Who doesn’t like the fairytale feeling curtains around the bed can create?

Bedrooms can perfectly accommodate this luxurious touch regardless of their size, which is why you should look for some bed drapes while choosing your window treatments.

The good news is that bed curtains come in all colors and designs, including the amazingly practical canopy bed drapes.

In fact, canopy bed curtains have their own distinctive methods to make the room impactful, but completing the look of the beds with curtains around them can further enhance the comfort and the intimate ambiance.

A bed with curtains will easily dominate every bedroom, in particular when the fabric choice is breezy to ensure both freshness and privacy.

Image source: J. Scott Interiors and The Well Dressed Window

Canopy beds with curtains are easy to like, but slightly more difficult to afford. This is why you should consider a romantic DIY makeover which will only require you to buy canopy bed curtains instead of entire beds.

But is it indeed so easy to make your own classy bed with drapes? Your best shot is to hang curtains for canopy bed on an L-shaped rod you’ve previously mounted on the ceiling, and draw them down only when you need them.

With privacy in the first plan, however, you should go for a thicker and more opaque fabric, and find a safer method for attaching it over your bed.

Image source: Diedre Shaw Interiors

Even when the mere point of bed curtains is to make the place more exciting, we recommend you to consider mobile options that won’t require renovations and bed replacement in case you’re bored with the canopy bed curtain ideas.

Luckily, there are many great options such as the four-corner approach that will save you time and money.

Why using bed curtains

Image source: Ella Scott Design, llc

The fact that you’re already on board with the bed curtains idea means that you’re thinking of fixing functionality glitches, rather than changing how your bedroom looks.

For instance, you may be in for some extra warmth and onlooker prevention with closed curtains, or just hanging those to ensure you will sleep undisturbed.

Image source: Laura U, Inc.

If you hate your partner’s habit to switch lights on during the night, or to open blinds on early Sundays, bed curtains can for real be very helpful. These are the other things they can do for you:

Blocking sound is another important reason why people opt for bed curtains.

Depending on the softness of the fabric, your bed curtain may absorb and hinder sounds reflecting from the walls or other hard surfaces, and thereof minimize noise levels and help you sleep more peacefully.

All important things you should know about bed curtains

Image source: Lauren Coburn LLC

Using a hula hoop can further enhance your privacy, and hide your bed from the roommate’s one in case you’re sharing the dormitory.

The best looking canopy curtains are white and semi-transparent ones.

Image source: Isabelle Robyns

You can always add some extra coziness with sheer fabrics and small light hoops that stir light on them.

Black-and-white bed curtain solutions never go out of style.

Image source: AMW Design Studio

The ‘Marie Antoinette Vibe’ in your bedroom won’t take more than a rod and a table cloth hung over it.

Using heavy drapes instead of curtains provides instant elegance, but also protects you from external sounds and fluctuating temperatures. Basically, it is your best option to insulate the bed and sleep more tranquilly.

Regardless of how beautiful your bed curtains are, your mood will always depend on how well you’ve handled the color choice. Dark shades can easily invoke a morose feeling, while lighter and feminine ones relax the mind and the senses.

Image source: Jett Thompson Antiques & Interiors

Your bed’s makeover doesn’t have to cost: you can still have that extra cozy sleeping environment with two mini-rods and cheap fabrics stirred on them.

For a more luxurious appearance, hang curtains above the bed on a crown-like structure (interior designers call these Coronas), ideally made of wood or shiny metals. You can also add holdbacks on the headboard to retract the curtain when necessary.

In a neutral bedroom, make sure the light spirit of your palette coincides with the bed curtain choice. For instance, pick pink, blue, or floral canopy curtains.

An interesting choice for romantic bedrooms is four-poster drapes, even if those are traditionally associated with girls’ rooms and teenage havens.

There is no reason not to use canopy curtains on baby cribs! This way, you will protect your toddler from harsh light coming in the room, or create a warmer and safer environment for him.

Image source: Alida Coury Interiors

For best results, hang it as high as possible, and tuck it all around the crib as you would do with a regular bed.

In case you’re not interested to attract attention, you can save few bucks using partial canopies in smartly selected, unobtrusive colors.

Be careful not to exaggerate with patterns, because this may hinder or completely overshadow the rest of your beautiful furniture. Note that wider curtains that close are still a smarter option for big bedrooms where there is a lot going on.

If by any chance you’re not able to install rods, replace those with copper pipes.

Whimsical and airy curtain choices support tremendously the daydream beach cabana concept, so make sure you’ve added them to your tropically-styled bedroom.

Avoid dramatic and lush curtains, unless you have a large bedroom where you can fix them and tie them with ribbons.

Image source: London Bay Homes

Enhance the whimsical effect with extra string lights.

For extra privacy and sophisticated environments, consider the classic heavy curtains that are black on the interior side, and gray on the exterior one.

This doesn’t mean you have to stick to these hues – if you have a large and predominantly neutral bedroom, every color will look good.

Bed curtains are not bed exclusive: if you choose to pull them in a way which will enclose part of the walls, nightstands or floor lamps, you will have the perfect thinker’s private space where you can read or write undisturbed.

For a bohemian look, hang pieces of fringed fabric all around your bed.

Your embellishment options are unlimited: you can decorate your bed curtains with hula hoops, duct tapes, or satin ribbons, or even surround them with battery-powered strand lights to ensure a fairy effect. Flowery versions can never go wrong.

What makes bedroom really modern according to today’s design concepts are neutral colors and streamlined alignment, which is something that counts also for canopy beds.

Image source: Eric Cohler Design

It doesn’t have to mean that an unobtrusive solution will prevent your bed from being the centerpiece in the room – it will end up being more impressive than you ever thought!

Ending thoughts

Image source: Norelco Cabinets Ltd

No one can deny there is something magical about canopy beds, or discard the intimate and safety ambiance they create.

Sleeping in their plush embrace provides more tranquility than a standard bed will ever do, which is why these beds are perfect for loners, over-sleepers, and people who like to play with their imaginations.

The type of bed you have won’t necessarily restrict you from ribbing some of the magic’s shine off yourself, as long as you pick fabrics that match your existing décor.

Before you’ve started with the project, define the purpose of your canopy bed, and then choose the most suitable style.

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