Although many of us can choose two colors that go together while going out, when it comes to interior design it is far more complicated.

In fact, you might think that it’s quite annoying how colors that you thought would fit your home do not and then some that you never thought of, make your home look and feel much better.

Choosing the colors that will fit your walls the best is the most important factor of renovating or embellishing. Refer to real estate photo editing services to see what color will look better in your interior design and furniture.

Wherever you go and no matter how long you stay, you always come back home so it should be the most comfortable and pleasant looking/feeling place for you.

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Choosing a great color scheme is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is understand the basic things and color principle.

After that, you will be able to create great combinations for any room. It will also help you with decorative painting, artistic painting, graphic design and similar techniques.

You will learn something new and have fun at the same time.


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You’ve probably heard and read the word hue so many times and perhaps you weren’t certain about its meaning. Basically, it is any out of 12 wheel colors. It has the same meaning as the color.

Primary Colors:

They exist only in their original form and cannot be made by any color combination. All the colors except from these are derived from them. They are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Secondary Colors:

Secondary colors can be created with the combination of primary colors.

  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Green

Tertiary Colors:

By mixing the primary and secondary color, you get the tertiary:

  • Red-violet
  • Red-orange
  • Blue-violet
  • Blue-green
  • Yellow-orange
  • Yellow-green


Saturation is the brightness of a specific color


Value stands for the darkness and lightness of a color.
Lightness and darkness of a color.


Only the brightness of a color


Lighter color with a white color’s presence.


Darker color with black color’s presence.

Using Neutrals To Change The Colors

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By selecting a basic color, you have done the biggest and most important thing. It will be very easy for you to create different versions of colors that belong to the same category.

By combining your basic color with a neutral, you will make it either darker or lighter, depending on what you intend to do. Color wheel interior design gets much easier to understand and work with once you make these first steps.

You may or may have not known that the way to get gray or black colors is by mixing the complimentary colors altogether.

Each one of that has one compliment and you shall use them. As for the primaries, these 3 colors are always included in complimentary pair.

We’ve asked the colors experts – artists about some simple tips for the beginners and they suggested to mix all the paints and feel the changes that occur once with neutrals.

They significantly affect the color you’ve been trying to make and once you try this so many times, you will know exactly how to get a certain color that you thought of.

In case you don’t have the necessary art supplies, there are tinting and shading examples that you can get in many home stores.

Color Temperature

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The best way to understand the color temperature is by analyzing the white light example. Being the neutral color mixed with other colors, white is the best one to experiment with.

By adding red into it, this combination will turn warmer. On the other hand, by adding blue into it, the combination will turn cooler.

If you are wondering what exactly warm colors are, they are usually vibrant and seem more comfortable and intimate. Red, yellow and orange are considered as warm colors, whereas purple, blue and green are considered cool colors.

In difference to the other group, they are mostly used to bring calmness and relaxation into the room.

One of the factors you should consider when choosing the color for your room is its size. Color wheel ideas can help you with it and you can understand that warm colors do not go so well in small rooms, while cool colors don’t go well in large rooms.

The temperature we know about and measure with a thermometer is not the same as color temperature and you should not confuse these two.

Now, there is something that relates them. Namely, this way is one of, if not the most, accurate and scientific way of color definition. The temperature of your room makes a huge impact on how the color will look there.

Interior Lighting

Image source: Lazarus & Sargeant, Architects

Interior designers use the interior lighting for the creation of living and working environment and they use it to create different illusions.

For example, a law abiding person needs the light because he/she feels safer and secured whereas a thief feels insecurity under the light.

Basic color wheel is used in many different occasions and it’s the plot of all the other schemes.

Interior design color scheme

Complementary Colors

Image source: B Fein Interiors LLC

The complimentary colors do not stand next to one another on the color wheel, instead, they are put on the opposite sides.

Every color points out the quality and richness of the other and that’s how they work very well together. When it comes to complimentary colors, the designers use one subtle and one dominant.

That’s how they will pair a dark violet with a light yellow or make similar combinations.

Triadic Color Scheme

Image source: Kropat Interior Design

Triad or triadic color schemes consist of 3 colors separated by the equal space on the color wheel. The primary and secondary colors are the best example.

Triad is usually very bold. They are mostly used in playrooms and children’s bedrooms because of the high contrast and strong colors that seem very vivid.

One thing that you should consider when using these interior design color schemes is that the spaces between them also matter.

Therefore, two triadic color schemes put together are not a great idea because you would create a too busy environment that wouldn’t feel pleasant.

Instead, the rooms around the triadic space in your house should have different, calmer, neutral colors.

Monochromatic Colors

Image source: Dominic Fusco Studios

Monochromatic are cool paint colors of different tones, saturation, and values. There are many versions of blue, red, green and just every color.

You might not want a light yellow for your living room but the darker one seems warmer and more stylish.

Those are the differences that make great changes for the better, if you choose the right tone and for the worse if you don’t.

Summary (Color Temperature & Interior Lighting)

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Violet, blue and similar colors are considered cooler, whereas red, yellow, orange and similar are considered warmer colors.

