If your kitchen is small, crowded kitchen counters won’t do you any favor. And yet, you must store appliances somewhere, right?

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert interior designer to make the most of your counter space. You don’t even have to be a passionate chef – if the kitchen is beautiful, you will enjoy spending time in it.

You are a couple of accessories apart of having stylish and personalized kitchen counters, but keep in mind that function matters too. Your cooking utensils need to be practical too.

How to begin decorating kitchen countertops?

Here comes a great guide on how to accessorize a kitchen counter with ease.

The best accessories for kitchen counters you should try

Each countertop has two tasks: to help you prepare your food and complete your kitchen chores. At the same time, they are home to our cooking utensils, blenders, toasters, and coffee machines. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to keep them tidy and good-looking.

How do you bring form and function together? Start with a to-do list and plan all activities that can help you decorate your kitchen. Think of where you would store your appliances and come up with ideas on how to categorize them.

A good way to start would be to get rid of appliances you don’t use that often, or at least rearrange them according to the function they have. Next, think of the colors and textures you would like to look at every day. Here are our tricks on accessorizing kitchen counters.

Get rid of the clutter

Your number one activity is organization. It makes little sense to think how to accessorize a kitchen counter that is not clean.

This means removing all clutter from the countertops – there is absolutely no reason to leave all pots in plain sight.

Secondly, prioritize the appliances. Some of them are for sure outdated, and you can replace them with smaller ones. You will be surprised how much space you can save this way.

Here is an extra trick for some additional storage: You can also eliminate counter clutter by installing open shelves. You can move the appliances there and keep countertops clean for their actual purpose: preparing food.

Choose a single statement piece

In accessorizing, less is more. Instead of several objects that are both cute and practical, you can get a show-off deco whose only purpose is to look beautiful. We recommend this to those among you who have extra storage space available. You can get a ceramic vase or grab that amazing abstract structure you never found the place for. It is your turn to get creative!

If you have a rustic-styled kitchen, think of retro-inspired and colorful accessories. An idea would be a classic, vintage cooking book open to your favorite recipe.

Make sure there is a flow

The best thing you can do in a small kitchen is keeping the theme cohesive. For instance, ceramic fruit bowls against a backsplash made of white subway tiles will make the kitchen elegant and appealing.

Divide items into groups and find a designated place for each of them. This way, your baskets, containers, and all other items will be easy to locate.

On top of my mind, you can have a cozy tea corner. All you need to do is to surround the electric kettle with a tea nook, some honey, mugs, and spoons. Sounds adorable, doesn’t it?

Get an extra tray and nest all baking supplies in one place. You can use it to keep cooking oils, spices, flour, and much more within your reach while cooking.

For an even better visual experience, arrange items with varying heights. You will love the casual and homey effect!

Pick the most beautiful items you can find, wood cutting boards included

When we say accessorize, we don’t only mean buying deco or replacing old appliances. Give yourselves some time to choose every item carefully, even if that’s the sponge you use to wash dishes. Cutting boards, for example, can make your kitchen even more beautiful. You can even get a couple of them and arrange them in a fun way.

If you are wondering where to store cutting boards, try the area behind the stove. This is often a huge, unused space we forget to beautify, so you may even get that oversize breadboard you always wanted.

Don’t worry if the items are older or used. Worn-out belongings provide character and comfort, and they will easily complete your rustic kitchen counters.

Display your utensils

How about open shelving and small appliances in plain sight? You can purchase a beautiful ceramic container to pair with your modern cabinetry. This decorative and practical addition will secure extra room on the countertop. You will also love having all utensils close at hand while preparing your after-work meal.

Better yet, you don’t have to buy the newest container to make this happen. Your spoons, whisks, and ladles will look just as nice in a larger pitcher.

Get corresponding dishes and containers

Your most used cooking supplies can also be showcased if you arrange them properly. For instance, you can store coffee, sugar, or flour in matching mason jars with labels. If you are looking to style your kitchen in a contemporary way, use ceramic canisters instead. Your kitchen counters will look beautiful either way.

Crete charming spice racks

Messy and hidden spice racks don’t belong on kitchen countertops. Yet, a modern and well-organized alternative may add more value than you thought.

If you like this idea, choose spice containers that look nice. Keep in mind that glass shakers and pretty jars are very attractive. They serve as an expensive-looking alternative to colorful, plastic items.

