We tend to underestimate the power of color’s ability to transform a space. Changing the color of your kitchen’s paint, or even the wall paint colors, may have a dramatic effect on the space’s appearance, making it look either larger or cozier. In this article, we will talk about matching kitchen color schemes with cherry cabinets, giving you insights into complementary colors and ways to enhance your kitchen accents.

The deep crimson overtones of dark cherry cabinets give them a luxurious feel, reminiscent of the richness associated with cherry wood tones. It’s possible to get a variety of distinct effects with dark cherry wood by painting the walls a different color. Your decision might be influenced by whether you want to bring out the wood’s crimson overtones or tone them down, or maybe even contrast with the cherry wood.

When considering kitchen color schemes with cherry cabinets, it’s important to choose a color that complements the hue of the wood. With the wide variety of cherry cabinet paint colors available, we’ve included a few options below to help you narrow down your search.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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As a kitchen cabinetry staple for decades, cherry hardwood has long been linked with traditional cabinetry. Traditional kitchens have relied on them for ages. However, cherry woodwork, with its range of colors from delicate gold-brown to rich luscious brown-red, has a timeless appeal and doesn’t go out of style, making it a perfect material for hardwood flooring as well.

Cherry hardwood has a beautiful, deep hue that adds a sense of warmth and vibrancy to any room. Its hue can be made more prominent with the right backsplash ideas or muted with neutral kitchen walls. Alternatively, the wood can be dyed or let to darken organically over time, offering a wide range of cherry wood cabinet colors to choose from since the wood is so easy to finish.

Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Cabinets

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Kitchen color schemes with cherry cabinets that go well together include subdued grays, whites, and reds. Because paint is the most affordable decorating material, and with options like stainless steel appliances and pendant lighting available, the possibilities for matching colors and designs are virtually endless.

There are only a few guidelines to adhere to.

Contrasting and complementary paint colors can be used to enhance your cherry cabinetry. With contrasting colors, it’s possible to make both the cabinet and the tile flooring stand out. Coordinating colors, on the other hand, will lessen the impact of strong cherry wood tones. What color to use for your cherry cabinets depends on the depth of the color in your cabinets and the kind of ambiance you aim to create with warm kitchen palettes.

Paint swatches should be tested on the wall and held up to the wood to confirm that you are satisfied with your choice of color, ensuring your kitchen accents and overall design blend seamlessly.


Image source: M.J. Whelan Construction

It’s usually a good idea to paint your kitchen walls a warm cream hue to balance off the richness of the cherry cabinets. This neutral kitchen wall color ensures the cabinets, with their deep crimson overtones, take center stage in a room. If you opt for this shade of white, considering adding kitchen accents like a brightly colored runner or an eye-catching pendant lighting to infuse additional color into a modern kitchen.


Gray, when used with cherry cabinets, offers an eye-catching appearance while staying subtle and understated. This makes it a viable replacement for white as a primary kitchen accent color. Those who find white or beige too monotonous might turn to gray, as it introduces a sense of depth and power to a room, emphasizing the rich wood tones of the cabinetry.

To accentuate the gray color palette, incorporate stainless steel kitchen appliances and polished chrome cabinet hardware.


Image source: Passione

The white wall contrasts with the deep hue and crimson overtones of the cherry wood, emphasizing its color and allowing it to take center stage. As the hue of the cherry wood darkens, it becomes more pronounced against a white backdrop. This contrast is ideal for homeowners aiming for a lively vibe and wanting to make a statement with their cabinets.

However, the stark contrast between bright whites and dark cherry cabinets might be overpowering for some. To soften this, one can lean towards warm whites like cream or light tan, which beautifully complement the warm kitchen palette of cherry cabinetry.

This approach can make a small kitchen appear expansive, brighter, and more inviting, resonating perfectly with the rich luscious brown-red of cherry-wood cabinets.

