Garden fence ideas do not have to be only those rigid elements that create ground separations.

In fact, with the right treatment, they can be an integral part of the environment, giving a new air and beauty to the plants that surround it.

If you want to know how to make this mixture, do not miss the following garden fence ideas.

Image source: Rock Spring Design Group LLC

After a cold winter, going out to smell the flowers in spring is a delight. However, a well-built garden is not just plants. Also, manufactured elements should look good. If we already mow the lawn and remove the remains of winter from our garden, it may be time to give a new look to our fence.

There are many garden fencing ideas that we can apply so that it does not appear that we have set aside this component. Beyond separating areas, or protecting important things, fences can be an important decorative element of the garden. Let’s see how we can return its brightness.

Garden fence ideas

Design a modern garden fence

Image source: Sudbury Design Group

The white color is very popular with contemporary designs, although any pale wood panel will work very well to achieve this appearance.

The wood in the garden can be taken even to the ground so that we don’t have to work overtime to mow the lawn. If we choose to place synthetic floors, the fence should be maintained of similar material and texture so that there is harmony between the elements.

If we have a small fence, we can add a mirror that highlights the garden space. This is a trick that works anywhere to make you believe that the environment is bigger than it is.

Painting is an alternative to highlight

Image source: Green Craft

The material of our fence may not stand out much on its own. In these cases, we can paint it with different colors so that it gains character. The options in fence paint colours are very varied, so we don’t have to limit ourselves to the classic alternatives.

For more organized patterns, we will need to use adhesive tape that allows us to create perfectly straight lines.

Gray fence paint to be fashionable

Image source: Father Nature Landscapes of Tacoma, Inc.

The garden fence ideas do not have to be limited to working with nature. Now a day, architecture seeks integration between the environment and man, and we can see here how the outdoor kitchen complements the space.

In this case, we see how the small garden fence serves as an additional storage site for the kitchen. Some ingredients or utensils can be located on it. It practically fulfills the function of a wall.

A garden lit by candlelight

Image source: Cue & Co of London

A decorative option is to use the lighting offered by fire to give a warm touch to our garden. On a mesh, we can install several of these classic candle lamps, which even during the day will look good thanks to their construction.

The only thing that you should be careful is how you are going to hold them on the fence because if we use big supports, we can end up with a rustic and disproportionate visual.

Garden fences don’t have to be tall

Image source: Stuart Garden Architecture

This modern horizontal scheme is very elegant and functional. Its installation on a concrete pillar gives it a feeling of being a solid and contemporary construction. The different wooden boards stand out greatly because they have the same direction as the rest of the set, that is, horizontal (although we can achieve a similar result if we paint the wood with varnish in the horizontal direction).

Garden fence ideas with old shutters

Image source: Slater Associates Landscape Architects

This decorative element that once worked for us to cover the sun in a window can be useful again with the appropriate touch-ups. Old blinds still have utility as ecological garden fences.

Previously we must apply a new color layer. Our recommendations are white or gray since they can combine very well with almost any design.

A natural wall full of flowers

Image source: GEL: Griffin Enright Landscape

Large shrubs and flower fields are areas that we must take great care of in our garden. Part of their maintenance is to control the growth they may have, and for that, there is nothing better than a small fence (it is more like a barrier) of bricks in the ground. The idea is to get a view that simulates a flowerbed.

A maritime touch with a rope and some posts

Image source: Jo Thompson Landscape & Garden Design

When we need to cover large areas with our fence, the costs can be huge. However, this option that only uses ropes and posts is cheap and allows us to create great routes.

We will nail the posts in the ground and pass the rope all along. With two ropes, you will have a very nice design that will remind us of the sea. We can even add other details, such as seashells or nautical decorative pieces.

Broken dishes work like garden fences

A set of broken plates can be seen as a real waste, but with a little ingenuity, we can turn what once was a disaster into a work of art.

Did you know that there are second-hand stores that have broken dishes? It is a way to begin to carry out this project without having to put our finest dishes at risk.

Let your front garden fence show your style

 Image source: Tim Smith Garden Design

A small work that can be useful if we need to remove animals from our garden. With the right paint, these palettes can define in a very artistic way the different areas of the patio. Beyond the time it may take us to install it, it hardly requires a monetary investment to be manufactured.

Start collecting dry branches

Image source: Dear Garden Associates, Inc.
Trees and shrubs tend to drop many dry branches. Many people do not see how useful they can be and prefer to throw them away instead of reusing them.

Whether we need it as firewood, or for construction projects, dry branches will never lose utility. For example, this fence has a rustic finish, very similar to what we would see on a farm, and all that was needed to build it were branches and dedication.

Instead of bricks, we can use cobblestones

Image source: Slater Associates Landscape Architects

Cobblestones are a more elegant alternative than many of the clay bricks that we can find in the market to build small fences for our flowers.

The rustic but elegant finish they offer us is perfect for creating fenced paths. Also, on some occasions we will only have to place the cobblestone directly on the ground, not requiring cement to join them

May your garden assimilate the fence

Image source: Teich Gardens

Some garden fence ideas are better for mixing with nature than others. For example, this trellis alternative is ideal for plants to climb on it, so over time, it will create a natural wall.

We have different options of plants that can accompany this alternative: if we seek to have leaves throughout the year, the English Ivy is a resistant plant that will not succumb to winter. If it doesn’t bother us that during the winter this trellis looks a bit empty, we can use any plant we want. Those with many flowers will be a visual delight during spring.

A tough construction like no other

Image source: Conte & Conte, LLC

We finalize this list of fencing ideas with an extremely rustic and resistant construction. If you have seen how the retaining walls and some breakwaters are, then this pattern made of stones of different shapes and a pair of sticks to hold everything will not be unfamiliar.

The manufacturing process cannot be easier: we will fill a cage with rocks and place some masts on the sides so that they do not move.

The advantage of this type of fences is that, in addition to being resistant, we can build it the size we want by simply adding or removing rocks.

They are not only decoration, but they also give protection

Image source: Claudia Barber
Garden fences fulfill more than an aesthetic function. They also create a protective wall against external agents. Whether animals (wild or domestic) or even careless people who are not pending where they walk, a fence will allow us to control which areas of our garden will be out of everyone’s reach.

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