There can’t be a river without water and there can’t be a smoke without fire.

These are two of the obvious facts in life and another of these life facts is that there can’t be a living room without sofa.

It is the spine of the living room and also its soul and heart, and it is undoubtedly the most important element in the interior because a beautiful and comfortable living room without beautiful and comfortable sofas is extremely unimaginable.

Its contribution to the beauty and the overall appearance of the interior cannot be over emphasized.

Image source: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

The straight back sofa style is perhaps the most popular, but curved couches are making something of a renaissance.

Gone are the days when it was only the rich that could afford them as they can now be seen in many mass market stores and at decent costs as well.

Curved sofa – a timeless piece of elegant furniture

In the nineteenth century, curved sofa was a trending and fashionable piece of furniture, and one hundred years later, it still retains its beauty and elegance, and it continues to remain in vogue. Smooth curves, rounded silhouettes and soft surface have always represented liss and convenience, and this is perhaps the main reason why curved sofas are still popular and haven’t become obsolete.

Image source: Belinda Albo Design Studio

A lot of people prefer the smooth lines to angular designs, and as a result of this fact, curved sofa brings much more comfort than a rectangular one due to the fact that they have soft corners.

So in case you want to be dramatic in setting up your living room, here is a fantastic idea. Avoid using neutral colors for the furniture, and rather use the colors recommended by the designers, and if you choose the curved couch, you will surely be amazed by the magical look it will give to your living room.

Image source: Two Ellie

If you want your living room to look like a contemporary living room, then the curved contemporary sofa will be perfect for you. They have a modern and luxurious appearance and will certainly go well with modern and luxurious decorations.

Another advantage of curved sofas is that they create a large space in the centre of the living room, and if you can learn how to make the most of this, you living room decoration will be top notch.

Sectional sofas fit effortlessly anywhere in your home. They are a part of your living room that you can’t do without. Curved sofas are flawless, and they are especially great if you want to be stylish. If it’s an L-shape sofa for your small living room you want or a U- shape sofa for your king size drawing room or any other kind of shape, curved sectional sofas are suitable for all.

Image source: Adrienne DeRosa

And also, curved sectional sofas are voguish and fashionable, and your home set up never looks dated with curved sofas placed in them. Curved sofas are great and beautiful, and the best thing about them is that they are very affordable.

If you are creative, you can also make your own beautiful combinations with modern modular sofa. We know that your home is very important to you, and it’s the place you always end up coming back to after work or series of voyage or expeditions around the world. To help you derive an extra fulfillment from your home, we offer some amazing designs of curved sectional sofas.

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How to Decorate Curved Sofa

The ancient Romans used the curved sofa, also called the stibadium as dinning. Unlike people sitting on straight sofas, it would be easier for people sitting on curved couch to converse without having to bend forward. Modern and vintage curved sofas make relaxing conversation areas, define space and divide large rooms with a gentle line.

Image source: Burns and Beyerl Architects

To have a unique set up, add a curved table to the space already created by the curved sofa. Ensure the color of the table agrees with the color of the curved sofa or you can use a glass table. Don’t use pastel or bright colors as they are not synonymous with contemporary style.

Image source: Gallery Interiors and Rockford Kitchen Design

Opt for bright colors that are different to your sofa to make it look unique and outstanding, just like a black sofa will stand out in a white room or a yellow sofa in a blue room. This idea might just work out for you.

Contemporary Curved Sectional Sofa

There are a number of modern atriums that bear a luxurious look with bright lights. In these rooms, you can incorporate the arched sectional sofa idea right in the centre of the hall. Get a round central table within the space of the sofa. A unique black patchwork on the floor makes the room beautiful.

The sofa has backrest and cushions in a semi-circular pattern, and the rest of the sofa provides a place to sit without a backrest.

Image source: Murphy Co Design

There are numerous present age atriums or cavaedia that have epicurean view with shinning bright lights. You can blend the curved sectional sofa idea in the centre of the hall in these rooms. All you need is a round central table not larger than the space of the sofa, plus a black patchwork on the floor makes the room look magnificent.

The sofa features a backrest and cushions in a semi-circular and the remaining part of the sofa gives a place to sit without a backrest.

Two piece-joint sofa

You want a stylish set of sofa that brings comfort and other features; you should consider the beautiful two piece serpentine arched sectional sofa. It’s very unique and you see style written all over it at first sight. The arches at the edges and in the middle of the sofa are totally of black leather combined with velvet upholstery.

Image source: Zimina Inna

Curved Leather Sectional Sofa

Leather sofas represent nothing but elegance. With great architectural design with curved walls and pillars in place, you can easily include this idea to improve the overall view. It’s very pleasant to see the round stylish table in the middle and the wooden floor in the room makes all perfect.

Pacific sofa

For lovers of comfortable upholstery, the impeccable and stylish pacific sofa set is perfect. The t-shaped cushions and the ethnic side curves, coupled with perfectly positioned arms is nothing but a joy to behold.

It is easy to clean the fabric used and it has an amazing melt in couch feel that brings ease and comfort. With its voguish appearance and all, this sofa gives nothing but pure beauty and elegance to your living room.

Image source: THINK architecture Inc.

