custom furnishings to create unique designs.

Brown Davis Architecture and Interiors

Since they shared a taste for classical architecture, architects Todd Davis and Rob Brown decided to join forces to create a firm focused on traditional and artisanal style.

The good taste of both has made them worthy of participating in remodeling projects for important political departments, such as the British embassy, ​​the White House, among others.

Among the services of these top Miami interior designers is the restoration of furniture and buildings, as well as advice for remodeling.

Dkor Interiors

Making customers understand designers’ vision can be difficult. That is why some groups like Dkor Interiors decide to work hand in hand with theoretical knowledge to present extravagant ideas.

Using different means to publicize the result, the expert designers of this studio keep customers informed of each stage of the project, moving from a concept to a tangible product.

Thanks to their presentations at Luxe, Ocean Home, Design Milk, and Marie Clarie, they have earned themselves to be called one of the best designer groups in Miami.

Barbara Brickell Designs

Barbara Brickell’s firm is perfect when we know absolutely nothing about construction or remodeling. They are responsible for the entire project, offering custom finishes for residences.

Their style focuses on classic designs with avant-garde technology, as can be seen in the furniture they use or in the improvements they offer for some architectural elements such as windows, making them automatic for the convenience of customers.

Cindy McCarley

Drawing projects by hand is something that very few people still do today. However, in this way designers can better understand the projects. That is why Cindy McCarley still shows her dexterity with a pencil.

Due to her design technique, Cindy manages to have special attention to detail, taking care of every aspect of the project, and making sure to immediately adapt the spaces to what the client demands.

Annie Santulli

Each person has a vision of what an ideal home is. Making these ideas a reality can be difficult, but Annie Santulli has specialized for more than 20 years to understand each client’s wishes.

This experience allows her to work in classic projects like the remodeling of a house, or in more extravagant works like the reconstruction of a yacht. Regardless of the location, she and her team take the Miami interior design to a new level of customization.

RS3 Designs

The projection of an entire condominium requires a disciplined team such as RS3 Designs. These designers can carry out mass work in a short time while maintaining exceptional quality.

Their portfolio is full of contemporary spaces with innovative touches that preserve the characteristic style of Miami, which consolidates them as a prestigious company in the area.

Linda Burke

For a space to work optimally, it must be useful for different activities without compromising its beauty. Linda Burke has dedicated 25 years to improve the lives of people by creating the rooms they need.

Her firm offers multiple decorations and advisory services that take into account customer opinions and the environment. The results are projects that blend with the nature and personal life of the user.

Michael Wolk Design

To devote himself to remodeling in companies and hotels, the designer Michael Wolk had to discover how to get the attention of pedestrians so that they felt motivated to visit his works.

As a result of his studies, the designer has a successful portfolio of projects which he decorates using custom-made furniture.

Jerome H. Davis Interiors

Learning the job from an early age has helped Amanda Davis Carreon become a designer who makes every project functional and beautiful. Her professional career has allowed her to publicize her family’s legacy with contemporary and classic works.

Additionally, before devoting herself to interior design independently, Amanda worked for multiple high-end retailers who taught her all the secrets to success.

Renata Pfuner

Awarded with an award for excellence by the ASID, and certified by the LEED as a committed designer, Renata Pfuner comes to the list as a designer who has made modernism a worldwide trend.

Founder of Pfuner Design, the designer demonstrates all her construction expertise by offering decorative solutions tailored to each client, even if this means having to revolutionize with something never seen before. Regardless of the project, the designer maintains the style that characterizes her, adding refined details in each space that needs it.


The Cuban designer manages to capture the entire flavor that characterizes the Caribbean through bold remodels full of color and joy. Each of her projects is full of character and personality, which has made her stand out as one of the best Miami interior designers.

Although it may not seem like it, Granda can perfectly balance eye-catching designs with relaxed styles, making her a multi-faceted professional.

Sarah Cain

Having worked on commercial and residential projects of all kinds, Sarah Cain can proudly say that she is a professional of multiple styles.

The designer has no limits when it comes to projecting her creativity, accepting works that even go beyond interior decoration. She faces each one with joy and emotion, infecting customers with her enthusiasm.

Regarding her design philosophy, Cain is not limited to a single style but prefers that each space is functional and has the client’s personality

Alene Workman Interior Design

Designs made to last are the specialty of Alene Workman Interior Design. These specialists have been awarded multiple times for their understanding of the basic needs of luxurious designs.

