When you want to decorate your house to reflect the style that you want creativity is important. Getting the right ideas can be challenging sometimes especially when you want a gothic bedroom.

One of the best ways to obtain that effect is by using certain wallpapers, ornaments that can change the space. Any gothic bedroom design can be either sophisticated either minimalist. Most of the times the small touches give it that feeling of authenticity. The details are more connected to the basic elements that you want to have in your bedroom design.

What does a gothic bedroom style have?

If you would go to a Gothic-style house what would you expect to see there inside? Probably many of you are thinking at a thriller based vibe with chains in the ceiling.

In reality, the Gothic style is many times misunderstood when it comes to interior design. The gothic interior design style focuses more on light and ornate decorations. So, it can be both serious and somber. People use it especially when they want to get an exciting design similar to one made for a king.

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So, in many gothic bedroom options, you will see different ideas. They usually focus on the architectural features of the space. The main idea in gothic room decor is to bring into focus the qualities of the design elements that are used. What the details need to do is create a castle-like experience. Some of the best ones you can use are pointed arches or ribbed vaults.

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In any gothic bedroom ascending windows should be added because they look like arches. Once you get a concept of how the layout looks it is going to be easier for you to know what to purchase. This is important because you will need the right furniture to keep this style alive.

So, let’s discover what is the most important characteristic when we talk about the gothic bedroom decor. We will have a look at the materials for sure because they need to be carefully chosen. Some of the most popular ones are wood and stone. We can also try wood sometimes depending on the end goal.

Adding colors is also an option and you can paint the ceiling in different colors to make it stand out. The bed that gets chosen should be big and usually darker colors are the best.

What are the features of the Gothic bedroom style?

Image source: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

If we talk about color more, the Gothic bedroom style doesn’t mean only dark colors. Red, blue and also good choices that can help you get the Gothic bedroom you want. Just make sure you don’t forget to add black and white accessories and details to keep it familiar.

If you want to have stripes or crossed nothing is stopping you from doing it. When you want to take away the moody impression play with pink, it can help a lot!

There are a few techniques that any designer is going to use when making a Gothic bedroom. One of the most important is to use ornate decorations. The Gothic structures have always had a lot of high details that featured carvings and patterns put together through the surface.

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Because of this, you can really feel sometimes the power of refinement near the windows or doors of a gothic bedroom. To help the style designers usually go for furniture that has carved legs or backs. You shouldn’t expect any kind of simplicity in this kind of space.

In any gothic bedroom, the largest surfaces are going to be the floors and the walls. To have this style you need to always get a hard surface for the floors. Light is also important when you want to create the ambiance of your gothic room. Probably one of the best ways to be sure you get the effect is with a chandelier. Usually dim light sets the mood for gothic interior.

Gothic bedroom options

Let’s have a look at these gothic bedroom ideas that you can try yourself. You will see they showcase all kinds of rooms from complete silver walls to fantasy ones. Choose the theme that you want. Don’t worry about being considered retro, the gothic style is still a modern one. Besides that, you can also bring your own pieces to complete the final design.

Gothic Classic

Image source: Digsdigs

Have a look at this Gothic bedroom design. Probably the first thing that pops in your eyes is the chandelier and its matching wall sconces. They really look nice together and it extends up to the ceiling.

This is a nice addition because it makes the bedroom look much bigger than it is in reality. The rug that was added is also nice because it interrupts the plain white of the flooring.

Contemporary Gothic Bedroom Idea

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When you want to have a nice Gothic bedroom interior then you might consider this theme. It has a big bed in the middle of the room together with abstract gothic paintings so you can feel the presence of the style. Once you enter this Gothic bedroom you will feel like in the Victorian age.

Gothicized Bed with Decorative Throw Pillows

Image source: Hel Crosby

Change the look of your furniture adding some pillowcases that bring a new vibe. They have more grotesque artwork and are made of the textured linen fabric. It’s a good choice when darkness needs to be expressed. Just imagine what people that are going to see them will say. Besides the design part, they are also going to make your bed more comfortable and relaxing.

They are a real option that you should consider!

Modern Take Gothic

Image source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Having black walls this Gothic bedroom really does a great job at showcasing its design. The room has a nice texture with straight lines around it. We really liked the big windows that bring a lot of light inside. The light changes the black wood walls in a charcoal color.

Mediterranean Bedroom Design with Fireplace

Image source: Designtrends

When you want to see a real gothic bedroom decor one that has a fireplace is probably the best to go. This example is in contrast with the classic idea of gothic. It’s not dark, it’s full of light and warm in colors. This is done using the flower pots, vases and the dark wood cabinets that come together. It can be a really good idea for you, no?

Naked Decor Contemporary Bedroom

Image source: Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

If you need to decorate your Gothic bedroom have a look at this idea. It’s easy to put into use and you shouldn’t spend too much time on it.

Vintage Steampunk Inspired Wall Clock Decors

Image source: Ccwecare

Wall Clocks are not just for the time they also have a design role. This antique one gives a creepy look but it looks quite cool. Usually, the gothic interior design uses this kind of ornament. When you also want to get a minimalist look probably going for a wall clock like this can be a good choice. Make sure to also add some industrial decorations to complete the gothic aesthetic.

Bachelor’s Black Bedroom

Image source: Decoist

This gothic bedroom looks like it is inspired by a clothing brand. It not only works for men but for ladies as well. Have a look at it and see if it can work for you.

Wall Art Effect

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Wall art plays a vital role due to its interior decoration. It can transform the overall effect of a design. This is why having large pieces of art on the walls can bring a nice gothic interior style.

The skull watercolor artwork that we see balances very well the other dark colors. This means you get a more mysterious vibe. Kids will also enjoy it for sure because it takes some of the dark of the room.

Traditional Bedroom with Chandeliers

Image source: Becki Peckham

The gothic style has been used for quite some time due to its artistic vibes. It not only creates a gorgeous rustic look but it is also is great to use when you want to create your own mood.

Purple Shabby Chic

Image source: Nichol Tieman
Nobody said that chandeliers can’t go well in a gothic bedroom! This one has a glamorous black shade that is only going to add more feelings to the atmosphere.

Victorian Bedroom with Wood Furniture

Image source: Becki Peckham

Besides the bad and the wall framing this gothic bedroom has a unique and charming look. Its mood has been done nice and anybody that sees it might want to use it for their gothic room ideas.

Ending thoughts on gothic bedroom designs

In conclusion, a gothic bedroom can be a nice addition to your house. Depending on what kind of vibes you want to have inside. As you can see there are a lot of options that you can play with. Take advantage of them and make your final choice!

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