Are you one of those people who patiently awaits the arrival of summer? If the answer is yes, it is most likely because you love taking a good dip in a pool. This is one of the main activities when the heat is the dominant one, so it is always good to be prepared and have one in your home. However, even water is affected by heatwaves, so it will be at room temperature. If you want is to cool off, you have to know how to cool down a swimming pool during those days when everything seems like hell.

You have to know that, as long as it is not manipulated, the water will be close to the temperature of the place where it is located. So, to cool off from the heat, it must be acclimatized. The same thing happens in the opposite case: if you want to swim in hot water, you also have to prepare it. However, producing heat is much easier thanks to electrical energy.

In general, the water in swimming pools will be between 25 and 30 Celsius degrees regardless of the volume of liquid. If you want to cool off, you have to try to get close to or overcome the 25-degree barrier.

Today you will learn how to cool down a swimming pool with natural and artificial methods so that you can enjoy the water at the temperature you want.

How to cool down a swimming pool using the environment

The vast majority of the swimming pools are outdoors. If this is your case, then you will be happy to know that you can do a couple of things to cool down your pool that does not involve the use of electrical devices.

The first way to cool your pool, although it seems logical, tends to be ignored a lot. The pool environment plays a fundamental role in its heating. Just as a shower has doors to prevent cold air from entering, vegetation and furniture around the pool stop air currents.

Plants, tables, and chairs look great, but they increase the water temperature indirectly. Therefore, the first trick to cool your pool is simple: remove as many obstacles from its surroundings.

Thanks to the air intake, the temperature can drop naturally. If you still do not locate your pool, keep this information in mind for its construction. It is important to correctly position the pool before anything else, as this can help a lot in adjusting its temperature while saving on bills.

Water circulation is also important

In case you don’t want to wait for the air to reduce the pool temperature, there are other “almost natural” methods.

Installing waterfalls or fountains on the pool’s side can help to slightly lower the water temperature. This is because how the water circulates favors the evaporation process, leaving only the coldest water. If you want to install a pool, consider building one of these aggregates beforehand.

However, there are a couple of negatives things to consider. The first is that you will probably need to invest in a new structure, as well as a pump to move the liquid. The second drawback is that the amount of water you need increases.

Of course, not everything is negative. Adding a waterfall will undoubtedly increase the visual appeal of your pool. In addition, the energy cost is much lower than using a water heater.

The craziest option to keep your pool cool

There is a method that many people have used throughout history to cool liquids. As absurd as it sounds, can also work to cool down a pool: using large amounts of ice.

As if it were a great drink, you can pour ice into the pool to cool it almost immediately. The downside of this method is obvious: getting enough ice to do it, and that it is a one-time technique.

However, if for some reason you have pounds of ice in your hands that you want to get rid of, you can always use them in the pool.

Some tips that can help to cool down your pool

Some methods can help you lower the pool temperature without spending money or making changes to the infrastructure.

Create a good habit

If you like cold water, you should make it a habit to activate the pool filter at night. The idea is to take advantage of the cold weather to carry out the evaporation process more efficiently, eliminating all traces of hot water.

Add some shadows

It cannot be denied that the main cause of hot water is the sun. While it is true that it is important to not be surrounded by objects that can interfere with the wind, you can have some shadows to cover the pool. Not only will they help lower the temperature (even a little bit), but it also helps to not lose as much chlorine due to little UV exposure.

Catch the cold with a solar panel

One way to cool the pool water is through solar panels. How it works is curious: since the solar panel is colder than water at night, it can absorb the heat from the pool and dissipate it into the air.

Of course, this method is not the most viable unless you already have the panels in your home. In addition to that, if the water temperature is not higher than that of the panels, this will not help, since they will not cool the liquid. They can only be cooled overnight, so as the day passes, the water will heat up again.

How to cool down a swimming pool in an advanced way

The aforementioned methods so far were the most economical and artistic options when it comes to pool cooling. However, if you want to see results, then you will have to invest in specialized equipment for the task. They are not cheap, and they are not energy friendly either, but they are effective and fast.

The first option is a classic used to transfer heat: heat pumps. Despite its name, the truth is that there are models that are capable of doing the opposite.

A heat pump is an exceptional way to control the pool temperature. Through its thermal cycles, you can decide whether to heat or cool the water depending on what you need.

Since we are talking about how to cool down a swimming pool, you can not miss one of the most used artifacts for this work: the evaporative pool cooler. The pool cooler applies a physical principle similar to that of waterfalls and fountains. It uses the evaporation of water to lower the temperature in an accelerated way.

Its main advantage is that its energy consumption is not as high as that of the heat pump, although its effectiveness is somewhat more limited.

The drastic choice: change your pool water

Now, there is a last method that could be one of the most expensive, but it also turns out to be the most effective, since there is directly no way to go wrong. If your pool is extremely hot and the above methods fail to cool it, you can perform a partial or complete emptying of the pool and refill it.

For this, you must verify what the current temperature in your pool is and what the temperature of your water source is. This is more important if the emptying you performed was partial, as mixing the water will result in an average temperature between them.

If the emptying was complete, you simply have to demand the water at the temperature you want and that’s it, there is little else to watch out for.

How to cool down a swimming pool – Multiple budget-friendly ways

The process of modifying the temperature of the pool is not something complex or difficult to carry out. However, in many cases, it will require a large investment.

Depending on the method, the results may or may not be as expected. There are many factors to take into account that will only be visible when applying the techniques.

However, by combining some of the methods shown, you will have a greater chance of reducing the temperature of your pool. You can even go for hybrid use of expensive techniques with natural techniques to reduce energy and money costs.

It is about looking for the best balance to achieve a pleasant environment that allows you to enjoy hot summer days.

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