Tamara Feldman

Tamara is a designer who loves to create organic environments that flow naturally between the environment and architecture. Her tastes come from birth because she was born in Mexico City, where avant-garde buildings retain a tradition of curves and soft shapes.

Tamara’s designs follow the principles of neatness, symmetry, and modernism. She considers that the most important thing in art is the interpretation that is given to each piece, understanding its essence and translating it into projects that other people can enjoy.

Cynthia Kriz

Cynthia Kriz’s 19 years of work experience is put into practice in her personal studio dedicated to remodeling hotels, shops and homes. The team of professionals of this firm will accept any luxurious project that is in the Miami area.

Fava Design Group

The search for perfection has made some designers, like Joe Fava, develop an almost sickly taste for details. His commitment allows him to develop innovative ideas that fill a portfolio with amazing works.

The firm invites its customers to try unique designs that evoke different emotions.

Fanny Haim

Fanny Haim’s professional career has led her to establish herself as a designer prepared for any style. Her understanding of art was developed by studying at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá and the University of Miami.

After achieving both titles, she continued to grow at an integral level, which has led her to win awards from multiple designer organizations, such as the ASID.

Now a day she is in charge of the FH&A studio, leading a team made up of architects and designers, which allows her to be close to each stage of the remodeling and construction projects.

No matter where we are in the world, we may find some design from this Miami firm, since they have worked for shops, hotels and homes in Israel, Panama, China, the United States, and much more.

Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design

Interior designers, architects and contractors join in this firm that offers all kinds of construction services. From remodeling consultants to manufacturing new homes and stores, you can trust that the Kobi Karp team can accept the project.

Frances Herrera Interior Design

Using the latest technology, the Frances Herrera Interior Design company stands out since 2002 in helping customers have a clear vision of what they want.

Starting from a simple concept, the firm creates presentations and plans that record each of the steps of the construction process, constantly providing information to customers.

In Frances Herrera Interior Design they also have custom decoration services, allowing users to translate their ideas into walls, fabrics, textures, coverings, and much more.

Finally, if our home is not on land, but is a luxury yacht, the firm also has plans that adapt to these marine vehicles.

Khadine Schultz

After having personally lived more than 23 different cultures in her numerous trips, designer Khadine Schultz has all the knowledge she needs to combine styles that have never lived together in the same environment.

Born in Brazil, the designer currently resides in Miami, which allowed her to work for a design company in Florida before starting her studio. Her success does not come from a book, but from her everyday experiences that allow her to project herself in unique ways.

Santana Design Studio

Before starting with the development of an idea, it is necessary to listen to the opinion of the client to refine it and guide it to the desired product. This process has become the routine for designers at Santana Design Studio in Miami.

Taking care of all the management involved in the decoration project, the group of professionals faces every day the need to create a tangible product that focuses all the clients’ wishes in a habitable environment.

Beasley & Henley Interior Design

The designs of this firm are the most luxurious and elegant that we can find in the market. Don’t worry, the services don’t cost a million dollars, but the contemporary and avant-garde results they achieve will make it hard to believe.

Acra Designs

An important characteristic that a Miami interior decorator must have is knowing how to accept the cultural diversity that the world is facing. Nathalie Acra has no difficulty understanding it due to her family origins, which we can be seen in her portfolio with projects that include furniture of all kinds organized in the most extravagant ways.

By understanding what the main function of each space is, the Miami interior designer manages to give the rooms greater utility, making them comfortable and creative spaces. Her approach mixes multiple ethnicities with modern and delicate influences.

Adecor Group

Each project requires a research process that helps professionals clearly define the objectives to be met for a functional design. How Adecor specialists execute this process is what allows them to create useful spaces regardless of the style to be used.

With offices in Florida and Venezuela, these designers are dedicated to their clientele, being faithful to the belief that each person requires a special project with high standards.

Captiva Design Interior Decorating & Home Staging

We finalized the list with the Miami interior designer-founder of Captiva Design Interior Decorating & Home Staging. Bridget King believes that real estate and unique service tailored to each client are an important part of what defines a designer.

The professionalism with which the group is facing each project has allowed them to grow in multiple markets, offering decoration, construction and sale services.

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