Pale Green

To maximize the potential of a color combination, choosing complementary colors—those positioned opposite on the color wheel—is recommended. Given the red overtones of your dark cherry cabinets, greens act as an ideal counterbalance.

This combination lends depth and visual allure to the space. Additionally, green shades enhance the wood’s color, making its grain more distinct and pronounced.

If your kitchen makeover budget allows, incorporate hardwood flooring to complete this holistic and inviting aesthetic.

Pale Yellow

Image source: Interiors 4 U

Warm and cheery, pale yellow is a great wall paint color choice. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere when paired with cherry kitchen cabinetry. Pairing yellow walls with the rich wood tones of red-brown cherry wood infuses your kitchen with a warm and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall kitchen accent.

Depending on the tint, yellow can be both formal and captivating. Light hues of yellow resonate well with darker wood tones like the deep crimson overtones of cherry, while darker shades of yellow suit lighter wood shades. Just a couple of coats of this color can elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen renovation.


Adding a darker shade like navy blue can make the cherry cabinets blend in, making them less noticeable, while creating a warm kitchen palette. The deep hue of red cabinets contrasts with the navy walls, providing a calm ambiance. Opting for this color combination is wise if you’re aiming for a more balanced and subdued look.

To break up the dominance of navy, consider introducing a white tiled backsplash. This ensures that the final design feels intentional and timeless.

Cabinet-Countertop Combinations

As vital as selecting a wall color is, equally crucial is deciding on a countertop color that harmonizes with your cabinets. Selecting the appropriate material is pivotal, as different materials come with distinct benefits. Below, we delve into the best countertop choices that pair splendidly with cherry wood cabinets.

White Countertops

Image source: Boulder Builders

To accentuate your cherry cabinets, white countertops, whether marble or quartz, can introduce a touch of sophistication.

While both are commendable choices, in terms of durability and stain resistance, quartz emerges as the more resilient one. However, both can be striking options, especially if maintained diligently.

Cream-Colored Granite

Cornice accents, antique handles, and cream granite on the counters and backsplash converge to create a timeless and alluring kitchen design dominated by a cherry color scheme.

The cream-colored granite countertop not only offers a neutral surface to the ambiance but also attenuates the intensity of the cherry wood’s crimson overtones.

A harmonious blend of cream granite for the kitchen island and cream quartz for the base cabinets completes the countertop ensemble.

Grey countertops

Image source: Kitchen Magic Remodel

When paired with cherry cabinets, grey countertops infuse your kitchen with a futuristic flair and a warm kitchen palette.

Grey is an excellent color choice for most furniture, especially as an accent to cherry wood tones, but it can be tricky to implement effectively. In terms of kitchen accents, there’s a plethora of grey shades to pick from for your countertops.

The principle is simple: the darker the brown or black elements in your kitchen, like your hardwood flooring, the lighter your grey shade should be.

Some Additional Tips in Selecting the Right Color Scheme with Cherry Cabinets

Image source: HomeSource Design Center

When deciding on the perfect paint or backsplash ideas to accompany any wood, especially the luxurious feel of cherry, there are some straightforward criteria to consider. Highlighting the wood’s hue means selecting a color that complements the wood. Conversely, if you wish to mute the rich wood tones, go for a hue that aligns with the wood’s undertones or a neutral shade.

Neutral tones such as grays, browns, greens, and golden yellows create a warm and subdued backdrop for dark cherry wood.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always ideal to hide your cherry cabinets behind a dark brown shade of paint; this can only accentuate their presence. Attempting to conceal the genuine allure of cherry cabinets, especially with their deep crimson overtones, seems counterproductive.

For those oscillating between a traditional and modern design, consider white walls juxtaposed with dark cherry cabinets. But if the stark contrast between bright white walls and cherry cabinets doesn’t appeal to you, remember that dark cherry woodwork harmonizes beautifully with beige, cream, off-white, and other warm undertoned hues.

Tread carefully with the red color family. A crimson wall amidst an ambiance dominated by red overtones (like those of cherry wood) might overwhelm a space. Moreover, certain hues can clash with the wood’s undertones, undermining the wood’s aesthetic value.

