These days, a living room just doesn’t feel right without a fireplace. These beautiful fixtures not only create a focal point in your home but also add aesthetic value. Their only drawback is maintenance. While setting up a fire is easy, dealing with the aftermath isn’t fun at all. Scrubbing the ashes and smoke stay can keep you busy throughout the entire day.

Fireplaces may also not be the best idea if you have children and pets. Both are curious, meaning they might get dangerously close to the source of heat.

Luckily, you can bypass both these issues by investing in an electric fireplace. Unlike a regular one, it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance. And with the right design, it can be just as beautiful. One way you can enhance the look of your electric fireplace even further is by adding a TV above it. This way you both maximize your room space and create visually stunning fixtures.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 14 examples of stunning electric fireplace ideas with TV above.

Electric fireplace ideas

Create a feature wall behind your electric fireplace

Image source: GreenHalo Builds

Before you add a wall-mounted TV above your electric fireplace, consider creating a feature wall behind. Make it stand out from the rest of the walls in your living room by painting it a different color. You can also add decorations such as photographs. Once you’re done, it will be the first thing everyone notices when they walk inside your living room.

Build a three-sided electric fireplace to accentuate it

Image source: Adolfo Perez, Architect

Although it is electric fireplaces are commonly set into the wall, you don’t have to follow this pattern. Why not make it three-sided instead? This 3D profile will not only be the perfect place to mount your TV, but it will also make the fixture look bigger. We recomm

end choosing this option for modern-style households.

Build a custom wall unit around your electric fireplace

Image source: Pinney Designs

This style is all the rage among people with modern-style houses. It features a wall unit built around the electric fireplaces. It features shelves on both sides and a wall-mounted TV about it. This design works best in black or white.

Image source: Morrone Interiors

A minimalist wall unit offers practical advantages as well. Since it is mounted near a wall, it effectively hides all cables and wires. This saves you the hassle of having to install them inside a real wall.

You can store your books and DVDs on the nearby shelves, which is another neat perk of a custom wall unit. Or, you can fill it up with additional decorations.

Place your electric fireplace in a corner

Image source: Ziger|Snead Architects

If you don’t have enough space in your living room, you can always place your electric fireplace in a corner. You can then add a flat-screen TV right above it. This way, you make the most of your limited space. At the same time, you’ll create a comfy corner for you and your family.

Put your electric fireplace on a mantel

Image source: Jason Ball Interior Design

Your electric fireplace doesn’t have to be set on a wall. Instead, you can build a makeshift mantel to house it. Thus, you’ll get the look of a real fireplace without excessive maintenance. The design looks especially cozy on a snowy, winter day.

Mount your electric fireplace on a shiplap wall

Image source: GreenHalo Builds

Shiplap is a popular design in many modern homes. It features horizontal stripes that accentuate anything you place before them. This makes it the perfect background for your electric fireplace and a flat-screen TV.

An electric fireplace can look rustic too

Image source: Reliance Design Build

Although electric fireplaces are modern inventions, this doesn’t mean they can’t look rustic too. If you cast it in a rustic light wood mantel, you’ll great the perfect traditional look for your home. A little fiddling with the design can make your wall-mounted electric fireplace look like a traditional one.

You can place the TV both above or next to it. While installing it above is more popular, placing it next to your recessed electric fireplace is much easier to pull off.

Get a modern electric fireplace with a gloss finish

Image source: Western Window Systems

A gloss finish is a very popular look that makes for a modern, elegant living room. Since you’re aiming for a modern look, it works best with contrasting colors such as black and white. The gloss finish resembles the luster of a flat-screen TV, bringing the whole look together.

You can take this idea one level further by using a mirrored finish instead.

A built-in electric fireplace can look traditional too

Image source: LB Design

Many people think that electric fireplaces belong in modern-style homes. However, this isn’t true. Your design options are practically limitless. If you would like to have a traditional fireplace but don’t like all the maintenance involved, then an electric one is perfect for you. With the right design, it can mimic the real deal flawlessly.

Design a recessed stained wood mantel

Image source: Ameriwood Home

While you can just set your electric fireplace straight into a wall, playing with mantel designs can be a lot of fun. For instance, you can try setting it into a recessed stained wood mantel. Whether it’s real or fake is up to you. Wood comes in many different textures and stains, making this a very versatile option that will transform your family room.

