Protecting our home has never been as automated as it is nowadays. What started with the simple use of surveillance cameras has evolved into a complex system of interconnected devices that can detect any suspicious movement. Moreover, the best thing is that these systems are centralized in digital assistants like Google Home. However, you should be aware that not all products on the market are compatible with each other, so if you are not sure which one to buy, we recommend that you keep reading to find the Google Home compatible security system for you.

Today’s digital assistants like Alexa or Google Home are a boon to homeowners. These allow complete control of the home without having to lift a finger thanks to voice commands. The best thing is that they can constantly be updated to add new commands.

As if this were not enough, they also allow a remote control thanks to the internet. You only need to have a Smartphone to access your assistant. This means that we can know what is happening in our homes even if we are working all day.

The only problem with the Google Assistant is that it does not have built-in security options. Google Home security must be acquired separately, and you have to know which ones are compatible. The good thing is that the list is extensive as you will see below, so you can customize your surveillance environment as you like.

Google Home security systems

SimpliSafe – Monitor all doors and windows

SimpliSafe-Monitor-all-doors-and-windows The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

SimpliSafe is a comprehensive security system that offers different options to suit different household sizes and budgets. The system, also compatible with Alexa, has a network of magnetic sensors with which it can detect when a door or window is opened without permission.

Additionally, the package includes two motion sensors that can monitor distances of up to 30 feet, being enough for most rooms.

For the most important areas, SimpliSafe also offers a surveillance camera that you can view at any time from your Smartphone. The package is complemented by two sirens (one of them is additional), a panic button, a battery for the system to work for an additional 24 hours, and the option of hiring a cloud surveillance service that will offer automatic assistance from the police, firefighters, and paramedics if needed.

ADT – A complete Google Home compatible security system

ADT-A-complete-Google-Home-compatible-security-system The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

In case you feel that your current security kit is not enough, you can always choose to purchase the one from ADT. The company, recognized worldwide, offers customizable security equipment with which you can protect any corner of your home.

Called ADT Pulse, this security system offers multiple devices with which you can control thermostats, windows, lamps, doors, and practically any system in your home. Such a complete range of options is only possible with such a renowned company.

This is not just a security system; it is a complete home automation system to take your home to a new era of evolution. The basic package includes 13 pieces that are divided into magnetic sensors, cameras, sirens, thermostats, and much more, but if you need more devices, the Google Home ADT Pulse can be adapted and upgraded.

Brinks – You will not lack security measures

This Google home compatible security system has one of the best user interfaces on the market. The company offers you a system that can support up to 40 connected devices at the same time, so you won’t have to worry about leaving any door or window unprotected.

Brink not only offers a reliable security system but also has several of the most accessible plans and budgets for all users. By purchasing any of the security plans they offer, you will be provided with the basic equipment you need to start building your smart home.

Thanks to its compatibility with Nest Secure, you will have at your disposal a wide catalog of additional devices to expand your home network.

Vivint – Trust the professionals

Vivint-Trust-the-professionals The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

You can always leave your home’s security in the hands of Vivint professionals. This company, recognized as one of the best security companies in North America, offers a wide variety of smart surveillance equipment for your home.

Although Vivint systems are somewhat more expensive than the competition, they are guaranteed to work perfectly in any situation. One of its greatest achievements, the Vivint Sky control panel, is compatible with almost any electrical line in your home, so you can create a smart lighting, alarm, and ventilation system.

Honeywell Smart Home Security Starter Kit – An easy start

Honeywell-Smart-Home-Security-Starter-Kit-An-easy-start The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

Some systems put ease of use first than complexity. These Google home security alarms are perfect for those looking for something simple that meets the fundamental objective of taking care of your home.

Honeywell offers this alternative with a system that only needs to be installed where you want and connected to your Smartphone. In a matter of minutes, you will be ready to use all the security features of the Honeywell starter kit.

The package includes a security camera with its base, two magnetic sensors, and a remote control with which to manage the entire system (although it can also be done from the Smartphone App).

Scout Security Systems – Protection for the whole year

Scout-Security-Systems-Protection-for-the-whole-year The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

The Scout service is one of the most complete, offering protection through an internet connection 24 hours a day. The company offers you multiple monthly subscription plans to achieve comprehensive protection, but you can also buy the devices and take care of surveillance yourself using your Smartphone.

The basic Scout system alternative offers some magnetic door and window sensors, but cannot be voice-controlled. However, those who want to invest a little more will get a much more advanced control center, personalized notifications for Smartphones, and even a team of professionals will take care of the installation.

In addition to its price, the other attractive aspect of this Google home compatible security system is its 3-year guarantee, so your investment will be well protected.

Nest Security Systems – No one better than Google to understand its system

Nest-Security-Systems-No-one-better-than-Google-to-understand-its-system The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

Nest may take the lead when it comes to the Google home security system, after all, they are owned by the tech giant. This makes the compatibility between both products perfect, and it can be seen in the design and functions.

The standard package only includes five components, although among them is the smart door lock, which deactivates the entire security system if you verify that you are the house owner. Also, you can expand the system with a Full HD indoor security camera with night vision, and with an external surveillance camera. Both have a stream function for Smartphones.

Abode iota – For larger homes

Abode-iota-For-larger-homes The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

Connecting 160 devices at the same time may seem impossible, but the iota security kit offers you this possibility. Thanks to the large number of add-ons that can be installed, Abode iota has many installation plans.

The basic plan includes the iota central unit with which you can control the other devices. A more advanced plan offers the possibility of connecting the security system to a wireless network to be able to use it through a Smartphone. Finally, the most expensive plan will allow you to be fully protected thanks to constant monitoring by the iota team.

In addition to the excellent quality of service they offer, iota’s security team supports almost every available virtual assistant.

Link Interactive – A great list of possibilities

When you choose to use a security system like the one offered by Link Interactive, you don’t have to worry about the lack of compatibility. Some of the devices compatible with the system are the SkyBell HD or the Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt.

To all this we must add that it has native voice control and compatibility with Smartphones, so you can create a smart home without paying anything additional.

Minut – Sensors for any occasion

Minut-Sensors-for-any-occasion The Google Home compatible security system to use? One of these

We finish the list with this Google Home compatible security system that offers sensors for any need, not just movement. With this, we mean sound, temperature, mold, smoke, and many more detectors, centralizing the electricity, ventilation, gas, and security systems of your home in a single device.

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