Owing to the reddish overtones of cherry cabinets, it’s prudent to refrain from black as a neutral hue. Pairing them might yield a design that’s visually cumbersome and feels restrictive.

A monochromatic color palette is always a safe bet. You must establish the perfect balance and use the ideal tones for each visual element in your kitchen when you choose a monochromatic color scheme Cherry cabinets are dark, therefore a lighter brown for the flooring, and a tan tint for the walls are appropriate options.

FAQ on Color Schemes with Cherry Cabinets

Why are cherry cabinets so popular in kitchens?

Well, cherry cabinets are like that classic vinyl record you just can’t get enough of. Timeless, stylish, and versatile. The natural crimson overtones? They give any kitchen a touch of luxury. They’re a bit like the little black dress of kitchen design – never going out of style.

How does cherry wood age over time?

Oh, a bit of a fun fact here! Cherry wood has this cool ability to darken and get richer over time. Expose it to light, and voila, it’ll evolve. It’s like watching a fine wine mature. That changing warm kitchen palette? A treat to watch.

Any wall colors that are a big no-no with cherry cabinets?

You’d think with such a dominant wood, there’d be many. But, nah! Just avoid going too “matchy-matchy”. Super bright reds or deep burgundies can clash. It’s like wearing two bold patterns together – could work, but tricky to pull off.

And the best wall colors to match?

Let’s dream a bit. Think of muted greens, soft beiges, or even gentle blues. It’s all about letting the cabinets shine but also adding a backdrop that complements those rich wood tones. It’s a bit like choosing a support act for your favorite band – complementary but not overshadowing.

Do the floor colors matter too?

Oh, for sure! It’s not just about the walls. Floors play a big part. Lighter or darker than the cabinets can create a seamless look. Think of it like choosing shoes for an outfit. The right choice and the whole look just clicks.

Any countertop colors that work like a charm?

I’d say stick to neutrals. Whites, creams, or even greys. The aim? Let the cherry cabinets be the star. It’s a bit like setting the stage for the main act. With the right support, they shine even brighter.

What about hardware? Does it matter?

You bet it does! It’s like choosing accessories for an outfit. Sleek modern handles can give a contemporary touch, while antique handles can make it feel more traditional. It’s all about the vibe you’re going for.

Is cherry wood more expensive than other woods?

Ah, the million-dollar question! Cherry wood can be pricier. But remember, you’re paying for quality, longevity, and that luxe look. It’s a bit like opting for a designer piece – an investment, but oh-so-worth-it.

Can I mix cherry wood with other wood types?

Totally! Just like mixing prints in fashion. With the right balance, cherry wood can work with lighter woods. The trick? Keeping a harmonious warm kitchen palette. Think of it as creating a playlist – different songs, but they all vibe together.

To wrap up, how do I ensure the color scheme remains timeless?

Keep it simple. Trends come and go, but classics? They stay forever. Be it in your choice of wall color, countertops, or hardware, let the cherry cabinets take center stage. It’s like picking a timeless tune – it’ll always resonate.

Conclusion on Cherry Cabinets Color Combinations

So, we’ve taken this whirlwind tour through the world of kitchen color schemes with cherry cabinets, and honestly, it’s been a blast! These cabinets? They’re not just pieces of wood. They’re the heartbeat of your kitchen. Think of them as the lead vocalist, with everything else being the backup singers.

  • Cherry cabinets are classics, and they deserve to be showcased, right?
  • But, let’s not forget about our cool wall colors, our snazzy countertops, and those funky floor tiles. All these elements? They’re part of the band too.

Now, whether you’re leaning into cozy vibes with warm tones or wanting a bold, daring contrast, remember: It’s all about balance. Trust your gut, experiment a bit, and let’s make that kitchen sing. At the end of the day, you want to walk into your kitchen, look around, and think, “Yeah, this is it!

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