You might have noticed over the course of the last few decades (if you have been around long enough) that the coral color is steadily growing more and more popular. It’s been around for ages now and people never seem to have enough of it. So why is that so?

Coral pink is known to evoke bright and positive energy and it often brings a smile to people’s faces for no particular reason except for it being what it is – a pleasant color to be surrounded with.

So what color is coral?

Image source: Jacki Mallick Designs, LLC.

There are several different variations of coral colors; most commonly shades of orange and pink, but there is also a coral red although it is not as popular as coral orange or coral pink color. Coral color covers a large number of shades – just like the real corals out there in the sea.

The good thing about the color coral is that it can easily stand alone, but it also pairs really well with other colors which allows you to make all kinds of nice-looking combinations.

So first of all, let’s take a look at colors that go with coral and at some currently trendy color combinations.

Trendy Color Combinations with Coral

Image source: Ashleigh Underwood Design

Coral is very in these days but in order to avoid making it look dull, we should pair it with the colors that bring out the best in this lovely orange pink.

Coral and Navy Blue

Image source: Grand Oaks Manor

Navy and coral wedding is one of the latest trends and more and more people decide to go for this color combination to make their wedding chick. They usually use navy blue drapes combined with coral centerpieces while the bridesmaids are wearing holding coral bouquets while wearing their navy dresses.

Coral and navy wedding is a good choice for rustic outdoor weddings.

Coral and Turquoise

Image source: KDB Custom Homes

The coral and turquoise wedding is the ideal combination of pastel shades that can work great for summer weddings. Turquoise and coral weddings are a big hit with the destination weddings because those vibrant colors give a fresh feeling to the whole environment while also adding romantic hues to a daytime wedding.

Coral, Teal, and Light Grey

Image source: Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc

When thinking about what colors go with coral, one should not be afraid to think outside of the box and throw colors like teal and grey into the mix.

So yes, somebody thought of that and the next thing we knew was a huge new trend – teal and coral wedding. From bridesmaids’ dresses to colorful cupcakes, this color combination is one of the top pics for spring/summer outdoor wedding. If you plan on using the color on your walls, you should use interior paint sprayers to do that. That should return the best result.

Coral, Aqua, and Yellow

Image source: Lux Design Associates

If you want a wedding on a beach, this color combination is your winner for sure. Color coral adds a warm touch to aqua and then yellow lifts the two to a completely new level. The great thing about this combination is that both light coral and dark coral will look equally as good here.

Why We Love All Shades of Coral

Image source: LORRAINE G VALE, Allied ASID

One of the biggest reasons people simply love coral (color) is the way it naturally freshens up and cheers up space. It is a truly uplifting color and having a coral bedroom in your house, choosing coral paint colors for your walls, or just adding a one impactful detail such as orange coral door can really change the way you feel in your home.

Image source: Sara Tuttle Interiors

If you prefer vintage style to your home, the light coral color will be a great part of your décor. If, on the other hand, you want more modern and edgy home, colors from the coral color palette will help you soften up the overall look.

So let’s talk about this in more detail and see how you should use coral to decorate your home and turn it into a glamorous yet cozy place.

Decorating with Coral Color

Image source: Burnham Design

Whether you’re looking to infuse some nice coral shades into your home or you’re simply looking for some colors that match coral elements in your home, here is some useful advice to follow when decorating a room with coral.

From coral accents to coral walls, this is a color that always freshens up a space and kind of wakes it up. Even if you are looking to implement coral into something like a website design with coral color code, all of the following tips and tricks could potentially be helpful.

Image source: Julie Mifsud Interior Design

Coral red color goes well with neutrals so if you get bored with your all-white room, all you have to do is simply add a few coral accessories and give them room a bit more life.

But if you search for pictures of the color coral online, you will often see it paired with darker hues, such as dark grey or navy because it adds a level of cheerfulness to the colors that might come off as slightly depressing when standing by themselves.

Image source: Jalan Jalan Collection

However, while you may combine coral with all kinds of colors, such as shades of grey, blue, beige etc., sometimes, the best way or celebrating coral is by adding different layers with similar tones such as raspberry, rosy, and similar. Coral combined with pink hues create a soft and romantic environment that you will enjoy spending your days in.

And while some might see coral as quite a feminine color, the truth is it can be equally as appealing to both men and women, depending on the colors you decide to combine it with. For example, coral paired with gender-neutral colors such as yellow and green will probably never go out of style and both men and women will enjoy them equally.

The Difference between Coral Color, Salmon, and Peach

Image source: ABRAMS

What colors make coral? What does the color coral look like? Color salmon vs coral – is there any difference?

Those are some of the most common questions that seem to still have people pretty confused. So if you are still not completely sure whether the color you’re looking at is actually coral, we will help you better understand the difference between this color and some of the similar hues out there.

Image source: 1st Option

Coral, salmon, and peach color are all on the spectrum somewhere between pink and orange. You can find them in the warm tones of the sunset, the inside of seashells, some beautiful flowers etc. And yes, there is a certain overlap, but each of these colors has its own feel.

Peach is a bit softer than coral and it is the kind of color you would probably associate with ladies lunching in tearooms. Coral, on the other hand, is more “recent” color, and in fashion, it is usually a hot pink-orange color.


Then there is apricot which is more on the orange side than the pink. So if you look at apricot, peach, and salmon all lined one next to each other, they will go from mostly orange to a mostly pink shade.

So yes, we admit that there are some overlap and similarity in those shades, but once you see them lined all next to each other, you will be able to easily see the difference.

Image source: Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, Inc.

Ending thoughts on using the coral color

The coral color is one of those colors that never seem to go out of style. It works well with each season, it looks equally as good outdoors and indoors, and it gives a lovely warm and cheerful feel to every room where you can find it.

So whether you’re planning a wedding, re-decorating your home, designing a website, or simply picking your next outfit, coral is definitely one of the choices you should consider.

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