Children’s creativity has no limits, and this sometimes means trouble. For them, no place does not work as a canvas, this includes the walls. A crayon can become a nightmare for a dining room or living room, but as long as it is not a permanent marker, there is nothing to fear, as it will be possible to remove it. Today we will teach you how to get crayon off walls with different techniques that will adapt to your home without problems.

Most crayons should not pose a drastic cleaning problem. Because they are wax-based, they do not stick as ink to walls. A damp cloth should be enough for cleaning. Sure, there are some crayons whose composition is more resistant, but there will always be a solvent for them.

Choosing the right cleaning method depends exclusively on the type of wall you want to clean, as there are options that could damage it.

There are some basic aspects to consider, such as the type of paint used on the wall (if it is oil or water-based), if it is textured, and even if it is wallpaper. It is always recommended to apply on a small section of the wall the method you want to use to test if it is harmful or if it can remove crayon from wall.

The list below are some of the most common processes, but your hardware store may be familiar with additional methods.

Try soap and water first

soap-n-water How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

Before you start removing crayon from walls using some harmful and expensive method, the best thing to do is to try to remove the stains with liquid soap and water.

This may not be the fastest and most effective technique, but it is the safest of all. If you see the crayon start to disappear by rubbing a damp cloth over it, then continue until there is no residue left. Rub only with the necessary force, or you could break the wall’s paint.

Baking soda is perfect for cooking and cleaning

backing-soda How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

Baking soda is not only an exceptional crayon remover but also this substance works perfectly to clean any stain.

Its method of use is simple: you just have to soak a rag, and then sprinkle baking soda on it. The water will serve for the baking soda to adhere to the cloth.

Rub the wall until the stain disappears. After that, you will have to use another rag or a sponge, but this time clean, to remove any remaining baking soda on the wall.

Vinegar is the universal solvent

vinegar-bowl How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

Much like baking soda, there can be no guide on how to get crayon off walls without the mention of vinegar. This, however, can be very strong for some walls, so it must be carefully applied.

In order not to overdo it, you can use an unused toothbrush and soak it lightly with vinegar.

The stiff bristles of the brush can damage wood surfaces if you use random strokes when rubbing. Be sure to always clean in the wood’s direction.

When the stain is gone, wipe the area clean with a cloth.

Professional cleaning with disposable cleaning erasers

cleaning-erasers How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

If you don’t want to try homemade methods, you can go directly to professional options like disposable cleaning erasers. These are not very expensive, they only require water to work, and there are many presentations on the market.

However, please note that this crayon eraser does not work for all walls. Its power is so strong that it can damage surfaces with shiny finishes and walls made of wood.

Matte finish walls will not experience any drawbacks, and you can even apply more pressure if it is a textured wall to reach holes where the crayon may have penetrated.

How to get crayon off walls using toothpaste

toothpaste How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

Creamy toothpaste (not gel toothpaste) has effervescent properties similar to those of baking soda, so it can be used as a cleaning abrasive.

Just like with your teeth, use a brush to rub the toothpaste on the wall. You can also do the process with a rag, although it may take longer to remove the crayon.

Do not leave any toothpaste residue on the wall or it will gradually corrode the paint. Clean the area with warm water, and then wipe dry.

Delicious meals and deep cleansing with mayonnaise

deep-cleansing-with-mayonnaise How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

Another culinary solution for crayon stains is the use of mayonnaise. Although this technique is not as well known as the others, its application is easy. The oily composition of the mayonnaise will make removing the crayon much easier.

How to get crayon off the wall with it? The first thing to do is to get a couple of paper towels with which to apply a layer of mayonnaise to the wall. You will need to leave it for up to 15 minutes resting on the surface with the crayons to remove them, so if you have pets it is better that they are not in the room or they could eat it.

Then, you will have to remove the mayonnaise layer with a cloth, preferably microfiber. To avoid that the sauce leaves any odor in the room, you should clean the surface with a damp cloth and some liquid soap.

How to get crayon off walls using a pencil eraser

pencil-eraser How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

It may seem like a rustic idea, but in addition to serving to erase graphite from paper sheets, the pencil eraser can also remove crayons from the wall with enough effort.

If the pencil eraser is too small for this job, you can try artist’s rubbing gum, which offers a larger work surface.

When nothing else works, use WD-40

WD-40 How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

The best way to remove the crayon from a wall is with a powerful compound like WD-40. This spray foam is easy to place in small places thanks to the nozzle in its can.

The WD-40 can be very effective at removing crayon from wall, but it can also be effective at removing the wall’s paint on some occasions. Before applying large amounts of the compound, it is recommended that you test it in a small area to see if it has side reactions on the wall.

Please note that the WD-40 is a universal cleaner, so you can use it in other areas and furniture.

To apply this product, you have to use a mask to avoid inhaling it, and it is recommended to wear gloves so as not to touch it directly.

Melt the crayon with the hairdryer

hairdryer How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

After all, heat is the most effective way to remove the wax. Just point the dryer at the stain and it should start to soften.

Have a bowl of hot soapy water nearby which you will use to remove the wax once it is hot. Use a cloth to avoid burning your hands.

Finish removing the crayon from wall by rubbing a cloth on it. Keep in mind that the hot wax will adhere to the rag, so to wash it you will have to do it manually or you will end up with a color mess in the washing machine.

Turpentine is another powerful solvent

turpentine How to get crayon off walls using these solutions

The last method you should know about how to get crayon off walls involves a powerful solvent used to remove paints: turpentine. As with the WD-40, test if your wall can withstand the solvent’s cleaning power.

After the solvent does its job, remember to clean the area with water and a dry cloth.

With this group of cleaning methods, you should have enough options to be able to remove crayon stains from any type of wall. It is best to start with the mildest techniques to avoid accidents, and only resort to the most corrosive if your wall takes no damage from them.

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