While fireplaces aren’t a necessary part of a living room, many people still choose to build them in their homes. A cozy fireplace can create a nice focal point in your room, giving off a welcoming feeling of safety and relaxation. In ancient Greece, people even worshipped a goddess of hearth, symbolizing home.

But until you get one, you might not realize just how much work a fireplace can be. Installing it is a challenge but your trouble won’t end there. You’ll have to constantly stock it with logs and wipe the glass door. Cleaning the ashes and the chimney isn’t fun either.

Many people found their way around this by opting for electric fireplaces. However, those still require some degree of maintenance. If you want to have a fireplace that doesn’t require any work, go for a faux one.

A DIY faux fireplace has more to offer than just a lack of maintenance. Since it doesn’t function, you have complete artistic freedom over your design. No rules or regulations will stand in the way of building your dream faux fireplace.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best faux fireplace ideas you can use in your home.

Faux fireplace ideas

Go for the river rock pattern

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If you want to give your fake fireplace a rustic, natural look, go for the river rock pattern. The design includes many stone slabs put together to resemble the rocks of a riverbed. If done correctly, your faux fireplaces will look just like the real deal. We recommend using this design if you have a traditional-style living room.

Build a full-white faux fireplace

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Simple designs work surprisingly well. For instance, you can get a fake fireplace made of all-white bricks. While monochromatic styles don’t stand out on their own, they’re perfect for creating contrast in your home. We encourage you to make the most of this fact.

You can add a wood mantel with a dark finish to your all-white fireplace to create an even more interesting design. This faux fireplace idea shines the most if you have a dark-colored living room.

Add some green to your DIY faux fireplace

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Although fireplaces are a traditional focal point in the living room, this isn’t a rule. Especially when it comes to faux fireplace ideas. You can build one in other parts of your house as well. A sunroom is perfect for a faux fireplace.

If you add greenery such as vines and potted plants to your faux mantel, your sunroom will be even more vibrant. It will truly feel as if you had a tiny oasis right in your home.

Add a faux fireplace mantel shelf

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Consider adding a square-shaped mantel shelf to your DIY faux fireplace. This allows you to add even more decorations to it. You can also make your faux fireplace feel real by adding candles at the bottom. Once you light them up, it will feel like the real deal. Just make sure nothing hangs above them. Although your fireplace may be fake, it still produces pretty real ash.

Build a fieldstone faux fireplace

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This is another one of the more rustic DIY fake fireplace ideas. Although it’s similar to the riverbed fireplace, the design is a little different. The pattern resembles fieldstone which is often used to create fences. It’s the perfect design if you’re going for a naturalist look.

Add a small faux fireplace to your bedroom

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A fireplace can’t possibly fit in a tiny bedroom, can it? While a real one may not fit, that isn’t the case with faux fireplaces. They come in many different sizes, giving you much more freedom when it comes to decorating your home. You can add a small one to your room to make it even cozier.

Enhance your faux fireplace with a mantel

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A DIY faux fireplace mantel will make your fake fireplace look real. But it isn’t just an empty decoration. You can add many other decorations atop your mantel, from framed pictures to potted plants. If you’re not a fan of DIY, you can buy a pre-made mantel online.

Experiment with your mantel design

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While a fireplace mantel is typically square-shaped, it isn’t a rule. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with other shapes. We particularly like curved mantels because of their elegant vintage feel. Add a bit of limestone coat paint and you’ll have a luxurious living room in your house.

Go for a faux ledge stone fireplace design

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Unlike the previous stone faux fireplace ideas, the ledge stone design isn’t random. It instead features flat stones built one on another. This organized look makes it an excellent design choice for modern homes. What makes ledge stone better than classic bricks is the 3D profile it creates.

Recycle your scrap wood for a DIY faux fireplace

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If you love DIY projects, you likely have a lot of leftover resources on your hands. Instead of throwing them into the garbage, why not use them to create a DIY faux fireplace? You can arrange the wood pieces in any pattern you like to create your dream fireplace. And don’t worry if the scrap wood looks a bit rugged – just paint it over once you’re done with this design.

Use a wood faux fireplace mantel to create a cabin-like feel

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Although brick and stone are the most popular fireplace materials, you can also use wood for your faux fireplace. Unlike other materials, wood complements almost all home styles. The key is choosing the right finish. Go dark if you have a bright living room. On the other hand, choose a lighter wood finish if you use darker colors in your living room.

Get a marble faux fireplace mantel

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Many people dream of owning a marble fireplace. While it isn’t cheap, it’s easily the most elegant option. Luckily, you get a marble-styled faux fireplace for your home for a more affordable price. And unlike the real deal, you can move it around as much as you wish. If done right, no one will know the difference.

Go for the stone veneer design

1-52-2 Faux fireplace ideas you can use in your homeImage source: Antico Elements

This is another great stone-styled fireplace idea. The stone veneer consists of many stone slabs cast into a concrete wall. The stone can be either real or fake. The regal look makes it an excellent choice for modern-style homes.

