Basements are once again starting to gain their popularity as a living space.  Basement apartments are especially popular among many students, as city apartments are unaffordable. Apart from many advantages, basements have many disadvantages as well. They usually have no access to sunlight. Not even the outside world. If you’re renting your basement to other people, make sure you create a comfortable living space. A little extra light won’t hurt anybody. To achieve this, without any construction work, use fake windows. They’re cheap and quite easy to make.

There are several different approaches for you to make a fake window for the basement. If you follow this plan for a fake window, you can trick yourself into believing you have a real window, and it isn’t even expensive to make.

Determine where your fake window will go

Determine the height you want your window to be at. Typically the best height is the same as hanging artwork. So, the center should be at 57 inches or eye level. Alternately, match the size and height of an existing window in the room.

Build your fake window for basement with a light-box

You can use a light-box. That way, you will create a fake window for the basement and light up your basement. Not only that, but light-boxes can be used for almost any dark place.

  • First, choose an image with some scenery. It would be best if you opted for some landscape for the best result. You can find this kind of representation in stores where they sell or print posters. Local department stores usually offer these kinds of services.

  • After you’ve bought the desired image, trim the image accordingly. Then, put a thin layer adhesive to the front of the picture. Then, align the image with the window frame and smooth it out. For that, you can use a soft cloth or use the palm of your hand.
  • You can use a low wattage light to illuminate the backside of the image. You can also make room for those lights by screwing four strips of wood. Put them at the backside of the window frame.

  • Make sure to make a small hole in one of the strips. That way, you can feed in an extension cord. There you will plug the nightlight. You can use a level then mount the assembly to the basement wall. There you have it. Your fake basement window adds an entirely new feel to an otherwise dark room.

Make a Fake Window Using Electroluminescent Sheets

Electroluminescent sheets can be an excellent method for lighting up your room. With this method, you won’t have to work a lot to achieve a fantastic result.

  • You can start by holding the electroluminescent sheet up against the wall. Decide where you want the fake window. With a sharp pen, mark where the loops and hooks should be. However, make sure to mark them an inch down the edges. They should be at the center of that. It would be best if you go to an area where a current outlet is. That way, it will be easier for you to plug in the adapter.
  • Measure and label everything. After you’ve done that, attach the hooks and loops. To do that, cut two lengths of self-adhesive hook and loop tape. Attach the hook strip on your upper and lower lines on the wall. Then evenly glue the loop tapes as well.

  • Add the other side of the hook and loop discs to the wall. Place the drives on the marks to match up with the ones on the back of the electroluminescent sheet.
  • Mount the sheet to the wall. Install a curtain rod above your false window. It should be approximately close to the ceiling. That way, you will visually enlarge the area. After you’ve installed everything, make sure to hang the curtain rod. Hang it one foot out from the molding’s sides. This should make the most significant part of the electroluminescent light when the curtains are open.

  • Finally, shut down the semi-transparent curtains. You will allow some light in a while doing so. Simultaneously, you will disguise the fake window. Release the curtains for more light.

This way, you will create a beautiful fake window for the basement.

How to Make a Fake Window using dry erase board

  • Start by purchasing a dry erase board. If you can’t find any, buy anything similar to it. Remember, it has to be the same size as the desired window. Use something like a poster to set the scene.
  • Then you can stick or attach the bought poster to the wall.
  • You can use flat and thin pieces of wood to section off the poster. That way, it will give off the appearance of a glass pane.

  • After you’ve done everything, hang the board up on the wall. Make sure you place it somewhere you won’t crash into. Also, make sure to tightly secure the board so it won’t swing away or fall off.
  • Once you have set the window, determine the necessary size for the curtains. You can hang the curtains up over the board or do a layered look.
  • To attach the poster, glue, staple, or tack it to the part of the window, which will face the wall. Affix it to the window frame, and the scene won’t look like it’s pressed up against the glass.

Use drapery to create window illusions.

You can also add drapery to your mirror. This trick will make it seem like there is a window in the basement. You can also use this trick on your headboard in your room.  It can make it look as if there is a window.

Window Film

Adhesive window films are also a great option if you want a fake window for  basement. They are available in a variety of patterns, including mirrored and frosted. You can also choose a product specifically designed to reduce the amount of heat or light that enters the room. The film is easy to install. All you need to do is to cut a piece to fit the window. Then steam the window lightly with water. Slowly get rid of the film from its backing package. Then gently push it into place. If you get tired of it, pull it away.

Mirrors for simulating a window

You can hang different mirrors in your room. It’s cheap yet effective. Add different lights to enhance the space. Then add a white cover for a better effect. Mirrors are reflective and will illuminate your room immediately. The bigger the mirrors are, the better.  Different colors will boost the overall atmosphere and space. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Poster Ideas for your Fake Basement Window

Image source: cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

You can select different images for your room. Depending on your likes and preferences, choose a poster that will suit you best. These images will add a pinch of personality to your place and improve it in no time. These custom posters will play a massive role in your window-making process. Select them with caution.

Establishing the correct lighting

Image source: W.B. Homes, Inc.

The correct lighting can improve your basement in no time.  It can add space and make it look as it is larger. You can accomplish this by layering light. That way, you will create an effect of a more spacious room. So how do you achieve this? You can start by adding chandeliers. Then add recessed light at the darker corners to open up space. You can also add shine around artwork or different cabinets. During the construction process, you can install lights in unusual places to subtly light up the room.

If you have a basement or any room deficient in light, you can always create your window. Installing a fake window for the basement is a creative and effective strategy to open your room and make it brighter. With these several steps, you will build one yourself in no time.

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