Betons are one of the cheapest and lowest flooring choices for repair. The average gray concrete color is also used for paint. Patios, floors of the ground, and floors of the garage are turned into color. But if the paint were purposely added or split incidentally during a separate painting project, it would take time to strip it from concrete.

You might imagine that you could never strip the color until you paint a concrete wall. Thankfully, this is not the case because it is easy to strip paint from concrete walls in many inexpensive ways. Beton retains fluid efficiently as color because of the porousness of concrete.

This helps the color to blend deeper into the matrix of the concrete. It’s a struggle to figure out how you can separate stain from the concrete through specific means.

It makes space for refurbishment, so you can opt to alter a particular room’s color or remove the paint and leave the room.

Although it can be challenging and time-consuming to remove paint from the concrete, the task cannot be difficult if you have the proper tools and facilities to remove the paint steadily from the concrete. Here is how to remove paint from concrete walls.

Methods for removing paint from concrete walls

Scrape it Off

The most effective method on how to remove paint from concrete walls is removing it, and the same happens to concrete walls. It suggests safe eyewear, manuals, breathing mask, long-sleeved shirt, and trousers for this paint removal mission.


  • Using safety wear such as weapons and breathing systems, you can defend yourself from paint fumes or plumes before the project starts.

  • Covering the floor is vital as scraping the paint can be a messy operation. You may use cheap plastic or paper plugs, but wall-paper them to hold them. Then remove the loose paint or soil before beginning by wipe the wall with a soft cloth.

Place your scraper blade against the wall when ready, and start moving it under any broken painting.

  • The blade of the scraper would cut all loose chips and fall from the wall. Continue to run the edge in any direction over the cracked field.

  • Fill a bowl with a bucket of warm water and a laundry. Wipe the wall with a soft cloth until you extract all soil, fat, powder, and loose chips.
  • Eventually, dry the wall, and the concrete walls should look as fine as fresh, and have a separate soft cloth.

How to remove paint from concrete walls by using paint strippers

Determine if the old paint is oil-based or latex

To determine what kind of paint stripper to apply, this information is needed. One built for the sort of paint that you choose to strip must be used. Relearn warm water and detergent to a small section of the wall. Dry the towel field. Dry. Dip a rag and rub the place with alcohol. The old color is latex as the paint comes on the rag. An oil-based paint, whether no paint or a very little quantity, is applied to the rag.

Choose a paint stripper.

Liquid strippers dry very quickly and are thus ideally suited for walls of one or two layers of paint only, as well as for uneven surfaces. On the other side, You can use dense, paste-like strippers on walls with several coats of color. Some paint-removal agents come in sprays.

These are designed for easy use. Likewise, aerosols are designed for simplicity and tempo. Like sprays, they create a foamy coating over the wall to cover the paint.

If you are unsure, the safest choice is to look for an oil-based paint stripper


Scrape Away Loose Paint

Using the metal paint scraper or wire brush to clear any peeling, chip-out, or lose paint after cleaning any furniture or accessories from the concrete floor.

Give the concrete surface a deep cleaning and allow it to dry.

You must first remove the soil or litter area with a brush or vacuum cleaner, which improves the cleaning process.

Prepare a solution of warm water or soap, or warm water and an alternative of trisodium phosphate (TSP), then use a broad wire brush for surface scrubbing.

Suppose you are using TSP, masks, and a pair of gloves rather than substitutes if you are using TSP, note. Give around two or three hours of dryness to your solution.

Scrape peeled or chipped areas.

Scrape it off with a knife because any of the paint has already started to chip or skin. Get ready to use the chemical stripper after you have done so.

Apply a paint stripper and give the paint stripper some time to set

try to put on gloves for work and focus on one segment at a time. It takes some time to make the paint stripper work. The period of the paint depends on how long the color has been influencing the region. You can leave it to eight or more hours for as few as 30 minutes.

At this time, there will be a chemical reaction, the magic result of which will be paint removal.

Stop the windy or intense heat of application of a paint stripper as it might dry prematurely.

Remove paint stripper residue.

You will possibly get away with a wire scrub brush or a paint scraper for this step of the job, as long as you’re working on a compact concrete area. It is advised that you hire a pressure washer from the nearest home center to make things even more manageable on a broader surface.

On the wall, bits of paint might remain.

Repeat the process as necessary until all the paint is removed

Re-apply the paint stripper and repeat the following steps if the paint did not come off entirely. You can seal or paint it however you wish after the surface is dehydrated. Besides enhancing its appearance, sealing or staining the concrete surface often prevents it from harmful UV rays and materials.

Heat Application Method

How to remove paint from concrete walls by using heat? Heat is also another commonly associated often used procedure for removing concrete paint.

Before beginning the operation, make sure you cover the floor.

In this example, to ensure a chemically free surface to operate on, wipe the wall with clean water.

Then get your heat gun ready and give it time to heat up in a comfortable spot. Point it at the wall until it heats up, keeping it about 5 inches away from the floor.

Heat the surface of the wall until the paint starts to bubble. Naturally, when it begins bubbling, you may need to brush away the color.

The fabric would ensure a quick cleaning on the surface.

Soda Blasting Method

Soda is a very new way of doing things to dissolve concrete colors. It works the way that sandstorms, but on your concrete surface, it is gentler. Soda blasting is a more environmentally friendly alternative if you want to know how to remove paint from concrete walls. It does not harm the cement beneath, but is a costly choice.

You’re going to need a weed blaster to blast soda. You might be able to borrow them from the nearest hardware store. Specific sodium bicarbonate is also required. The bakers you buy in the supermarket are too good to use in a soda blaster. If you rent the blaster, the right powder should be available, but also ordered online.

  • Ready the blaster and uniformly scatter the sodium carbonate from a reasonable distance so that the concrete does not explode. Please note to wear a breath.
  • Blast the place that has been painted. Slowly work, keeping the dust about one and a half feet from the floor. Shift the dust over the painted area uniformly to ensure no color is left behind. Then the place is washed.

You will want to suggest a specialist’s enrollment if you are not sure how to run a soda blaster.

The color on a concrete wall is not permanent. It can be a difficult job to strip old paint from concrete. Using the right tools, you will get the concrete surface looking fresh in no time if you follow the step by step procedure here above. This is how to remove paint from concrete walls in no time.

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