Walk in closets are often considered a form of luxury, or preference of contemporary and wealthy homeowners with some extra cash to spend. And yet, more and more designers encourage walk in closets in any bedroom, even such you can get on a budget.

To explain the craze surrounding this trend, think of complete freedom to arrange your clothes how you want them to be. You can choose the setting, the color, or the palette, and enjoy selecting an outfit for a night out.

How to add a walk in closet to a bedroom?

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A walk in closet in the bedroom is not only practical but also breathtaking, more or less the feature everybody envies about. But how to add a walk in closet to a bedroom that was not designed for one?

Here are some interesting designer tips that can help create the perfect wardrobe in a small bedroom.

Compare the closet space to your storage options

True, we don’t have as much closet space to be able to prioritize form over function. The room may or may not be appropriate for a walk in closet, and you may need to combine it with a neighboring room to make this happen. In both cases, you will need to use space optimally, and even consider options such as reach-in-reach closets in the hall.

Would you like to have more hanging space or more room for folded garments? How many drawers and rails are necessary? When thinking of your ideal walk in wardrobe, factor in the bags, shoes, jackets, and accessories. The smaller the items are, the more challenging it is to arrange them neatly in the closet space.

We recommend a built-in dresser in any walk in closet. In addition, you can install custom cabinets, shelves, and shoe storage to enhance the closet’s function. The storage units need to be strategically placed to enable easy movements and good organization.

Hanging space is necessary, including such that can accommodate full-length garments. Next to it, you can install a lower rail for skirts and trousers. For best results, combine the hangers with slide-out fixings.

Plan in advance

Before you get rid of your existing closet, do your homework and plan the master bedroom layout. You will need to bring the bedroom, bathroom, and walk in closet under the same roof, and that can cause some traffic issues. We recommend you a somewhat separate zone for the wardrobe, visibly detached from the bed area and the furniture.

In the best case, the closet doors would open outwards to enable maximal storage inside. You can either install standard double doors or sliding doors, depending on the budget you have available. Swing doors are also very common on small walk in closets, but they tend to swing the wrong way and become annoying over time.

Tips on adding a walk in closet to a bedroom

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Your walk in wardrobe will be your most private nook in the entire house. You will not only have a luxurious dressing area but also be able to store items you don’t want to expose in the bedroom, hampers included.

When it comes to adding a walk in wardrobe to a master bedroom, there are two ways to go. The more time-consuming and considerably more expensive way is the DIY way. This refers to permanently enlarging an existing closet. The lower-cost option is to customize your temporary walk in closet, probably at a fraction of the price.

At first, it will seem that you don’t have an obvious position for the closet in the bedroom, but don’t let this discourage you. The walk in closet idea is still feasible, for instance by combining two rooms with a wardrobe as a door between them. Many designers recommend this trick for creating a home office in the bedroom.

Organization means the world to small bedrooms, and it is – ironically – the most difficult thing to achieve in them. You need to be an expert in optimizing every available inch or even building custom items to suit your needs. This is the only way to preserve a clean and organized look in the bedroom.

Walk in wardrobe with glass dividers

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There are many cool things you can do with glass dividers, and walk in closets are no exceptions. Modern glass partitions can visually divide the bedroom into dedicated closet areas, even if it is small and busy. Believe it or not, glass partitions also provide a feeling of privacy.

A walk in closet with a transparent door looks even more expensive than an actual closet of the kind. It is stylish and it enables you to display your beautiful belongings. You can even go a step further and install a full length mirror on the cabinets. The interior should ideally be made out of wood.

A bookshelf wall

You can create an intricate new closet with a bookshelf wall, the way roommates divide common space in small studios. Storage will then be no issue, and all items will be easily accessible. Better yet, this solution is cheaper than any other temporary wall you can think of.

How does it work? Well, pretty much any way you want it! On top of our minds, pull the shelves a few feet away from the wall, and turn the space inside into a designated dressing area.

Divide the dressing area from the dormitory

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There should be in any case enough space between the bed and the walk in closet so that all room visitors benefit from the experience. If the closet and the bed are close to each other and don’t have a divider, it won’t feel much different than your existing closet.

If the closet space is dark, install ceiling lights to make it brighter. You will be able to find all accessories in a second.

Enclose a corner with sliding doors

Corner walk in closets are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. They don’t block space, make use of the room’s full potential, and add more character. If you enclose them with sliding doors, they will look minimal, but exclusive, as clutter free as any bedroom should be.

Your reach-in space can become your walk in closet

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Here comes another idea you probably didn’t consider. If you have a small bedroom, you can turn your existing closet into a walk in closet by just removing its doors. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it actually adds up visual weight to the room, so make sure you try it.

Not to mention that you will optimize its capacity, and unlock several storage options that never crossed your mind.

Enlarge your closet with mirrors

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Here is a dressing area tip for owners of really small and crammed bedrooms: prevent the closet from being enclosed. You already know the thrill – even if you store items vertically to save square footage, the walls only seem to get small.

Something you can do to solve this problem is to get mirrored doors for the existing wardrobe. They are not only practical but also add visual space and balance natural light in the room. Also, don’t forget how stylish they are!

Enhance the lighting

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Small walk in closets is often found in darker areas of the room with little access to natural light. Therefore, you will need to optimize light sources to benefit from their storage.

The appropriate light fixtures are only part of the job. You also need to choose light-reflecting surfaces that boot the visual experience. The small closet will simply come to life, and you will love spending time inside it.

We suggest warm tones and recessed LED lights. As for surfaces, try using as much decorative glass as possible. Metal is also an option.

Keep the sockets in mind. Your walk in closet needs electrical accessibility so that you can dry your hair while thinking what to wear, for instance.

Choose the appropriate flooring

Image source: Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc

Closets are foremost utilitarian items, but since we are going the extra mile to turn them into a luxury retreat, we may as well deal with the floors.

Flooring makes a huge difference in the quality and looks of your walk in closet. For instance, you can ensure a warm, homey feel with hardwood floors, or use lighter variants like oak and maple to maximize visual space. For a more masculine and sophisticated look, check cherry or mahogany floors.

If the plan is to use the walk in closet as a dressing room, you may prefer something softer, such as carpet or plush. You can take the best of both worlds and install a wooden floor with a rug over it.

The best ideas for closet components

Image source: Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc

The rule of thumb states that walk in closets should be 4 feet wide and 4 feet deep, so that you can install 3 or 4 U-shaped hanging racks. Under each of these racks, there would be some space for shelves and drawers, so that you can also store shoes and arrange accessories.

The more units you can bundle inside the better – make maximal use of your new dressing room! In a small space, every inch matters.

You are flexible to customize the closet and choose every component you want, but it is never wrong to stick to the basics. The size is decisive, of course, but make sure you have a nice dresser, some shelves, and a cabinetry unit.

Next to these, we also recommend:

  • organizing bins and boxes for small accessories you can search through easily
  • two or more hanging rods in parallel to each other, or one under the other
  • transparent front doors for enhanced visibility and elegance
  • extra drawers for jewelry, scarves, evening bags, and other items

Can a walk-in closet add value to your bedroom?

Imagine how this space would look, and you will have the answer. As large as our bedroom is, we will always struggle for storage, so a double space for dressing can’t hurt anyone. At the same time, now you know how to add a walk-in closet to a bedroom, and you don’t need professional help.

The desirability of your home is also seriously affected, in case you decide to sell at some point. Buyers will be amazed by the idea, and they will certainly remember your master bedroom as they come home.

Building custom closets will be neither cheap nor easy, but one thing we know for sure – it is worth it!

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