Ever wondered about kitchen color schemes with black appliances and how they’d match in a modern kitchen design? Any kitchen style, from contemporary kitchen designs to more classic ones, may benefit from the addition of sleek black appliances.

Consider a home’s current color scheme, architectural elements, and personal preferences when designing around black appliances. These black kitchen appliances are a popular substitute for the often seen stainless steel and high-end stainless steel.

The fact that black appliances can work with almost any color, from complementary colors to contrasting hues, is perhaps the finest thing about decorating with them. Black appliances, like a black suit or dress, can be matched together – and make the opposing color pop, just like in a black kitchen aesthetic.

This offers up a lot of possibilities for your creative ideas to flow through, especially when considering wall paint suggestions and matching floor tiles. What will they do with you?

Of course, you may go monochromatic and use an all-white or gray color scheme for the remainder of the room, resembling a neutral palette. If you want to go outside the box, and perhaps lean into more kitchen design trends, we’ve put up four other color palettes, considering cabinetry colors and kitchen backsplash ideas, to complement your fancy (smudge-resistant) oven and range.

How you decorate your kitchen is sometimes determined by the appearance of your kitchen appliances. Given the popularity of black stainless steel, we felt it would be useful to give some suggestions for darker appliances. So, to learn more about kitchen color schemes with black appliances, including ideas around countertop choices and black oven design, keep reading!

The Kitchen Cabinets

Image source: Maxine Schnitzer Photography

When it comes to designing your kitchen with black appliances, the cabinets, with their glossy or matte finish options, are most likely the most noticeable feature. Why? Because the majority of appliances are installed immediately within the cabinet. This means that when you enter the kitchen, you will quickly notice a stark contrast between the two, a kind of kitchen renovation idea in itself.

There are several cabinet color options, from dark appliance decor hues to lighter shades, to complement your black stainless steel appliances. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Navy Blue

Image source: Christina Michelle Interiors

For your kitchen cabinets, you might go with a light ocean blue or a dark navy blue. Either option is a wonderful match for your black stainless steel appliances. The lighter blue will make the kitchen brighter and let your appliances shine out, but the darker navy blue will give your kitchen a more regal and opulent vibe, almost like the black stove aesthetics in some kitchens.

Keep the bulk of the kitchen white while painting a key component of the room navy (such as an island or bottom cabinets). Natural wood stools and black slate appliances, combined with drawer and handle colors, will provide a modern touch to the navy and white nautical theme.

If the navy blue and black appear too dark, add an off-white island to create the needed contrast. Using black hardware on your cabinets and drawers is another way to tie the black of the appliances together.


Image source: Christine Vroom Interiors

Kitchen cabinets painted in pure white make a startling, sharp contrast against black kitchen appliances, similar to a black and white photographic aesthetic. Install dazzling chrome cabinet hardware, a favorite in many kitchen design trends, to provide a contemporary touch or brushed nickel handles and knobs for a more traditional design.

To match cottage or country decor, add a weathered or distressed finish to white cabinets, a perfect backdrop to your sleek black oven design.

You won’t have to worry about your kitchen looking anything other than beautiful, whether it’s a country white or a pure pearl white. With the addition of a magnificent black and white tiled floor, which plays beautifully with wall paint suggestions, you get the sensation of a bygone period.

Deep Red

Image source: CITYDESKSTUDIO, Inc.

A high-contrast area appears more energizing, much like the stark contrast of a glossy appliance against matte cabinetry. This is especially important if you want to make a statement with your kitchen design trends. The matte black of your appliances, along with neutral gray accessories (such as dish towels and plates), can help to tone down the dramatic color, emphasizing the kitchen aesthetics.

Pair your black steel appliances, a part of modern kitchen design, with ruby red cabinets and neutral-toned accessories.

If you’re adding modern appliances to a farmhouse kitchen, light turquoise and wood accents may easily soften the contrast, allowing room for creative ideas to flow.

Natural Wood

Image source: Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

Use natural textures such as light and dark wood grains, resembling the beautiful variety found in plank flooring, as well as concrete-like brickwork, to compliment your modern black slate appliances.

Light-colored natural wood, such as light maple or oak, adds an earthy feel and a pleasing contrast to black appliances. Rich cherry woodwork creates a pleasant environment, emphasizing the kitchen renovation ideas, while solid black cabinets add a dramatic touch. Install a countertop to compliment your black appliances and fit your lifestyle, considering matching floor tiles for cohesiveness.

If you like a more traditional or warm kitchen appearance, choose dark cabinets and cupboards made of cherry wood or another dark wood.

Consider the use of rustic cabinets, and crown molding. A copper skillet here and a copper teapot there will tie everything together and give your kitchen a high-end industrial feel, echoing the sophistication of high-end stainless steel.