Add a rugged mantel to create a vintage look

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A worn-down mantel isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many purposely go for this look to transform their homes into vintage cottages. The patches of peeling paint will take you years back, making it perfect for rustic-style homes. You can add other vintage decorations on the mantel to further enhance the look.

Get a herringbone insert for your faux fireplace mantel

1-45-1-1 Faux fireplace ideas you can use in your homeImage source: Aurora Builders

The herringbone insert is a classic style that many people go for. The abstract pattern behind your mantel makes it feel less empty. We recommend adding it to traditional-style homes.

Create a faux brick fireplace

1-46-1-1 Faux fireplace ideas you can use in your homeImage source: Mann Designs

A brick fireplace is the most iconic fixture in most living rooms. Although the design may be old, it remains popular even today. But you don’t need actual bricks to capture this classic look. All you need is the right paint. With it, you can simply paint over your faux mantel to capture the brick-like look.

Experiment with the insert designs

1-41-1 Faux fireplace ideas you can use in your homeImage source: Laura Brophy Interiors

While a faux fireplace surround is a neat decoration for your living room, it creates one problem. Since you can’t light a fire inside it, the insert creates a lot of space. Luckily, that’s where your creativity comes into place. You can fill up the insert with patterns of your choice.

Apart from herringbone, you can also fill it by painting over the wall. You can even paint a burning hearth inside the surround if you wish. You can also add a shiplap inside the insert to fill out the space.

Match your faux fireplace with the wall behind

1-44-1 Faux fireplace ideas you can use in your homeImage source: Emily Henderson

One of the most straightforward faux fireplace ideas is to just match it with the wall behind. Blending it in creates a minimalist look that allows the rest of your living room to breathe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the mantel with plants and other objects.

Cast a space heater inside your faux fireplace mantel

1-58-3 Faux fireplace ideas you can use in your homeImage source: McInnes Gardner Architects

You can place a space heater or a freestanding electric stove inside the mantel. This is an ingenious design idea for two reasons. Firstly, it allows you to make the most out of your living room space. Casting a space heater inside the mantel means you can add a potted plant elsewhere.

And secondly, it makes your room more beautiful. Space heaters are often sore sights that don’t match any home styles. Luckily, you can circumvent this issue with a faux fireplace mantel.

FAQs on faux fireplaces

What is a faux fireplace?

A faux fireplace is a mantelpiece or wall fixture designed to seem like a fireplace but not to generate heat or flames. Its decorative value and ability to produce a warm atmosphere make it a versatile accessory.

What materials are used to make faux fireplaces?

Wood, metal, and stone are just some of the materials that may be used to create convincing fake fireplaces. Some are styled after conventional brick fireplaces, while others take a more cutting-edge approach to fireplace design.

Are faux fireplaces safe to use?

As fake fireplaces don’t actually generate fire or heat, they’re perfectly safe to use indoors. All electrical components, such as lights or heaters, must be installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid injury or fire.

Do faux fireplaces provide heat?

Some kinds of imitation fireplaces come equipped with electric heaters that can be used to warm a space, but this is not the norm. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations while using these heaters to ensure the most efficient and safe operation.

How do you clean a faux fireplace?

The materials used to construct a fake fireplace will determine how they should be cleaned. Most fake fireplaces may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some gentle detergent and water. Cleaning products and fireplace equipment that are excessively abrasive should be avoided.

Can you use real wood in a faux fireplace?

Because they lack a chimney or flue, fake fireplaces can’t be used to burn real wood safely. Fire and smoke effects are often made with LED lights and other special effects in models.

Are faux fireplaces easy to install?

When compared to typical wood-burning fireplaces, faux fireplaces are far simpler to set up. Many types have pre-assembled parts that may be installed by a homeowner in a short amount of time with only common household equipment.

What are some design ideas for faux fireplaces?

Natural materials like wood or stone, ornamental mantels or trim, and lighting can be included in the design of a false fireplace to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Create a conversation piece or draw attention to an otherwise boring wall with the help of a faux fireplace.

Can you use a faux fireplace in any room?

The living room, bedroom, and dining room are the most common locations for faux fireplaces. They may be a wonderful way to make a room feel cozier and warmer without going to the trouble and expense of putting in a real fireplace.

How much does a faux fireplace cost?

How much money you spend on a fake fireplace will depend on its size, design, and whether or not it has extras like a heater or unique effects. Faux fireplaces can be a terrific way to increase a room’s visual appeal without breaking the bank because they cost less than real ones.

Our final thoughts on faux fireplace ideas

Faux mantels are perfect decorations for you if you’d like a fireplace with no strings attached. They allow for more creative freedom since you don’t have to follow any rules when designing them. Our DIY faux fireplace ideas will give you the inspiration you need to create the living room of your dreams.

Whether you have a traditional or modern home, you’re bound to find the design you’re looking for.

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