The interior lightning and color temperature are not the same but are related. Therefore, you should understand the concept very well in order to create a pleasant environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Once you learn the effect temperature has on the interior lightning, you will know that the same color could look differently in two places because one would be colder and one would be warmer.

You must also think of the design interior lightning hence for high color temperatures, colors such as white would appear too cold or start.

Whereas that might be the exact effect you want in your kitchen because it will make it look more spacious and clean.

When it comes to the living rooms and bedrooms, high color temperatures are recommended because they create cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Accent Colors

Image source: Laura U, Inc.

You have probably seen accent colors so many times but you weren’t certain about their purpose or didn’t know how to use them. Mostly, an accent wall makes the room look more stylish and the contrast balances the lighting.

How to use accent colors?

  • Pick one wall that will be a focal point. Paint it with a complimentary color or use a dark shade of the main color that you painted your other walls with.
  • Make patterns in the room by adding white. This way, the colors will be brighter. Dark colors will make the dark parts of the pattern show up and be more visible.
  • Use two bold colors to paint your walls that will match with specific furniture pieces or a rug.

Cool painting ideas

Surprise Color

Image source: Decorating Den Interiors

Cool color is all that you have to use in order to make a great impact. To break the monotony, you should try it in some unexpected place.

For example, you could add chairs of a bright color or change the cushions that will break the bold colors.

Bright Salmon

Image source: Jill Wolff Interior Design

Do you like pink and orange but you don’t really think they’d look good on the walls? Try an alternative color then! Bright salmon color appears convenient in places that you never thought it would.

It is a rare color as well so why wouldn’t you do something different? It will bring the warmth into the room and still look fresh thanks to its vibrancy.

White Combination

Image source: EBL Construction

White is surely a sophisticated color and not many can maintain it at their place hence it requires cleaning and just everything is very easily seen.

However, entering into a white area feels like a dream so why wouldn’t you make a little heaven for yourself? Now, when we say heaven, it shouldn’t be all white because your house might look like a hospital.

Instead, you should mix some colors with the white and create a great, stylish space! For example, you could use all white furniture and play with the colors of your walls by adding an accent wall of a warmer color.

Some paint design ideas would also be great and even make your home look artistic!


Image source: Steven Ford Interiors

Depending on the way you use it, navy can be an amazing color. No matter which style do you prefer, traditional or modern, you can pair it with just so many things. It’s a perfect color for drama in case you want to add it to any of your rooms.

Layer Brights

Image source: REFINED LLC

To use vivid blue that will provide a background for your accessories you should:

  • Choose a strong cool color with white trim.
  • Choose a contrasting accent color.
  • In case your room are next to one another or share the same door, you shouldn’t make a major change of the color between them but just use a different shade, whether darker or lighter.

Relaxing & Modern

Image source: BEHR®

Plain walls painted in warm colors with matching furnishings, paintings and accessories of blue and similar colors are more relaxing, besides being modern.

Blue & Brown

Image source: Environmental Dynamics, Inc.

You probably haven’t thought of combining blue and brown but they can actually be a very good combination.

  • Get one piece in the room that contains both colors and influences the look of the room, such as a high-quality rug.
  • Pick one color that you will use for accessories, such as pillows, paintings or crafts. Once you want to redecorate, all you have to do is change these pieces, not the wall colors.
  • Hang simple, inexpensive paintings on your walls. You don’t need anything else but different stripes painted on the canvases.
  • This mod living room benefits from a trendy blue-and-brown color combo.

Light Blue

Image source: Bardes Interiors

Blue has been used for the porch ceilings for such a long time and everybody knows that. You can bring this trick inside your home and make it look more natural and modern.

Styles Mixture

Image source: Rejoy Interiors, Inc.

One more way you could use the blue and brown combination:

  • Combine them with any color of the color wheel. Get the high-quality, expensive pieces in the neutral color.
  • Put something in the room that will be your stamp, such as a traditional painting or even flag from the place that you come from or place that you love. It could also be a painting of something that you love, such as ships, airplanes or just anything that describes you.
  • Simple, clean-line furniture with some vivid rug would be a good choice because you will include both styles in the room.


Image source: Cynthia Lynn Photography

In case you haven’t thought about paint’s importance until now, it is time to do it. Paint has the ability to completely transform your home and make every room stand out.

Don’t think that your job is done by just choosing the right color. You must know which techniques and tools to use in order to complete the task successfully.

Instead of getting a professional interior designer to do all of this for you, you can simply learn how to do it yourself. The most important things about it are your creativity and imagination.

With these two and a little bit of effort, every room in yours will change for the better! You have to make a plan and set things straight.

Think of the way you want to feel whenever you enter each room. If you want to relax in a calm and romantic environment, a cool shade or light warm are what you are looking for.

Image source: Clark Gaynor Interiors

If you want to feel cozy and homely, choose a yellow shade. If you want to feel vivid and full of energy, choose some of the vibrant colors. And the list goes on.

You can also learn how to use the color wheel and combine colors that will fit your room the best. Accent walls have been popular for a very long time so why wouldn’t you have one in your living room?

The best thing about painting is the difference and improvement that you can see straight away. For this reason, if you are not satisfied with the feeling you get inside your home or you simply want to refresh it, do not wait any longer and start experimenting!

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