Slamming doors can be one of the worst experiences. They are a huge problem as they startle people. They can be quite annoying and irritating. The force of the doors can be frightening as well. Where there is a lot of air and wind within the room, the doors are the first to slam hard.

But what is the reason for such harsh slamming? Many doors are built from hardwood. It is thick and dense. This makes the doors heavy. So, when close shut, they slam hard.

Doors that constantly slam can be dangerous to the people around the house. It can be hazardous for pets and children. They can get scared or hurt in, worst-case scenario. This article will help you how to stop a door from slamming. The tips are quick and you can easily create a peaceful environment.

Reasons for a slamming door

There are numerous factors that cause constant door slamming.

Changes in air pressure

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The most common culprit for door slamming is uneven air pressure. It is normal for a home to have changes in the air pressure. When you leave a window open, the wind and air circulation aid the door to shut abruptly.

Door Out of Plumb

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Many doors aren’t installed properly. When the door isn’t completely vertical it will most likely to open and close by itself. If the door, which constantly slams in your house, is with a solid core, the problem is bigger. Because the weight isn’t distributed equally, it slams shut.

Too much elbow grease

Too-much-elbow-grease How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

Some folks just put a bit too much into their door closing action. In many cases, this is done with little or no conscious effort, and so you may need to look into helpful aids and alternatives, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Problematic Hinges

Problematic-Hinges How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

Many people don’t include the hinges when they think of the causes for door slamming. The hinges could be installed incorrectly. They might we bended, warped. All of this could lead the that big problem.

Quick fix tips to stop a door from slamming

Slide in a doorstop

Slide-in-a-doorstop How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

If you like to keep the windows open but hate the slams of interior doors, simply wedge a doorstop underneath the offending door. It’s a low-tech, logical solution that you can play up, using a decorative doorstop that adds a little zing to the room.

Use a Rubber Band to Stop Slamming 

Use-a-Rubber-Band-to-Stop-Slamming How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

If you want to know how to stop a door from slamming, read this. You can use only a single rubber band for this method. Put the rubber band around the door handle or the door knob. Then, stretch it so it reaches the other side of the door. You have to use a thicker rubber band for this. This rubber over the door works as a bumper. Every time the door hits the door frame the rubber will prevent the harsh slamming.

Put Felt Pads On The Door

Put-Felt-Pads-On-The-Door How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

You can attach felt pads. It is an excellent technique that anyone can do. It is simple and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort. But how do felt pads work? These pads are used to absorb sound, right. The sound typically travels through the floor and causes disturbances. Cut small sections of the felt pads and glue them to the door. But, for best results stick them at the top and at the bottom of the door.  When you install them, you’ll immediately notice the difference. When the door hits the frame, no sound will be made.

Check the Door Hinges and replace if have to

door-hinge How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

Much of the door slamming is due to old and worn out door hinges. They could be brand new, as well. But, if they aren’t installed properly, it will most definitely cause the doors to slam. Before you use any of the above-mentioned ideas, make sure to inspect the hinges.  Ensure that they are placed right and they aren’t malfunctioning. The condition they’re in is crucial on how to stop a door from slamming.

To do this, open the door. Make sure it is at a ninety-degree angle.  Then, place a leveling tool to balance out the door. If the hinges are loose, you can simply use a screwdriver to tighten them up. But, if they are worn out, you might have to change them. If you want to replace them, there are several tips you should follow:

  • First, make sure to remove one hinge at a time. That way you won’t have to remove the door.
  • And, start with the top hinge. Unscrew it gradually. First from the door and then from the doorframe.
  • Once you have put a new hinge, inspect it again. Make sure it is completely vertical. When all of the hinges are installed, tighten them again.

Put in a pneumatic closer.

put-in-a-pneumatic-closer How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

If the door is constantly slamming, make sure to install a pneumatic door closer. This way you won’t be startled every time the door is shut. The pneumatic door closer is an air-powered device. You can attach it between the doorframe and the door edge. The device uses an air-filled piston to softly close the door. The device is customizable, so you can adjust it to be at any desired intensity.

Try a Pinch Guard

Try-a-Pinch-Guard How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

A pinch guard is another way on how to stop a door from slamming. You can put this device over the door hinges. This will make the door not to close. This device is generally to prevent getting your fingers pinched, but it works great for this too. 

You can put it at the top of the door. Make sure it is at least 6 inches from the exterior edge. If you don’t want to use it, you can remove it without any complications.

Weather Stripping

weather-strip How to stop a door from slamming (Quick fix tips)

Weather stripping works similar to foam strips. They offer a nice cushion support on your door, making it harder to slam. But, their use doesn’t end there. They work as excellent insulation for your home, as well. They are originally meant for home insulation. But, they can work on door slamming as well.  Generally speaking, the slamming occurs due to the wind blowing. But if you have nice insulation, this won’t be a problem anymore.

The noise from door slamming isn’t the only problem with the doors. The high force can be dangerous. That is why it is important to make your home a little bit safer.

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