Get matching dish towels

As organized as we may be, we all possess a batch of grimy, overused dish towels that annoy us but are nevertheless there. It is now time to toss them and lay down a pair of pretty ones instead.

Leave the cleaning towels in a drawer and expose the pretty ones. Make sure you choose textures and colors that match your kitchen theme. This will improve your countertop decor more than expected.

Bamboo Lazy Susan

A tiny bamboo-made Susan on kitchen counters will also help you save space like a professional. The best place to put it is near the stove so that you can have all the main ingredients within reaching distance.

Similar bamboo details

Bamboo can style your kitchen in all settings. Research further tips on how to accessorize a kitchen counter with bamboo.

Replace your dish soap dispensers

If we got the clue with the old towels right, it might be reasonable to assume that you keep hand soap in the original container. Now is also the right time to toss the plastic bottle with a more decorative option, perhaps a ceramic container.

Depending on the soap you use, you may want to avoid glass dispensers. Keep them within reach, so that you can easily clean the kitchen countertops. Either way, you will remove the clutter around the kitchen sink.

Restock your appliances

The most important thing when it comes to kitchen gadgets is their quality, but it won’t hurt to invest in looks too. Brighter mixers and retro-inspired toasters are only some of the ideas you can employ to impress your guests. There are many awesome kitchen decor ideas that can help you, especially for open shelving.

Get creative with materials

When accessorizing, keep in mind that textures matter just as much as colors. Kitchen counters tend to be very simple, foremost white, and gray. Warm the room up with natural materials such as metal, wood, wool, or even an actual plant. These materials all have a contrasting texture, and they can work miracles in simple and plain kitchens.

Introduce cooper details

How to accessorize a kitchen counter with cooper items? Just a pinch of cooper is enough for a plain kitchen to feel warm. The cooper details can also be functional, for example, a tea kettle, pot, strainer, or a Moscow mule cup.

Your private coffee station

A dedicated coffee station on your countertop is a centerpiece of kitchen decor. You will love to spend mornings around your fancy cups and colorful bean canisters. Better yet, you don’t need plenty of countertop space to make this happen.

If possible, use the exact location of your coffee pot and turn it into a private nook with personalized accessories. An excellent idea is a DYI tree for mugs, spoons and tea towels.

If you are running out of space, consider bringing your tea nook and coffee station together.

Art is always welcome

It may not have been your first idea, but art on the kitchen countertop is a very stylish way to start your makeover. Bring in your favorite piece, but make sure it is protected from spills and splatters.

We would recommend you bring in a sequence of themed pictures, a few perhaps capturing nice family memories. As long as they are away from the oven, you have nothing to worry about.

Make good lighting a priority

Good lighting can change any room in a blink of an eye. Kitchen counters are excellent examples, as it is there where we need the most light to prepare our meals. To enhance the lighting in your kitchen, try installing battery-powered lights and plug-in fixtures. They will make your case and serve as decorative items at the same time.

If you are looking to create an ambiance, consider scented candles. The bonus here is that they will also remove unwanted smells.

How to accessorize a kitchen counter with plants

Sometimes, all you need to bring your kitchen to life is a small plant or fresh flowers. Get a cute vase and put it in the middle of the tray – the kitchen will immediately look more inviting. Fresh flowers will also enhance the pleasant aroma and you can always boost up the look depending on the season.

Those who have more time can also grow their herbs, and even use them for cooking. Basil or rosemary, for instance, don’t require a lot of attention, and it is always good to have them in our own home.

Finally, what is a kitchen without fresh fruit? A simple bowl of oranges does more for a cozy kitchen than any store-bought accessory.

Consider patterned accents

Prevent your plain backsplash from setting a boring tone in the kitchen. You can do this by adding patterns that complement the countertop material, such as marble tiles. This will also help you keep the stove area clean.

An inspiring example is set by classy minimalist kitchens. Their counter space is transparent and visually intriguing. You can only imagine what this solution would bring to a small and crowded kitchen.

Conclusion on how to accessorize a kitchen counter with ease

Kitchens are the most difficult rooms to accessorize, especially with limited storage. And yet, you don’t have to be an experienced designer to excel in countertop decor.

We love shopping for expensive and elegant kitchen tools as much as the next guy, but the budget doesn’t always align. What this guide on how to accessorize a kitchen counter showed us is that we can do very much with very little. We only need to be creative.

Don’t forget that appliances in a small kitchen must serve both form and function.  Get ready to style your kitchen!

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