The art of decoration is complex. How we organize furniture within a room can have an important influence on our behavior and how we perceive space. However, sometimes it is difficult to stand out from the rest, especially with the most extravagant sets. If you do not know how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room efficiently, we recommend that you continue reading this list of tips.

Although the living room is an important place in our home, its design is sometimes impractical to accompany it with conventional furniture. If we do not take time to accommodate it, we will end up with a decorative disaster.

Everything would be easier with a conventional living room, but that is not our case. As we cannot alter the dimensions of our room, we can only adapt to what it offers us. Don’t worry, even if it seems impossible, you can also decorate an awkward living room layout.

We may not end up with a room as spacious as others may, but our result should leave us with enough free space so that it is still comfortable. Let’s look at some of the tricks used by designers to get our dream living room.

How to arrange furniture in an awkward living room

Image source: Theresa Wallis Interiors

Much of the secret of awkward living room layout solutions depends on the shape of our furniture and how they adapt to the available space.

Because we do not have a standard format, each piece of furniture should be able to fulfill more than one purpose. In this way, we can discard sets that will simply occupy an additional space without fulfilling a function.

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to accommodate a piece of furniture in an irregularly shaped corner, but even these can be decorated with the right choice.

Size Matters

Image source: McClellan Architects

We cannot afford to waste space. Although, this is a general rule for all living room arrangements, in the case of those with awkward shapes it is stricter.

We must select small furniture, with smaller widths that allow us to gain space to walk. If possible, we should install thin sconces that free up vertical space to make the room look more pleasant.

To store objects, try shelves embedded in the walls. Finally, as it is necessary to be able to rest in the living room, try club chairs and tight-back sofas.

Locate chairs strategically

Image source: Urbanspace Interiors

Do not place multiple large sofas in your living room. Try to connect multiple areas so that it looks like a single great environment (like the lobby and the living room). One way to do this is with stools or poufs, which do not take up much space and are ideal for sitting and resting.

Multifunctional furniture saves space

Image source: TZS Design

The more functions a piece of furniture fulfills, the better. The ottomans that can function as a table are a sample of furniture ideal for spaces of unconventional dimensions.

Side tables with wheels are also useful in these spaces since we can easily move them. The expandable tables are perfect for momentary situations where we need more space to place plates and glasses.

Divide the room with loveseats

Image source: Herrick Design Group

Also known as two-seater sofas, these help us divide I-shaped living room layouts into several sections that we can decorate individually. It is as simple as locating a loveseat in the middle of the room to create a visual division.

Accompany each loveseat with a couple of individual sofas to create small conversation areas. You can also place the corresponding coffee tables to create more comfortable areas.

Much space? Divide it into small squares

Image source: Chris A Dorsey Photography

Very similar to the previous advice. Sofas are not the only way to divide a living room; shelves, tables, and indoor plants work very well to delimit meeting areas. If you place a carpet in each square, you will visually limit each area.

It is better that you start from the center when making these divisions, since this way you can adapt the furniture of the side walls to have enough space to walk.

As if it were a dining room

Image source: Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture

A coffee table can work perfectly as a dining table in case we need it. You can easily accommodate four seats around it or two in case we stick it to the wall.

Do not block the windows

Image source: Debbie Basnett Interiors, LLC

Knowing how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room means managing basic concepts such as natural lighting. Blocking the visual of the windows is always counterproductive since it makes the rooms look smaller and cooler.

If possible, avoid completely or partially blocking windows with shelves. The same applies to visual between rooms; It is best to keep the environments clear to gain space.

The doors must be clear

Image source: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

The doors cannot be blocked under any circumstances. If our living room has two entrances on opposite walls, the route between them must be kept clear.

It is best to take advantage of the opposite corners where the doors are to create conversation zones. You can complement the decoration with two armchairs in the corner and with some centralized lighting. Remember to leave enough space to walk between the armchairs.

Smart storage

Awkward living room layout ideas include that the furniture that we will use as tables and chairs have drawers to store our objects.

A shelf that only serves to store things is a waste of useful space in small rooms. Consider upgrading your furniture to one that has storage in every possible area.

The carpets fool the view

Image source: Brooke Lang Design

Oversized carpets make a room look bigger than it is. This is achieved by keeping the entire environment anchored to a single design.

Small carpets break the continuity of our decoration, creating narrow divisions that will only tire our eyes.

Do not overload the room

Image source: Deering Design Studio, Inc.

The number of accessories should be kept to a minimum. Typically, awkward living room layout solutions focus on minimalism, which allows us to highlight the little space we have.

It is better to place 2 large works of art on the walls than many small portraits that will overwhelm us. The same goes for table ornaments: focus on quality rather than quantity.

The backless sofa gives us more space

Image source: Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Open spaces benefit greatly from placing furniture in the center of the room. For these cases, it is better to use a backless sofa that does not interrupt the visual of the room.

The great advantage of this type of seats is that we can use it from any of its sides, so it is a smart solution when we lack spaces to sit.

Give importance to the fireplace

Image source: Brad Ramsey Interiors

In case our living room has a fireplace, we must give it the importance it deserves by placing the furniture around it.

Place the sofas and tables with a semicircular design, and ensure that they do not have a separation greater than 8 feet, so that the whole assembly is held together.

Ottomans for every situation

Image source: SHIFT Interiors

How to arrange furniture in an awkward living room saving space? Use ottomans whenever possible as a replacement for tables and seats. Simply place a tablecloth and a centerpiece to keep it on par with the rest of our decoration.

Ending thoughts on how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room

  • In addition to lighting and large carpets, mirrors serve to create the feeling that we are in a large space. Place a big mirror on one of your walls to create this optical illusion.
  • Use vertical space as much as possible. It is recommended that this be limited to the walls so as not to obstruct the view.
  • Wood creates warmer and heavier environments, while plastics, metals, and crystals create light and aerodynamic spaces.
  • Remember to resort to nature using potted plants. These are perfect for decorating the most difficult corners.
  • Do not lay all your furniture against the wall. Leave small spaces to make the room look wider.

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