Old or antiquated furnishings of wood are standard entertainment. In the past few years, they have become increasingly fascinating in the event of refinishing a wood furnishing item, except with the correct protective finish.

Your changer will be your largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, second to your bed. And for obvious reasons. It has to be practical enough to keep the majority of your folded clothes, shoes, etc., in your apartment.

Refinishing the old dressing space is an excellent way to restore and bring new life to your furniture piece. Although it takes a while, it is straightforward and gives room for imagination.

When you see the result and know that you have produced a tailor-made piece of meals for your home, the refining of furniture may be time-consuming and hard work is worth it.

It is an innovative and satisfying DIY project on how to refinish a dresser.

When does your dresser need refinishing?

When-does-your-dresser-need-refinishing How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

Here are some of the ways how to refinish a dresser and wooden pieces:

  • The current finish includes visible circles and watermarks.
  • Even after washing, the surface remains dirty.
  • Even though it has been cleaned, repairs and holes are worn out.
  • The wood is black, turning color out of the clear coat.
  • The latest finish smashed into the wood.
  • The finish is shiny and slippery.

It might be time to finish the job if your furniture piece displays either of these signs. Although the report may not reveal any of these signals, it will still look bad, and you would like to complete it thoroughly.

Anyone can learn how to complete apparel; special tools or specialized skills are not mandatory.

Clean your dresser with any personal things before you begin the finishing process. Remove the drawers from your dresser and remove any extra fixtures such as handles, if necessary. Once your new finish is dried, you should repair or reassemble these.

Remove the existing finish.

Remove-the-existing-finish How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

You can’t only touch a coat of paint and call it a day. It’s going to peel and chip and not last. You will save this move if your dresser has a smooth finish if you use crab painting. However, you can use a medium sanding block to sand off high points if you want to smooth any raw corners.

The most challenging and essential step in the refinishing of clothing is eliminating the original finish. This is, in truth, much on how to refinish a dresser. Comparatively, the applied finish is a snap.

Use Chemical Wood Stripper

Use-Chemical-Wood-Stripper How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

How to refinish a dresser? Chemical stripping products are designed to extract the wood finish easily. Choose a liquid or semi-paste substance that may or may not contain methylene chloride; (MC). Apply the stripper randomly over the surface of the wood using a brush.

Steps on how to refinish a dresser:

  • Put the dresser and drawers on a leak-proof drop cloth in a ventilated area. Then, wearing gloves and a pause, use a low-cost paintbrush to add a 1/8-inch thick coat of wood stripper.
  • When the whole surface has been blurred, use a rubber putty knife to peel off the ink. Discard the traces of paint in a scrap bucket.

If additional color remains, if the wood is heavily grained, or if the piece is incredibly ornate, you can need to apply a second stripper coat and repeat the scraping procedure by using a thin wire brush to clear the color from the crevices.

  • Use a sheet of steel wool and rubbing the grain path, clean the wood with mineral spirits to extract the stripper and paint traces.


Sanding How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

To strip paint from a dresser, use sandpaper—or a power sander to help it work easier.

  • Use dense sandpaper, a sanding block, or a power sander to strip off the polish until the surface is clean.
  • After much of the polish is off, turn to medium grit sandpaper to minimize the shine.
  • Eventually, finish with fine-grit sandpaper and smooth out the wood until the finish is completely gone.

Use sandpaper or a power sander to clear stain from the dresser, just as you can for paint.

Repair broken areas

Repair-broken-areas How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

Fix any holes, scratches, or teeth in your dresser before you finish it by covering the gaps with epoxy putty or similar material.

Only cut a piece of putty off, knead it, and press it into the damaged areas. To do this, press it off. This provides a flat working board.

Seal the Wood

Seal-the-Wood How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

It’s time for you to switch to a coating when you remove the finish and let the piece dry entirely. You would need to sand the surface on 120 grit paper to ensure that you have eliminated all traces if you have used a chemical stripping tool.

  • A sealant protects wood furniture and builds a smooth foundation to ensure even glide of stain or paint.
  • Apply the table with a generous dressing coat.
  • Strip all clean fabric from excess.

They were using good thankful sandpaper to glue the surface while the dressing agent is dry. The excess wood residue is washed clean.

Stain or Paint the Wood

Stain-or-Paint-the-Wood How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

The next step in how to refinish a dresser is to dye or paint your wood furniture piece after applying the sealant. There are many options to rehabilitate a simple dresser to be new while preserving its comfort – and it just goes beyond paints!

There are lots of choices, starting with stain, stenciling, and decreasing.

This is a personal judgment and not inherently a correct or incorrect answer. When picking alternatives.


Stain How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

The names mean that coloring agents are stains that change the wood’s color or hue. Stubble can highlight or completely alter the grain, light, or dark natural tones.

When it comes to stains, there are many choices to pick from. Flecks of water, oil, or gel are available. There are also two-in-one stain and finishing materials.


paint How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

Paint varies in that it’s reflective from most finishes. Please note that conventional paints are sold in different lusters, including flat, satin, etc., if a traditional brush is added.

There are different layers like oils or rubber that have a durable substrate. There are numerous finishes until adding the coat of paint, following the directions on the product mark.

No matter what the finish is, it would be best to be confident that you have a different dresser than before.

Apply Coat of Finish(Polyurethane)

Apply-Coat-of-FinishPolyurethane How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

The last move on how to refinish a dresser is to add a finishing coating after staining or painting your wooden furniture. Oil-based polyurethane brush-on lacquers are durable and protect the wardrobe from bruises and teeth over the next few years.

  • Wash the clothes dresser or cheesecloth with clean tack.
  • Drizzle a light polyurethane line into the dressing room, first operating on the horizontal surface.
  • Scatter the grain with a bristle brush, work quickly and brush just as often as required in this field to prevent blisters, stains, or imperfections.
  • Surround the whole cloakroom. Enable to dry for 12 to 24 hours entirely.
  • Whether a second polyurethane layer is needed or if imperfection exists, mildly sandy with fantastic gray sandpaper.

Use Wax To Lubricate Rails and Reattach Your Hardware

Use-Wax-To-Lubricate-Rails-and-Reattach-Your-Hardware How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

Improving its purpose is one way of making a dresser look new again. Old wooden dressers can slip smoother and not get stuck with this fast track. Buff on a translucent wax finish on the dresser drawer’s wooden rails. Besides, the wood rubs against each other on the internal rails buff on the same wax end.

spray How to refinish a dresser: Awesome refinishing tips

Hardware spray-paint. The final touch is adding the hardware back up.

For years to come, learning how to refinish a dresser will help to sustain it.

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