Image source: Ridge Creek Custom Homes

Make sure you use contrast to your advantage. If you have a dark living room, choose a light-stained wood mantel. You may consider getting some light wood candle holders too to further enhance the look.

Go for a sleek, minimalist look

Image source: By Design

One disadvantage of mantels is that they take up a lot of space. Luckily, you can stick to the classic sleek look and install your fireplace directly into a wall. This way, you can make the most out of your limited space. And instead of complex decorations, you can accentuate the wall by focusing on its texture and color.

Use a metal surround for a modern industrial look

Image source: Distinctive Interior Designs

Metal is a material you don’t see often when it comes to mantels and surrounds. However, it works just as well. The metallic luster will give your living room a modern feel that is unique to this material. It works especially well with an exposed wall made of bricks or concrete. Other elements you can add are pipes and vents, both of which are very typical for this design.

Use a classic slate mantel

Image source: Ryan Group Architects

The best thing about our electric fireplace ideas with TV above is their versatility. We believe you don’t have to follow any norms when designing your living. For instance, a stacked slate mantel doesn’t go well with just a gas fireplace. If done right, you can use it for your electric fireplace as well. It creates a rustic look that’s excellent for traditional-style homes.

Add spot lighting above the flat-screen TV

Image source: Modern Flames

If you’re going for a recessed look, you can add extra lighting above the TV. This accentuates the decorations on the mantel when you’re not watching the TV. It also creates a cozy atmosphere, especially if you’re using warm colors.

FAQs on electric fireplace ideas with the TV above

What is an electric fireplace with a TV above?

The combination of the cozy ambiance of an electric fireplace and the fun of a TV mounted above it has been a popular design choice in recent years. It’s a great way to make a statement in the bedroom, living room, or family room.

Can you mount a TV above an electric fireplace?

It is possible to set a television above an electric fireplace, but doing so requires careful planning and execution. If you want to hang your TV above the hearth, you should get a mount made for that purpose.

How far should a TV be mounted above an electric fireplace?

Depending on the dimensions of the electric fireplace and the television, the ideal distance between the two should be determined. As a rule, the TV shouldn’t be too close to the fireplace and should be set at an appropriate height and distance for viewing.

Do electric fireplaces with a TV above provide heat?

Heat production from electric fireplace TV combos is debatable. While some are merely decorative and don’t actually warm the room, others come equipped with heaters.

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace with a TV above?

An electric fireplace that also incorporates a television is a space-saving and multipurpose option that may serve as the room’s focal point while keeping you toasty and entertaining guests.

Are there any safety concerns with mounting a TV above an electric fireplace?

Mounting a television over an electric fireplace raises safety concerns due to the potential for the television to be damaged by the heat produced by the fireplace and the risk of electrical shock or fire if the installation is not done properly. Always refer to the manual and get help from an expert if you’re unsure how to proceed.

Can you customize the design of an electric fireplace with a TV above?

Many versions of electric fireplaces with TVs above can be altered to better suit the interior design preferences of the homeowner. There is a wide range of sizes, wood types, and fire effects to choose from.

How do you clean an electric fireplace with a TV above?

The best method for keeping a TV-mounted electric fireplace clean can vary with the make and model. Most electric fireplaces may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some gentle soap and water. A fireplace or television’s surface can easily be scratched by utilizing abrasive cleansers or tools.

How much does an electric fireplace with a TV above cost?

Depending on factors including size, design, and amenities, the price of an electric fireplace with a TV mounted above it can range widely. The cheapest models cost a few hundred dollars, while the most expensive might cost several thousand.

Where can I find inspiration for electric fireplace ideas with a TV above?

Magazines, websites, and social media such as Pinterest and Instagram may all serve as excellent sources of inspiration when looking for electric fireplace ideas with a TV above. Homeowners can also seek the advice of professionals in the field of interior design or home improvement.

Our final thoughts on electric fireplace ideas with TV above

Image source: Rockridge Fine Homes

We’ve created this list of electric fireplace ideas with TV above to show you just how creative you can get with the design. Whether you like the modern or traditional look, the world’s your oyster. And luckily, your electric fireplace won’t need nearly as much maintenance as a real one.

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