Image source: Polycor

Gray is a timeless color, acting as the perfect neutral palette in many a kitchen design. Gray, being the ultimate neutral, is an ideal middle ground if an all-black kitchen is too much for you but you don’t want to commit to the upkeep of white kitchens either.

It has the same modern look, much like stainless steel aesthetics, and may be accented with a variety of textures and colors. If solid gray is too simple for you, gray wood laminates that mimic natural wood textures are an option, providing the perfect cabinetry colors for the black appliances.


Image source: Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography

Yellow and black, both popular colors in contemporary kitchen designs, are also great to combine. It’s almost as if you’re making a sunflower in your kitchen, capturing the essence of the kitchen design trends. They complement each other well and bring out the best in each other, similar to how cabinetry colors interact with appliances. You may opt for a softer yellow for a more farmhouse look or a deeper mustard color, which brings the modern kitchen design to life.

Having black trim and windows, possibly in matte finish, will help your black kitchen appliances stand out even more, making the kitchen brighter and emphasizing the kitchen aesthetics.


Image source: Normandy Homes

Black cabinets, paired with wall paint suggestions like lighter hues, can make your kitchen look dark and sleek. This has the potential to take on a more modern appearance resembling black oven design aesthetics. With consistent tones throughout, your kitchen will appear smooth and almost dramatic, earning you plaudits every time.

If you want to add some contrast, change up your countertops and backsplash with a flash of color, possibly leaning into some semantically relevant themes like contrasting hues.

Using lighter-colored wall hangings and even drapes helps to balance out the dark, edgy vibe in your kitchen. Installing lighter-colored chair rails and even a white farm sink to add character and brightness is also a good option.

Walls and Floors

Even though you walk on them, your floors, much like matching floor tiles in design aspects, are still a vital aspect of your kitchen. And there are a plethora of options available to you these days. Here are a couple of such examples:

In a modern, black-and-white palette, crisp white walls and dark hardwood flooring, resembling plank flooring, complement black kitchen appliances seamlessly. Black hardwood flooring with slender, wooden planks in a high-gloss finish exudes an edgy, modern vibe. Install black-and-white checkerboard tile flooring for a nostalgic, retro design, or lay stone tiles for an earthy, natural aesthetic.

Brown, wide-plank, wood-paneled floods are an excellent choice for a more traditional or beautiful kitchen, echoing the neutrals of a neutral palette.

Another option for giving your kitchen a natural, earthy vibe, reminiscent of some kitchen renovation ideas, is natural stone flooring. If you’re seeking serenity and quiet, this may be the place for you.

Hardwood floors are classic, soft on the feet, and they complement the rest of the house perfectly, providing the backdrop for the sleek black appliances.

Installing a stunning glass, ceramic, or tile backsplash adds color, textured appeal with a unique design. A gray backsplash brings out the chilly tones in the black, while yellow or golden colors offer warmth surrounding the black appliances.

Porcelain tiles, echoing the robustness of stainless steel, are also a good choice because of their longevity and versatility–with a variety of textures, colors, and designs, it will be easy to match them to the rest of the kitchen. Whatever you decide, make sure to match a sample to the remainder of the color scheme in your kitchen.

Applying light paint colors to kitchen walls—light gray, soft beige, vanilla white, light yellow – helps to brighten and reduce the impact of black appliances.

The kitchen counters

Of course, in modern kitchen design, you want your countertop to compliment your black appliances, creating a cohesive kitchen aesthetic. However, you must also ensure that it is functional for your requirements. Spending a lot of money on a granite countertop that isn’t going to hold up to your demands might not align with your kitchen design trends and can be a waste of money.

Select a complementing countertop. Black granite countertops with white veins may enhance the premium, modern appearance of kitchens with black appliances, reflecting the opulence of high-end stainless steel. For those looking for a neutral palette or a contrasting hue, consider installing laminate or butcher-block countertops to complement the style of your sleek black appliances.

Pro tip: choose your countertops first because they will be one of the most expensive expenditures and the most difficult to modify later. Making this decision initially will help the remainder of your kitchen renovation, considering cabinetry colors and wall paint suggestions, go much more smoothly. The color and pattern of the countertop will change depending on the material you choose, implying that the style might be highly busy. This makes it simpler to match your cabinets and matching floor tiles to your countertops rather than the other way around.

Windows and Lighting

Include natural light. In kitchens with black kitchen appliances, natural light may be a welcome source of illumination, echoing the shine of glossy appliances. Choose white, wooden blinds with 2-inch slats to control the quantity and direction of natural light that enters an area.

