In this article, you’ll see farmhouse front door ideas that you can apply to your house. Let’s dive into the subject.

Decades ago, and years before modern architecture we only had farmhouses. Looking back at history especially Scandinavia and Germany, you will find that the tradition of that building style originated.

Europe was the birthplace of homes that were much more than a shelter, but each element was thoughtful to be productive for the family living in it. At that time wood were the natural elements that were easy to obtain and work with and thus would you find the houses constructed from wood.

Image source: Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd

It was cost-effective and easy to work with too. During that time front porches were more than decor as it spanned the home as added living and storing area. Here you would find guests and families chilling after a long day, muddy boots and extra wood were kept here as well.


Image source: Period Architect Ltd

As wood was used in the traditional farmhouse, you will find that it is still the modern farmhouse’s main exterior element. That does not mean that a homeowner cannot beautify their traditional farmhouse with modern accents. You can use stone in the walkways and leave the house as traditional as possible. Additionally, you can have a farmhouse front door that remains a classic farmhouse style and modern at the same time.

The farmhouse front door

Image source: Period Architecture

When you look for front door ideas in your search to make a magnificent entryway to your farm style home, you are at the right place. Most homeowners make the mistake to look at all kinds of exterior elements to beautify their home but neglect to look at exterior door ideas. Anyone that visits your home, sees your farmhouse door. Even a passerby cannot help but notice front door ideas from houses.

When you get it right, a modern farmhouse can make a lasting impression and keep in mind the tremendous curb appeal that a modern country style front door, cottage front doors or even rustic front doors add to your home.

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There is a myriad of ways to customize and alter your front door which include color, wreaths flowers, plants and more. You can use the exterior including the front door to blend and accentuate the interior of your home too.

The traditional farmhouse exterior doors were simplified, yet beautifully crafted with rustic wood, gooseneck lamps, and molding details. The modern farmhouse front door can have intricate design details that comes with modern day technology. The modern farmhouse trend loves to use a combination of contemporary and traditional architecture while it blends beautifully with urban decor.

What dictates the front door look?

Image source: Micheal Bell Architect Pty Ltd

There are numerous aspects that dictate the look of the front door. There are many things that dictate which include size, finish, style, knockers, door handles, foliage and planters, texture, and colors.

When you are looking at front door ideas you need to consider a theme. If you want modern and contemporary, you have planet options and if you love traditional farmhouse, you have modern farmhouse front door ideas, country-style exterior doors, barn-style entry doors, and rustic door ideas to choose from.

Choosing a front door

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Whether you build from scratch or remodel your home, front door ideas are a great way to enhance and uplift your home. It will add not only value but also curbside appeal. We look at great front door ideas when you are in the market for a fresh look.


Materials used in front doors:

  • Glass and fiberglass (including windows)
  • Iron and wood
  • Glass and wood
  • Glass
  • Solid wood
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass

Door colors

Image source: The Artisans Group, Inc.
You can choose whether you want a door to stand out and blend in. When your house is neutral, you can opt for a color that stands out with popular colors like blue, yellow and red.

In addition, while it is more expensive there is nothing like solid wood that looks amazing on any home. Then you also have neutral colors that blend in like beige, white, grey or black.

The Swing

A front door swing comes in two mechanisms:

  • Right vs. left door handle placement which will the deciding factor to which side the door swings.
  • Outward vs. inward swing

It is common that you install a farmhouse style front door that swings to your home’s interior though. At the same time would the handle placement also be a deciding factor and it is a matter of personal choice and preference.


Image source: Today’s Entry Doors

Styles are more important though and you have an abundance of options to choose from with the main options being:

  • Double front wood door
  • Dutch
  • Single carriage including sidelights
  • Single farmhouse front door
  • Mid-century modern
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • cottage front doors

Glass vs. No Glass

Image source: Mezger Homes

There is no right or wrong when looking at entry designs for front doors. Do you want to see who is at the door or are you looking for additional light entering your home through the glass inserts in the front door?

Yet again, it is up to the individual as people would be able to see inside your home too, while you could opt for privacy glass too.


Image source: Spanjer Homes

When you look at a farmhouse front door you have a deciding factor regarding panels vs no panels. Panels add more depth and texture to the door and vary in number. Popular options include:

  • Custom panels
  • Single panel
  • Vertical panels
  • Multi-panels

Farmhouse front door ideas

With the best farmhouse door, you have the opportunity to make an impression and an inviting ambiance.

Rustic Styled Farmhouse Front Door

 Image source: Mark Nix-Real Estate

The advantage with rustic farmhouse door options is that you can choose between rustic front doors with glass or without. Keep in mind that rustic is not a worn door in need of attention, but warm and welcoming. Add charm with planters on the sides.

Masonite craftsman style door

Image source: Today’s Entry Doors

Farmhouse front door ideas include the popular Masonite craftsman style which is made from fiberglass with recessed panel and clear class. Fiberglass is a durable material, and this type of front door option is a combination of clean lines and modern appeal.

Barn door

Image source: Hebegger’s Ace Lumber of Berne

A barn front door is one of the top front entry doors ideas for many years now. This type of farmhouse front door is available in many designing styles and remains space saving, beautiful and functional.

Barn doors are also called stable doors and synonymous with farmhouses, but this practical door is popular in suburban neighborhoods too. Homeowners can choose to open doors half-way, open fully and choose to let air and light in without letting pets and kids go out.

Quintessential Doors

Image source: IllumiNation Windows & Door Co.

Traditionally a front door is a paneled, single door. Back doors and side doors are similar but without sidelights. If you look at American Farmhouse style homes and their patio doors you can look at modern patio entrance door ideas that will be suitable in the modern house design.

French doors

Image source: IllumiNation Window & Door Co.

French doors are great for farmhouse styled homes and suitable for most architectural design. you will be able to chill inside and still have a great view outside.

Double Doors

Image source: Frank Souder Design Inc.

Few farmhouse front door ideas are as inspiring as double doors. You can take a modern house and still incorporate an old-fashioned appearance. It can be combined with many features including stepping-stones leading to the front door. You could also opt for a screen door beyond a barn style front door to keep insects out and fresh air in.

Cherry TruStile modern collection doors

Cherry TruStile is inspired by the English countryside and an excellent option for a modern farmhouse front door. It gives a storybook character to a home and a variety of materials can be used including copper, shingles, stone and wood siding. TruStile series represents updated interpretations of historic design and available in both glass and panel configurations.

Hints of Red

Image source: Crisp Architect

Shades of red are gorgeous when it comes to farmhouse front doors.

Chalk Blue

Image source:

A landscaped yard and light blue front doors will compliment a chalk blue farmhouse tremendously

French Flavor

As soon as you add French doors to a farmhouse, you are blurring the lines between the interior and outdoors. A transom window and a pair of French doors mirror the rest of the house to tie the design together. When you use a splash of color that can be anything from dusty blue to pale yellow porch flooring, you create a contemporary atmosphere.

Light and Shadow

Image source: Kconcept Design+Build
A black front door is eye-catching especially when you have a portico overhead and the door is in its shadow. It looks amazing especially when your exterior and gardens are colorful and cheerful.

Hardcore Hardware

Image source: Rocky Mountain Hardware

Are you aiming for a barn-like, old-fashioned appearance? Try tall escutcheons and iron strap hinges that backs the doorknobs on double doors. While many homeowners choose to hide their front door hardware, it is a great option when your aim is a daring design statement.

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