Curved Outdoor Sectional Sofa

The curved sofa idea might be perfect for outdoor spaces sometimes, and a lot of people have started adopting this idea. The sectional sofa is totally corresponding with the stone fire place with walls made of wood in this specific design, and the dark grey color of the sofa goes well with that of the floor.

All you need is white cushions and a round white table for the sofa and you are sure to have a beautiful space.

Ottoman style curved sofa

This sofa is very classy and unique that it would amaze anyone seeing it for the first time. It’s absolutely marvelous and modern. Its arched back, supported by the oak framework makes it suitable for conventional decor. Its archaic look makes it stylish somehow and it fits perfectly into any room of any size.

Image source: My Villa Austin

Corner Curved Sectional Sofa

A sophisticated sofa such as this one is perfect for sophisticated homes such as castles and palaces. Place the white arched sectional sofas in the corners of the room and the leather sofas would suit the white floors perfectly. Imagination of this set up in one’s head alone is even marvelous.

Serpentine sofa

This would be a really great choice for you if you are looking for style. Its arms on the left hand side give you a back rest from left to right. It’s a combination of style and class and be it in your home or your office, it is just perfect for all. It is very durable and also fashionable, and a combination of leather and velvet for its fabric makes it a top notch.

Image source: Finelines Interiors

Curved Reclining Sectional Sofa

This curved reclining sectional sofa brings nothing but comfort. It’s a perfect sitting set up for your TV room or home theatre. The combination of the dark color of the floor and cabinets around the TV console, together with the sofa is like a match made in heaven. Everything just looks beautiful and perfect together.

Cosmopolitan curved sofa

For lovers of comfortable upholstery, the flawless and stylish pacific sofa set is perfect. It is packed with extra fitted cushions from inside and this cosmopolitan sofa set is highly strong and durable. Your wooden floor and cabinet make a perfect match with the coffee shade, and it is also supported by a wooden base. This sofa set is indeed a value for money.

Image source: Deering Design Studio, Inc.

Mid Century Curved Sectional Sofa

This grey color L-Shaped Sofa is perfect for lofty square rooms. It’s perfect for homes that have a sitting room at the entrance, and combined with the glass walls in the entrance, this set up looks really fabulous. There is no beautiful home without a beautiful set of sofas, and this idea could just be exactly what your home needs.

Smooth-edged leather sofa

This sofa set is a perfect idea if you want durability and style. It is very unique and at the same time looks voguish and modern, and the comfortable white leather used, coupled with a fluffy and heavy foam places it ahead of other modern curved sofas. With your white marble flooring, this sofa set is definitely a treat to the eyes of any beholder.

U-shaped curved sofa

This U-shaped sofa has style written all over it. With its round shape and soft foam, it was designed in a way to serve two purposes, the main purpose being for sitting and the second is that it brings a comfort of a round bed. It’s a combination of many things in one, as it provides comfort, durability and style. This small curved sofa is perfect for you if you are looking for curved sofas for small spaces.

Image source: Savvy Decor

Explore Layout Options

For rooms that have curved architectural designs, curved sofas are just perfect. They save space in the rooms, and the curve also allows you to see multiple directions in the room than a straight sofa does. They are also perfect for conversational groupings as any additional seat can be easily brought in.

If you have a small room, you could position two curved sofas facing each other and if needed, you could put armchairs in between the sofa ends.

Floating curved sofa

With beautiful carved legs coupled with a curved back rest, this sofa is very unique and beautiful. It has a wavy platform that gives it a floating look, and it’s incredible texture makes it very comfortable.

It is made with beautiful blue velvet fabric, which is soft and can be cleaned easily, and its carved legs give it an amazing look. It’s perfect for you if you are looking for uniqueness combined with style.

Image source: Adrian Martinez Arquitectos

Modern Curved Sectional Sofa

A modern luxury living room is nothing without a matching beautiful set of furniture. This sectional sofa is perfect for a large living room with a wooden floor that is well-polished. The combination of a round glass table with a black carpet on the floor looks very great, and this sofa with its light color also has dark colored cushions which make it all marvelous.

Work with a Mood and Color Scheme

Having pillows in the room’s colors will complement curved couches. You can create a positive vibe in the room by using lucent colors, soft textured pillows in many shapes- such as cushions, square and round- on an arched sofa. Rectangular and squared pillows connect arched couches with a conventional room.

Provided you are doing the whole decoration from the scratch, curved couches in a neutral color gives you the chance to use a number of color combinations, saving you money when you want to redecorate the room. Using the main sofa in the main color you want for the room like red, turquoise or yellow is also a great idea you might be willing to try out.

Image source: Farinelli Construction, Inc.


The sofa sets the tone for a room design so most professionals advice you that the first thing you need in a room is the sofa. While curved sofas were forgotten for a while, they have now made a comeback, and in style as well.

They are fancy, stylish and they bring comfort, and the above mentioned designs have given us something of an idea of how magnificent a living room can look with curved couches in it.

Image source: Mark English Architects, AIA

They are sophisticated and are outstanding, and that’s why they are set apart from the normal looking sofas. Be it the leather finish, velvet finish, or the wooden finish, they all look marvelous ad beautiful, and they are also stylish.

Your home deserves the very best from you, and the best you can do for your home might just be one of these sectional curved sofas. They are really good value for money.

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