Cover windows in earthy bamboo or woven-grass blinds to provide natural texture, emphasizing the kitchen renovation idea of blending natural and modern elements. Choosing a natural hue with black specks allows the black color to be threaded throughout a kitchen area without overwhelming the space.

Hang a black wrought-iron chandelier above a kitchen island for rustic, Old World charm to add a complementing, decorative light to a kitchen. Suspended pendant lights with sleek black shades over a kitchen bar add a touch of black, resembling the sophistication of black oven design, while delivering much-needed illumination.


FAQ on combining black appliances with various kitchen colors

Do black appliances really go with any kitchen color?

Totally! Black is a versatile color, and honestly, it’s a bit like that black dress or suit you have—it pretty much goes with everything. Especially in contemporary kitchen designs. Whether you’re leaning towards a neutral palette, thinking of adding splashes of brighter colors, or contemplating deep hues, those sleek black appliances will likely fit right in.

Is there a risk of the kitchen looking too dark with black appliances?

Oh, absolutely! But here’s the thing: it’s all about balance. If you’re coupling black appliances with, let’s say, super dark cabinetry and flooring, it can feel like a cave. But hey, contrast is your friend. Think lighter countertops, backsplashes, and perhaps even some wall paint suggestions. Don’t forget about lighting either. Brighten things up, and those black kitchen appliances will look snazzy without making things feel gloomy.

What colors highlight black appliances the best?

In the wonderful world of kitchen aesthetics, both light and bright colors make black pop. Think whites, light grays, and even pastels. They create a stunning contrast against black, giving that chic modern kitchen design vibe. But remember, bold colors like red or deep blue can also look epic. They create a sense of drama and luxury, especially with those high-end stainless steel and black appliances.

Are there specific patterns that pair well with black appliances?

Sure thing! Checkerboard patterns, especially with floor tiles, give a retro vibe that’s just adorable with black appliances. Geometric and linear patterns in backsplashes can also add some zing. Remember, the key is not to overwhelm. With black appliances as your canvas, even subtle patterns in your kitchen can make a loud statement.

How do black appliances look in a farmhouse-style kitchen?

One word: Stunning! Think about it—black appliances in a farmhouse kitchen add this touch of modern to the rustic. You get the charm of the farmhouse with the sleekness of modern design. Wooden elements, light hues, and your black oven design – it’s like bringing a touch of the city into the countryside. Delightful, right?

Any countertop recommendations for black appliances?

Granite and quartz with veining look particularly fabulous. The veins, whether white or metallic, break the monotony and tie the appliances to the countertop. But if you’re watching the wallet, laminates these days look dapper and can mimic those expensive materials. And hey, don’t forget butcher-block countertops. Wood and black? Always a win in the kitchen renovation playbook!

What’s the deal with mixed metal finishes with black appliances?

Mixed metals? Oh, it’s the rage now. Pairing black appliances with, say, copper or gold fixtures and hardware can be delightful. They add warmth. Chrome or brushed nickel? They echo the sleekness and the modern vibes. Mixing metals against the black backdrop of your appliances just adds layers of texture and character.

Does lighting play a role when I have black kitchen appliances?

You bet it does! Lighting can transform your space. With black appliances, you might want to consider brighter lighting options. Under-cabinet lights, pendant lights, or even a chandelier can be both functional and stylish. Remember, the play of light and shadow will emphasize your kitchen’s design elements, especially with those sleek black appliances staring back.

Should I match my black appliances with black fixtures?

Well, it’s a style choice. If you’re digging the monochrome look, then totally go for it. But if you’re wary of overdoing it, you can always introduce other colors. Remember, black is versatile. But a word of advice? Whichever way you lean, just be consistent in your choices. That way, everything feels intentional and cohesive.

Are black appliances just a trend or are they here to stay?

Great question! While it’s true that everything in design tends to be cyclical, black appliances have been popular for quite some time now. Their sleekness, versatility, and the touch of luxury they add—especially those resembling stainless steel aesthetics—ensure they’re not just a passing phase. They’ve been a favorite in many kitchen design trends, and it seems they’re here to stay. But hey, even if trends change, choose what you love!

Ending thoughts on kitchen color schemes with black appliances

Black stainless steel appliances go well with any color cabinets in your kitchen, be it lighter natural woods or dark oaks. Use a yellow, white, red, black, or blue to add color or simply brighten up your kitchen, allowing for creative ideas to flow.

To truly shake things up, use a darker cabinet on the bottom and a lighter color on top, possibly leveraging contrasting hues. To tie everything together, use floor tiles, chair rails, or hardware, considering elements like drawer and handle colors.

We hope you enjoyed this article about kitchen color schemes with black appliances and that it will be useful for your future home improvement projects.

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